Tuesday, March 8

Feature Reminder - Premium Targeting

We're back with our monthly feature reminder for all the Jango Airplayers out there. This time we're going to dive back into 'Premium Targeting'.

One of the best things about Jango Airplay besides getting to pick the big name artists you will be played along side is that you can also choose who hears your music in terms of demographic data and geographic location.

If your stats are telling you that that more people like you on the west coast than the east coast, or that people really like you in Germany but not so much in France, then why not Geo-Target your plays to just those areas and increase your opportunity to gain fans.

With Demographic Targeting it can run even deeper. Let's say your band is really influenced by The Beatles or The Beach Boys, but you don't think the baby boomers will like your music, then you can target fans of The Beatles and The Beach Boys who are 18-34...maybe these are the people most likely to show up at one of your next shows.

As a reminder just head back into your artist dashboard, click on the Targeting Tab, and it's all there.

Back soon with more,

The Jango Juggler

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