Tuesday, December 14

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's this weeks Top 10 emerging artists on Jango Airplay. There's even a few brand new artists to Jango that have made it into the Top 10 this week. Check them out below and give them a hand.

#1: Room Full Of Owls
Room Full Of Owls combine guitar, fiddle, keys and Fiona Clayton's crisp singing into a hybrid of folk, funk and ambient pop. The band has been touring successfully since 2008, and recently appeared on BBC Radio.

Click to hear Room Full Of Owls:
#2: The Stay Lows
Mainly instrumental, The Stay Lows blend elements of math-rock and symphonic structure in a pop setting. The result is dense and absorbing, but never overwhelms.

Click to hear The Stay Lows:
To Evil! (Waltz)
#3: Emcee Composition
Born in the Bronx, and raised in Newark, Emcee Composition started in basements, making raw cuts and honing his flow. When enough people caught on, Composition decided to make music his life.

Click to hear Emcee Composition:
Knew School
#4: We Are Music(W.A.M.)
We Are Music (W.A.M.) are an alternative hip-hop act who blend pop melody with lyrics about loss and drawing strength from it.

Click to hear We Are Music:
listening 2 your heart
#5: Angelical Tears
Angelic Tears' heavy but melodic sound is the result of influences including goth, classical, metal and alternative. The band recently released their debut EP, and is already plotting a followup for 2011.

Click to hear Angelical Tears:
No More
#6: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers whose compositions are sprawling, but never dull. They keep their identities private and let the music speak for itself.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#7: Safety Orange
San Diego's Safety Orange play a beachy blend of rock, reggae, rap, punk and ska. Started as a break after regular surf sessions, the band continues to play several times a week and craft new material.

Click to hear Safety Orange:
Steppin' Out
#8: Toy Horses
Toy Horses are one of Wales' brightest indie gems. After airplay in the UK their music came to the attention of KCRW starmaker Nic Harcourt who put them on radio & stages in the States. Their debut album is expected in early 2011.

Click to hear Toy Horses:
And It Was You
#9: Riley Etheridge Jr.
Riley Etheridge Jr. is a New York City singer-songwriter with deep roots in musical Americana. He recently released the album "Things I Used To Know," described in the press as an "elegiac, contemplative collection of sad, funny, and ultimately redemptive alternative country."

Click to hear Riley Etheridge Jr.:
In This Moment
#10: NLX
NLX offers a "blow-your-mind-and-open-your-heart" dark, pop smack. It's fists in the air, tears on the floor, don?t look back but close the door kind of music.

Click to hear NLX:
Young Love


Anonymous said...

this site its a fucking joke,who the hell make these selections anyhow?

kostreetz said...

listen 2 "ko streetz" @youtube.com .. we got the #1 video of the week "club love/hood boi" check it out

Greg Morton said...

Dudes it is about how many people push the thumbs up button as opposed to the thumbs down button. Nothing else matters (sounds like a song!). Seriously how many fans you have or youtube hits has nothing whatsoever to do with this rating. Look at previous posts on this subject and quit stressing over it. The object is sales not ratings! Capish? It changes every week. Oh yeah I have never made the top ten but the ones who do deserve it! Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Jango is everything you make it to be guys.
simple as that

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Veronica Clayton said...

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Vik said...

It's never too late for a new holiday song =D -- this one is for a good cause

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