Monday, March 14

Win 8000 Airplay Credits with Indaba Music

Indaba Music is hosting the 'Jango Airplay Radio Ready' song contest right now and you can win up to 8000 Airplay Credits.

Here's what they are looking for:
  • A Pop song in any genre (i.e. Pop/Punk, Country/Pop, R&B/Pop)
  • Songs should be 2-5 minutes long with vocals.
  • Songs should be as high-fidelity as possible, mastered and ready for the radio
Submissions are due by April 7. Grand prize winner gets 8000 Airplay Credits and 3 'Honorable Mentions' get 1000 Airplay Credits each.

Head over to Indaba and get started:


connor said...

Awesome!!! thanks Jango!! keep up all the good work and helping musicians and bands all over the world

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT. Search Direct Revenue on google. Same guy who owns this site. keep paying people, your music career is going out with your money.