Tuesday, February 14

Jango's Valentines Day Contest Winners

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Thank you all for submitting your music to us - more than 2,500 bands participated in the contest! We're thrilled and incredibly happy to see such great response, thank you all for the support.

Below you can see Jango's Valentines Day Contest Winners, 10 great songs that managed to capture our hearts with brilliant music & vocals. Each has been awarded with 1,000 Play Credits and rotation in our Independent Valentines Station. We congratulate the winners!

Abrasive B - J.O.Y (Got Me Feeling)

Anderson Hall - Nothing Like You

Caesar Bach - Never Ever

Henry + The Invisibles - My Love Is 4 U

Jay Loftus - Velvet Arms

Jesse Young - If You Go

Konflikt - If I (Prod. Scrizzy)

Mike Stocksdale - Love Song

Taylor Begert - I'm Not Going Anywhere

Whisky Row - She's Amazing

Not on the list? Maybe you're one of the 100 best love songs added to our Independent Valentine Station, tune in here!

Click here to see if you're one of the 100 winners

Thank you all for taking part in the contest and for letting us promote your love songs - and as always thank you all for being part of Jango Airplay. Happy Valentines' Day!

/The Jango Airplay Team


Smokey said...

Whisky Row is proud to be on Jango! Thank you for choosing our song She's Amazing as a Top 1o Valentines Day song for 2012!

joy rowan said...

Glad to hear Whisky Row was one of ten songs picked for valentine day She Amazing it truly a beauitful love song and it really is a true song written for the writer wife .congradulations Whisky Row

Hog Whitman said...

I can't believe I didn't win, or at least make the Top 100. I put my heart and soul into the song I Love You More Than a Pig Loves Sh*t. Perhaps it was a little too 'personal'?

Oh well, there's always next year, I guess.