Tuesday, February 22

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the top 10 artists on Jango Airplay for the week ending February 20th. Again there's some great newcomers and a few familiar faces that Jango listeners just can't get enough of...future stars in the making ? It's to be seen.

Check the new top 10 below and show some love in the comments.

#1: Mariah Ver Hoef
A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. 2010 will see the release of her third album in as many years.

Click to hear Mariah Ver Hoef:
Azure Sunshine
#2: Haight-Ashbury
This Glasgow trio (brother/sister, lifelong best friend) is built on a foundation of close harmonies complemented by grungy guitar riffs, throbbing bass and percussive flourish. Definitely worth a listen.

Click to hear Haight-Ashbury:
Favourite Song
#3: Toy Horses
Toy Horses are one of Wales' brightest indie gems. After airplay in the UK their music came to the attention of KCRW starmaker Nic Harcourt who put them on radio & stages in the States. Their debut album is expected in early 2011.

Click to hear Toy Horses:
And It Was You
#4: Rick Stack
Rick Stack's music is a distinctive, exciting blend of jazz, rock and funk. Mix in hypnotic grooves, world music influences and stylistic diversity, and you have a rich, rewarding experience.

Click to hear Rick Stack:
Perceptual Metaphysical
#5: Francesco Taskayali
Francesco Taskayali's first contact with the piano was a game - growing up it became a personal diary in which to write his story. Now, years later, he composes and performs with that same narrative passion.

Click to hear Francesco Taskayali:
E' Sera
#6: Jazz Box
Jazz Box is jazz act from Nevada. They play smoothing, soothing music with which to set a mood.

Click to hear Jazz Box:
Sounds Of The Heart
#7: Tony DIGGZ
Tony Diggz has been making beats since 15, with diverse influences but a heart beating hip-hop. Now his music is a melange of atmosphere & melody, equal parts space opera and retro/organic.

Click to hear Tony DIGGZ:
Summer Soul
#8: Riley Etheridge Jr.
Riley Etheridge Jr. is a New York City singer-songwriter with deep roots in musical Americana. He recently released the album "Things I Used To Know," described in the press as an "elegiac, contemplative collection of sad, funny, and ultimately redemptive alternative country."

Click to hear Riley Etheridge Jr.:
In This Moment
#9: Jonny Esco
Jonny Esco is a Memphis native who's been writing & producing for the past 6 years. He turns inspiration from the world into head-bobbing beats, catchy hooks and expressive lyrics.

Click to hear Jonny Esco:
It's On
#10: The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra
Minnesota's Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra plays sophisticated metal instrumentals with a heavy symphony-orchestral backup. Their compositions are a fertile blend of building momentum and grand moments.

Click to hear The Avant-Garde Metallic Orchestra:
The Trooper


Anonymous said...


Sam Page said...

I got my bonus airplay credits!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1, you just didn't score high enough.

Anonymous said...

ahh 83 and 87 one for each week. that warrants 100 play credits and i had paid plays

Jeff Nelson said...

Awesome choices for the public. These musicians are the definition of music class. Especially check Mariah and Toy Horses

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I have a new song my name is Jae Hood the name of my single is "taking over" pls check it out very nice alot of hard work pls leave comments as well thanks

Mike Williams said...

What kind of score gets you into the top 10 or free credits ?

Michael Silverman said...

I had 99 last week which put me at number 9. I got 1000 free plays. This most recent week I had 96 and got 250 credits. I hope this helps. I wish the system was explained more clearly, but I've had good scores every week, so I'm pleased with my experience so far. A top 100 would be nice, wouldn't it?

Mr D Tha Dynisty said...

Is this 100 plays per song or 100 for combined songs? need better explanation of how this works?

Mike Williams said...

Thanks for that. If you have more plays does it give you a better score. My band regular gets between 75 and 85, but we only do about 1,000 plays a month

Anonymous said...

Since Jango never answers, I will:

1. PopScores of 83 and 87 DO NOT get you bonus plays. The TOP 1000 ranked Airplay artists get bonus plays. Sadly, Jango does not share ranking or even total # of bands each week. All you know for sure is that each week, at least 1000 other bands had a PopScore that was higher than yours.

2. What kind of score gets you into the top 10 or free credits ? PopScore is a percentile ranking, so if more than 10,000 bands are ranked, more than 10 will have PopScores of 100. EVEN A POPSCORE OF 100 DOESN'T ASSURE YOU OF A TOP 10 SPOT.

3. You need to allocate at least 100 paid plays FOR ONE INDIVIDUAL SONG to "qualify" for a PopScore.

4. More plays will give you a more ACCURATE PopScore, but that's probably not what you're looking for. It used to be that PopScore favored bands with very few paid plays, but looking at the top 10 recently, that has changed. Whether this is a result of changes to the formula, or the "pacing" feature (or a funny third thing), I cannot say. Certainly, you're well-advised to target your plays accurately and to allocate your plays so they are played at optimum days/times (e.g., Saturdays return the most fans/likes per paid plays for MY music).


Guitar Hero = Reports = 4 song likes
Real time listeners = hundredths, they just keep coming in.
Guitar Hero playing in station with_____.
Profile page on jango.com = number of fans = 401

Make it or break it = fan by clicking on over lay.
like it, love it = fan by clicking on
I'm a fan = fan by clicking on.

This is what I don't under stand, if you got hundeths of people adding you to there stations, doesn't that make you a fan.
Because what I don't get is, if I pay $10 for 300 credits, and promote just one song. All day long for hours, people are adding my song "Guitar Hero" to their station, but yet, on my profile page, the number of fans still read 401 fans. There's something wrong with that picture. If people are adding "Guitar Hero" to their station, doesn't that make them a fan. Because if it does mean that, Then that will also mean that my fan amount on my profile page should go up everytime somebody adds me too their station. At my account at airplay.com, Where my reports tab is, It is only show 4 likes, that has too be wrong. Because I been monitoring my real time listers, and the number of people adding me too their stations, is unreal. My pop score should be through the roof. There's something wrong with y'all system. It doesn't make any sense to me, and am not the only artist saying this. If somebody is playing your music on their station, that should count as a fan, and your fan number on your profile page should go up. Because, look at from my point of view, if Iwas listen too your song, and I added you too my station, that would mean, that I must like your song, or I would'nt had added you. So that should raise your numbers up on your profile page where your song's are listed. Because I have a ton of people adding "Guitar Hero" to there stations, but on my report tab, it reads for all time 4 likes. I know this is wrong. Something has too be done about the way y'all are running this system. And another thing, people are adding you too their stations, but they're not buying my music from cdbaby, itunes, and etc. Promotion is one thing, but when you have thousands of listners adding you too their stations, and not buying, they're taking advantage of the artists that spend hundedths of dollars in the studio making song's for their fans. This shouldn't be allow, because the artist are going broke, because they're paying jango airplay too play their songs, and not see a return, because fans are embedding their music too their stations, and the artist, isn't getting a dime. Something has too be done about this.

Anonymous said...

Puh-lease.....no one's adding your music to their stations. Those "real time listeners" are your paid plays plus any organic plays. Period. As for your concerns that both Jango and Jango listeners are "taking advantage" of you, you are WAY off and don't seem to grasp how Jango works. That said, you're right: we never see a dime in royalties from ASCAP or BMI. Jango's the ultimate bake sale: you are paying them to give your music away for free. If you can't find value in that, then Jango's not for you.