Tuesday, November 1

Winners Of The Halloween Song Contest

We've listened to a lot(!) of great Halloween songs and it's been amazing to see you all getting involved in the competition. Our five winners stood out from the crowd by mixing great music & creative lyrics, and connecting them to the Halloween holiday - all in a way that made the pumpkins at Jango jump and dance with excitement!

The five winners are:

Boxtop Jenkins - Gettin' Down On Halloween

Todd McHatton - Perfect Pumpkins

Alpha-11 - Vampire

The Laughing Dogs - Zombies

Balloon Ride Fantasy - Rituals

We congratulate the winners and award them with 1,000 play credits each, a feature in our weekly newsletter and on our Facebook page as well as general rotation on our Halloween Radio station

Thank you all for taking part in the contest and sending us your songs, we love your support!

/The Jango Airplay Team


AGuyCalledCyco said...

really??? I think my Gothic Rock song, "Walking Dead", was definitely better than The Laughing Dogs-"Zombies"...but maybe i should have entered earlier than i did.

Anonymous said...

Artist name: TASE
Song title: "Xmas with the one you love"
www.airplayjango.com/pieces of the puzzle