Tuesday, April 26

The Glut of New Music...In 1930

A great little article over on Digital Music News got my attention this week. It highlights how things always go in cycles and everyone crying about 'the sky is falling' never helps things move forward. From the invention of sheet music, to player pianos, the gramophone, radio and even the 8-track cassette we're just moving forward and there's nothing you can do but jump on that train.

The article quotes George Gershwin in 1930 naively saying...'Never, in all our history of popular music, has there been such a plethora of composers - professional, amateur, alleged - as we have today. Responsible, of course, are those two fresh hotbeds, the coniferous cinema and the radio.'

You can read the rest of the quote HERE , it's quite thought provoking


shayne said...

I found a great quote once in a book complaining about new music and how the continuous beating of the bass drum and evil sounding blaring of the instruments and the excited dancing of teenagers was signs that real music was dying.

It was written in the 1920s in reference to Jazz.

rene labre said...

Take a good look around you.Everyone now has their shot in ways that were not dreamed of in the 1930's,yet this is still the roughest of all rackets although it seems on the surface to be so easy.So everyone that thinks they can carry a tune is going to try to do something.Why not I say? The cream is still going to rise to the top.Others are going to walk away and say "forget this."Ultimately you have to come up with something that people want to hear,and then be prepared to do that over and over again.The average life of a rock and roll band is six months which has always been true.If you have got something going beyond that it is a good thing.If somebody is going to pay you to play and sing that is great.The average person sweating away at their job would flip out to get fifty bucks just to sing a song.And for some reason that fifty dollar bill with U.S. Grant on it is always crisp.For singing a song man...how easy is that?You pay the electric bill and have cool AC working at home.How nice!It is going to be a hot summer!