Monday, October 31

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the Top 10 Airplay bands for the week ending October 30th. Check them out and show your support in the comment section.

#1: Hugo Kant
Hugo Kant is a producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist from Marseille, France. After many years playing in bands he started his first solo project in 2010, a mix of downtempo, nu jazz, trip hop and acoustic music.

Click to hear Hugo Kant:
 The Chord Cracker
#2: O'Shea
Australian by way of Nashville duo O'Shea features wife Jay's country-soul voice blending perfectly with husband Mark's country-rock sensibilities. They were recently featured on CMT's Can You Duet.

Click to hear O'Shea:
 Everyday Is A Good Day
#3: Warriors Of God
Hip-hop duo & youth ministers Warriors Of God (W.O.G.) focus on making energetic, uplifting music designed to inspire.

Click to hear Warriors Of God:
 Suit Up
#4: Fred Gulliver
Fred Gulliver creates music as a multi-instrumental compositor, bringing inspiration from classical music and the blues to his own brand of guitar rock.

Click to hear Fred Gulliver:
 Woodn Magick & Joe In My Head
#5: Griz
Alabama rapper Griz paints vivid pictures with his voice & lyrics, and brings them to life with his determination. He recently released an EP, "I Told Y'all," on 4E Entertainment.

Click to hear Griz:
 Cool Aid
#6: Phil Casagrande

Phil Casagrande is a smooth jazz pianist & composer. His music "isn't about listening to spoken words but rather music that makes your body move to the beat while it speaks to your heart."

Click to hear Phil Casagrande:
 Nadia's Theme
#7: Valtari
A solo project that rose from the ashes of metal band Kania, Valtari is drummer & songwriter Martyn Warren making melodic death metal the way it should be.

Click to hear Valtari:
 Inside My Darkness
#8: The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra
Minnesota's Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra plays sophisticated metal instrumentals with a heavy symphony-orchestral backup. Their compositions are a fertile blend of building momentum and grand moments.

Click to hear The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra:
 The Trooper
#9: One Inity
One Inity has been denting the underground reggae scene on Maui for eight years now. About their work the band says "Music is an emotional art... If we can invoke feeling in people, then the art lives on."

Click to hear One Inity:
#10: Amanda-Thecla Clarissa Jordan
Amanda-Thecla Clarissa Jordan is a young country-pop singer & guitarist. Last year she co-wrote and recorded the song "Don't Turn Me Away" at just 14 years old.

Click to hear Amanda-Thecla Clarissa Jordan:
 Don't Turn Me Away

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Anonymous said...

why don't I see BUNK Entertainment, Road To Success in the top 10 for the week of Oct. 31st.