Tuesday, April 12

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the Jango Airplay Top 10 Artists from last week. As a reminder, the top 10 each week get 1000 bonus play credits to continue their Airplay campaign...who's next ?

#1: Kev Rowe
Kev Rowe is a folk-pop artist who's been writing, recording & touring for more than a decade. He recently released his third album, recorded with producer Danny Kadar (Trey Anastasio, My Morning Jacket).

Click to hear Kev Rowe:
Walk Through Town With Me
#2: The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra
Minnesota's Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra plays sophisticated metal instrumentals with a heavy symphony-orchestral backup. Their compositions are a fertile blend of building momentum and grand moments.

Click to hear The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra:
The Trooper
#3: Aron Seals
Aron Seals is a rock/fusion guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is heavily influenced by film scoring, and makes use of midi guitar to play various stings sounds while accompanying the solo guitar.

Click to hear Aron Seals:
#4: Richman Music
Richman is a Christian rap artist and minister. He poses the question "Is the life I am living truly what life is all about?" as listeners experience a high-energy, high-impact performance.

Click to hear Richman Music:
#5: Loculus
Loculus was founded by Northern Virginia guitarist Steve Miller with one goal in mind: to create unadulterated, skull-crushing death metal! The music is focused on being technical & brutal, but without sacrificing hooks & killer riffs.

Click to hear Loculus:
Ocular Extirpation
#6: Christopher Caouette
New age music bland? "Not if I have anything to do about it!" retorts composer & multi-instumentalist Christopher Caouette. As heard on his many releases, his music is a fresh mix of celtic & new age music, heavily influenced by the film industry.

Click to hear Christopher Caouette:
Sun Dance
#7: Lu Dubb
Lu Dubb is a street emcee from Miramar, Florida. Having gotten his start winning small rap battles, he's now focused on giving his story to the world one ear at a time.

Click to hear Lu Dubb:
Mind On More Cash
#8: The Plastic Believers
The Plastic Believers are an experimental pop/rock duo from Minneapolis, MN, who wrap beautiful melodies in a sense of impending doom. Their debut album "All The Things We Carry" was released at the end of last year.

Click to hear The Plastic Believers:
On The Beach
#9: Guymon Ensley
Composer/trumpeter Guymon Ensley formed his band, "GEQ" (Guymon Ensley Quintet) in 2001, taking the Detroit area by storm. Through the years, GEQ has performed Guy's arrangements of works written & performed by the legends of jazz, as well as his own compositions.

Click to hear Guymon Ensley:
She's On Her Way
#10: Liam Jones Band
Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Christopher Hiers fronts the melodic, hard-rocking Liam Jones Band from Woodstock, GA. With his wife Beti on drums, Christopher is currently recording a debut album, "The Great Divide," full of classic rock & blues influences.

Click to hear Liam Jones Band:
Every Now & Then


Anonymous said...

Some artist stay on this list every week.

Byrdman said...

Lookin forward to bein on it