Wednesday, February 2

Jango Airplay Top 10

And here they are folks, the top 10 Jango Artists for last week. Remember, the top 1000 artists each week get some amount of bonus Airplay Credits. These Top 10 all performed well getting PopScores of at least a 99...Show 'em your support in the comments and have listen!

#1: Amyst
Amyst are an experimental rock quintet from Phildelphia whose music blends genres including ambient, screamo and hardcore. They recently released their second EP, "Chapters In Her Diary."

Click to hear Amyst:
Letters To Grace
#2: Left Step Band
Left Step Band is a London based four piece comprising of Emcee, DJ, Drums and Bass. Their eclectic wildstyle is a stampede of hip-hop, funk, ska, dub and biggabeat... The 21st century digital blues is here people.

Click to hear Left Step Band:
Rebels Of The Frontline
#3: Brent Byrd Music
After playing in bands across the country, Brent stepped out on his own to write & perform on the acoustic guitar, using loop pedals and various instruments to provide the sound of a full band.

Click to hear Brent Byrd Music:
Will Be Will Be
#4: Sunderland
Three years of hard work have gotten Portland's premiere pop/rock band, Sunderland, to where they are today: established in the Northwest music scene with a rapidly expanding fanbase. The band is currently writing and re-writing songs for their sophomore EP.

Click to hear Sunderland:
Clear To Me
#5: Haight-Ashbury
This Glasgow trio (brother/sister, lifelong best friend) is built on a foundation of close harmonies complemented by grungy guitar riffs, throbbing bass and percussive flourish. Definitely worth a listen.

Click to hear Haight-Ashbury:
Favourite Song
#6: Jonny Esco
Jonny Esco is a Memphis native who's been writing & producing for the past 6 years. He turns inspiration from the world into head-bobbing beats, catchy hooks and expressive lyrics.

Click to hear Jonny Esco:
It's On
#7: Sarah Solovay
Sarah Solovay is a 16 year old singer-songwriter who strikes just the right note between organic catchy rock & vibrant pop. Her music has reached massive audiences via television placement and superstar opening slots, but it's all merely preface to the release of her forthcoming debut.

Click to hear Sarah Solovay:
Hearts Collide
#8: Teddy Austin
After years of serving as producer, writer, musician and engineer for others, Teddy Austin finally answered everyone's question, "When is your project coming out?" "It's about a process and timing," says Austin, and he's ready NOW.

Click to hear Teddy Austin:
Can't Make U Luv Me
#9: Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen began his career playing harmonica and guitar in Washington Square Park. After that first summer, when the weather got too cold for a guitar to stay in tune, his ambitions turned to songwriting with fine results mixing folk, delta blues and country lilt.

Click to hear Daniel Cohen:
For A While There Was You
#10: Riley Etheridge Jr.
Riley Etheridge Jr. is a New York City singer-songwriter with deep roots in musical Americana. He recently released the album "Things I Used To Know," described in the press as an "elegiac, contemplative collection of sad, funny, and ultimately redemptive alternative country."

Click to hear Riley Etheridge Jr.:
In This Moment


mltrecords said...

How come "Mloz Fire" is not on here. That was not fair.Do i smell discrimination?

Anonymous said...

mltrecords: Ya, i was wondering that too.

Fans Favorite said...

for all of you who don't know about Mloz Fire or never heard his music, you are behind. well his music is on:

C. Wright said...


Anonymous said...

Here is something I was wondering., Do the plays that aren't paid that fans have loaded in their stations show up on the real time play list??
I was thinking yes but not sure
chris williams

Mariah Ver Hoef said...

Hi Chris,

I'm pretty sure it is just the paid plays in the real time list. Last week I paid for only one song, but Mariah has over 15 other songs that got some organic plays. However, the only one that showed up on the real time play list was the one with paid plays.

Jay, manager for Mariah Ver Hoef

Anonymous said...

C. Wright:

The Top 10 are determined by ranking ALL the thousands of Airplay bands by PopScore. PopScore itself determines popularity -- and though it can be tweaked by targeting and other strategies and is less than perfect mathematically, it is fairly democratic.

The Top 10 are not determined by comments, number of fans, the Easter bunny, or your inability to believe something, let alone your all-CAPS outrage.

Hamlet said, "Nothing is but thinking makes it so," but that dude was crazy.

Anonymous said...

If Mloz Fire showed up on the top 10, would it occur to you that a tremendous mistake had been made? No, you'd take it as your due. Your boy (or more likely yourself) didn't rocket to the top like the great big shining star you think he is and you "smell discrimination"? Well, you're right, you are the victim of the worst kind of discrimination: the kind against you.

Get a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Some of you people are ridiculous. Mloz Fire has 6 fans.

Fayola has 8 comments.

Do you really think they'd get top 10?

Artemia said...

Hey, I'm just happy my band Artemia's song "Empty V" has had such a positive response from so many listeners. :)

Anonymous said...

6 fans + no top 10 = "discrimination" --- god bless america.



Is the above comment the 8th or is it officially the 9th? Does the one I'm writing now count? Maybe Hamlet was right after all -- these kids are superstars.

Anonymous said...

Y'alls crack my shit up! 6 fans? 8 comments? You deserve the avalanche of ridicule and derision (look it up) y'all have brought upon yerselves. Keep on keepin' on....

Uncle P & The Uncles (no relation)

Espee said...

I'm an artist on Jango and I'm just glad to see my music gaining ground here. Got a pop Score of 78...which I thought was pretty good. I just hope to see it continue. Feel free to fall through and listen:

I'm Espee btw. (search me on Jango)

be easy!

Calico Jack said...

Well, having a huge audience and paying lots of money to get plays is not necessarily a sign that you are a good or bad musician. Everyone should be able to find their place on here. I am new here, so I hope people will give the music a chance. Check out the stuff at

Hunter said...

I've been on here 3&1/2 weeks got a pop score of 83 once they gave me
my 100 free play credits plus I got 507 fans 31 shared e-mails 30 plus
positive comments and all that good stuff ,but no top 10!! should I complain!? nope I'm gonna keep on till who evers crunching the numbers thinks I'm WORTHY , IT'S coming cause I'm putting in WORK & PATIENCE

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Hunter. My band has gotten a popscore of 93 twice and we're still not top 10. You don't hear us crying foul, though. Obviously others are just doing better.

Anonymous said...

Hunter does well not to complain...Mloz & Fayola should take a page from that book. As Anon above points out, "obviously others are just doing better." Something about the Jango experience -- maybe the immediate bang for the buck of fans & comments -- turns every zero into a hero, complaining that they're not getting their props from the Top 10 committee. You will not grab a top spot unless you HAVE a PopScore. If that PopScore is under 90, try to wrap your head around why you aren't top 10. If you don't get free plays -- regardless of your PopScore -- it's because 1000+ scored higher than you.

Please just keep your big mouth shut if you have a PopScore under 99 (you'll only embarrass yourself here).