Monday, October 24

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here are the Top 10 Airplay bands for the week ending October 23rd. Lots of new faces in this lineup - it's great to see that there is so much talent out there. Check them out and support them with your feedback in the comment section.

#1: Sydnee B.
From Racine to Milwaukee, WI rapper Sydnee B. has been making his presence known in the underground rap world. He recently established his own independent label - Tippy Top Entertainment.

Click to hear Sydnee B.:
 Live L.I.F.E. (Like It's Friday Everyday)
#2: Simon Gardner
Instrumental rock guitarist Simon Gardner's passion is apparent the moment you hear him. "Anything to do with mood, sound, texture and imagination pushes me forward. I love the challenge of taking people out of their own worlds."

Click to hear Simon Gardner:
#3: Ambition
Born & raised on the streets of Newark, NJ, Ambition always hustled, whether it was selling CDs or anything else. Now that work is starting to pay off, with 15,000 copies of his last mixtape sold and a highly-anticipated studio album coming soon.

Click to hear Ambition:
 I'm A Be Me
#4: JC.B
Swiss electronica artist JC.B blurs pop, dance and new age into a fine, swirling mass. Sonics appear & disappear with practiced skill, neatly moving the listener forward and contributing ambience.

Click to hear JC.B:
#5: Daniella Alcarpe
Daniella Alcarpe is a Brazilian singer offering true Brazilian music - a mix of traditional instruments like bandolim, cavaquinho & cuĂ­ca with guitars, sax, flute and keyboard.

Click to hear Daniella Alcarpe:
 Sorte No Jogo
#6: Alex Tiuniaev
Alex Tiuniaev is a composer, producer and performer from Moscow. Having released his debut on renowned UK indie Cold Spring Records, Alex is now working on a variety of projects, including collaborations with rock & electronic musicians from around the globe.

Click to hear Alex Tiuniaev:
 Treedreams (Part 1)
#7: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
 Midnight Fable
#8: Jason Ehleben
Singer-songwriter Jason Ehleben began playing piano at the age of 5, and guitar followed soon after. He recently released "Wake," his first full-length, instrumental album featuring an organic blend of film score & bluegrass influences.

Click to hear Jason Ehleben:
#9: Mitsuko Ito
Mitsuko Ito has studied violin in Kyoto, London and Paris. Having performed in a variety of concert settings, she recently began composing her own material. "Raindrops' Waltz" is her first piece, inspired by a leak in the roof of her flat.

Click to hear Mitsuko Ito:
 Raindrops' Waltz
#10: Terri Geisel
Terri Geisel is a pianist/songwriter who plays spiritual new age compositions. "Healing qualities flow from this ethereal, heavenly music, relieving your stress and bringing peace & positive change to your atmosphere."

Click to hear Terri Geisel:
 Holy Raindrops Fall

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