Tuesday, November 29

Writing The Best Band Bio

Having an interesting bio is important when you're trying to catch the attention of your fans and industry people. But writing about yourself can be a challenging task Our partners at cdbaby wrote a great blog post about how to write a good bio - check it out here!

Stay tuned for more recommended reads as we scan the blogosphere so that you can make the most of your spins. And as always - thanks for being a part of Jango Airplay.

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Ras Ras said...

Check this!
Origin: cape Verde:
A singer, songs Writer,
player of instruments,
and lyrical poetry.

Ras Paulo was born with a musical spirit.
Original and confident when we talk about music.
His Music is gaining simpathy andhas found shelter in the heart of millions of peoples around the
world and is still growing.
Focus social living orientation RASTAFARIAN.
Over 20 years in music scenes.
You might fall in love with his sound and his way of singing on the
second bar.

His Music is a kind of Mystic reggae world music that will have your mind and soul in trance and on the beach.
You will love Ras Paulo music and you will play his music again and again. A voice that speaks spiritually to the soul of all on the planet earth.

Song Title:
[Give A Little Bit Of You]
Ras Paulo's running DOWNLOAD song at the moment , specially in Spain, Italy and France

Anonymous said...

Valerie Jolivet`s has the best Bio. Ive read in a long time.

Anonymous said...

You want to here some Real R&B Music? Check out this artist Deborah Miller-Allen. Songs on, www.tunecore.com/music/debsing4u. She produced the music, she's singing all of the vocals, and she records all of her own music. This singer/songwriter, producer, musician and poet is unstoppable.

Michael Egleton said...

I wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for the info. Being an artist who doesn't have the expenses or major backing to compete on the level of major players, you have afforded someone like me the opportunity to roll up my sleeves, put on my glasses and get to work with confidence of having a general idea of whats expected by industry players. Thank you once again.

Michael E.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!!! Good stuff...

"Jet West"

Anonymous said...

Belvy Castro

Born in NEW London CT. Tierece Barnes (AKA) Belvy Castro first got his taste of hip-hop/rap at the age of twelve. He was always into music such as R&B, the blues and jazz. As a child he grew up in church singing in the choir. Tierece had a real thing for being in the spotlight. Why wouldn’t he as his late grandfather, Robert Arnell Peck, was said to have to played trumpet with the late, great Mile Davis. Growing up was tough for him as his father was in the Navy and that meant moving to new places and never settling in. He could never make friends because he was always being relocated to place like South Carolina, Maryland and Florida, just to name a few. At the age of seven his mother and father filed for divorce which left him to be the man of the house. His mother, Senceria Ward, who raised him and his younger sister as a single mother did the best she could to provide for them. At age fourteen he moved back to hometown and birthplace of New London, CT that was where he really started to pursues Rap. He would enter talent shows and battle in Cyphers around the neighborhood after realizing that he had a talent for music and writing verses and song. Not knowing how to put songs together with verse and hooks, he was helped by a high school friend who was heavily into the Rap business. He also had a talent for making/producing beats from then on Belvy began making tracks. The music that they create comes from their experiences and decisions, both good and bad, that they've encountered or chosen, with the outcomes not all being good ones. "Society made me who I am, you can't blame me for that" says Belvy Castro. All he could and can do is to learn from his mistakes and try to make his life better for his daughters and a son, and the rest of his families, and believe that nothing will stop him from pursuing a career in the music industry. Whether he gets signed or does it independently, his time is now. I've been with 50mics for about three and half years now, I love and enjoy doing it every minute of it. They have been a real influential part of my career as far as getting me the exposure I need as well as promotion. 50mics has the streets buzzing about Belvy Castro; working with 50mics has been an honor and a blessing. Along the way, I have also met some acquiesce that had the same passionate about their music like I am. Shout out goes to Draztic Measure, Rudy Moose, Rowland Burnz, The Whole Burnin Truth Families just to name a few. Also I have worked with a multi-platinum producer of 50 cent (BUDA DA FUTURE). I was feature in two magazines one is name The Source and the other is Street Confinement magazine. I have been doing show all over East Coast like: New York, Ohio, Rhoda Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and part of Connecticut (Ansonia, Waterbury, Stamford, Hartford, New London, Norwich, just name a few). I've been in the music business now for about 10 years now, nothing but grinding and paying my dues. And also I must say, it looking better than ever for me now, it takes a lot of Dedication and Sacrifices to get where I want be in this music industry. There's so much untapped potential in Connecticut it's insane. Currently, I'm working on my album titled GEMIINII (Gemini) which will be out sometime in the spring or before summer. And also I have a mix tapes in the work, which probably will be sometime in the summer or before fall with the titled INNER DEMONS MIXTAPE. All I have left to say is keep your eyes and ears open on the streets, because I'm coming.