Monday, December 6

Do You Have Any Holiday Music ?

We've made it through Thanksgiving, we're nearing the end of Hanukkah, Tuesday is the Islamic New Year and we're racing up to Christmas faster than a herd of Reindeer hopped up on RedBull. This can only mean one thing; Holiday Music.

If you've uploaded a Holiday song to your Jango profile we want to hear it now. Head into the comment section, tell us a little about the song and put a link to it for the world to hear.

Link like this:

Happy Holidays


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MELODIME said...

MELODIME has just released their first Christmas single called "December." It's available on iTUNES and has been submitted to jango as well. Or you can stream it for free on their facebook page

Become a fan and let them know what you think! There are more great things to come from this band in 2011 so make sure you stay tuned.

Peter Anderson said...

Peter Anderson has just released a new song called
"The Metaphysical 12 Days of Christmas" which is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Nokia Music, Lime Wire Store, Zune Store, My Space Music and several other online music places.
A new album of original songs is in the works and will be available SOON!
iTunes link...

Anonymous said...

Check out Jordan Young !!! This dude ROCKS !!!! I heard him a couple days ago and was like WOW !!! He's on itunes, zune, jango, rhapshody, napster and everywhere with a Christmas single called " The Greatest Gift" also he has 3 other singles out on itunes. Just type his name ......Jordan Young.....and if he's there you'll see and hear....He's definitely going places

Pamela Tessmann said...

I have a song that is currently ranked #25 in a "Holiday Channel Contest" on Have a listen here:

Kevin Mongelli said...

Though I typically compose new music, I did some arranging and released the album "Christmas Variations" for this holiday season. Ave Maria has become one of the most popular pieces from the album:

Fawn Segerson said...

Fawn Segerson takes a unique twist on classic Christmas carols with her new single, "Santa's A Dick." The catchy pop song showcases Fawn's one of a kind style.

"Santa's A Dick" is sure to become one of your favorite songs for the holidays!

Be the first to find out why Santa's A Dick - check it out on iTunes today! Or check out our music video:

Become a fan of ours on Facebook, Jango, Reverbnation, and LastFM.

Happy Holidays! Only 19 more days until Christmas!

Blake Teres said...

BC is a comedy group that put together a great Christmas rap song called "Santa In Atlanta 2"!!

This song has a super catchy chorus and a great backing track!!

Please become a fan of us on Facebook and subscribe to us on Youtube!!

Stephen D. Forman said...

The sound of twinkling Christmas lights, sparkling in chilled December air yet softly obscured by falling snow-- that sound is "Icicle Lights". hails it as an "excellent song", while gushes "Great tune!"

Please add "Icicle Lights" to your own library and make it a part of your Christmas tradition like hundreds of other listeners have done!

Darryn Zewalk said...

I have 2 new Christmas songs...Here is a tune widget of my music. Please let me know what you think. Should I or should I not add these songs to my Jango Site?

Anonymous said...

"Your love is like Christmas" - pretty self-explanation but we're comparing the Love of a woman to Christmas!

Link ->

Tom Malewitz said...

I have two instrumentals posted for the holidays

The Ivy and Holly - an variation of the Christmas standard 'The Holly and the Ivy'. This tune features two guitar tracks, accordion, and bodhran.

O Come O Come Emmanuel - an ancient Christian melody from the around 800's. This tune features a track of guitar, accordion, and a slide guitar

Hope you enjoy them.


Tracy Newman said...

My Christmas song is called "Mama, I Know You Ain't Santa." It's from the pov of a young girl singing to her mother. I wrote this with my friend, Lynne Stewart, who incidentally is on Broadway right now, as the character Ms Yvonne in the Pee Wee Herman Show. Thanks for listening and happy holidays!


Ben Evolence said...

Per your request for Holiday Songs I am uploading 3 tracks . A samba version of Joy To The World which is on the Indaba Music Holiday album available for download or as a physical CD through Indaba Music

Also an Afro Folk version of O Come Emmanuel, and an original entitled The Story of Christmas. These 2 cuts are available through my online store found at

Frida said...

Two months ago, I decided to write a new song while driving from Cincinnati to Columbus, OH. A radio news story about suicides, led me to write an upbeat song to cheer up people all over the world. The song Celebrate your life oh la la, was released on Nov. 17, 2010, and it is now on iTunes, MP3, and on CD via my website. It is a holiday party song that will rock your world. Check it out at Jango and from my website,

Ashmin Skyy said...

Hello Guys I have a new christmas song+ video called "Wrapped In Love" It feels like a classic christmas song but very modern, take a listen on Jango

Anonymous said...

"Nothing will prepare you for “Cardboard Box”, one of the strangest Christmas songs to come down the pike in a long time. Over a new wave-y groove, Paul does the equivalent to a vocal pogo as he sings, “All I want for Christmas is a cardboard box.” - Dan MacIntosh

Devon Seale said...

"No Trading Our Love"
New Christmas Classic, that will live on.

You be the judge.

Mr. Stolting said...

Oh Holy Night REMIX! - Mr. Stolting

MicMogen said...

In November, 2010, D-D-Praz released their first EP: "D-D-Praz Christmas," the product of three years research. Moriah asked, "can we do Christmas music, too?" Their collaboration on original arrangements for the Holidays are "epic and innovative mergers of the old with the new." Their rich use of instruments and styles merges acoustical tenderness, to powerfully driven Drum and Bass; from classical choirs to techno synthesizers; and from jazz to house mixes.

Richie Beale said...

'Screwge-The Spirit of Christmas' is a unique re-working of the Dickens Classic 'A Christmas Carol' that blends themes from the original text with a wide range of styles and idioms from the last 50 years of popular music. Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, Rap, Rhythm & Blues are all carefully used to support key messages from the story in a way that entertains and engages audiences of all ages.

The result is not only high impact music but a challenging moral discussion updated for our times.
An EP is available through all the usual download sites.

Hear the title track 'Screwge':

Charles Alexander said...

My Very First Christmas Song, Please Check It Out: "Merry Christmas Everyday"
If You Like It Download it at CD Baby:

Thanks Everybody For You Support: Happy Holidays and Be Safe.....

Chloe March said...

I have a shimmering, 'beautiful', 'ethereal' Christmas song called 'Snow Kiss' playing here at jango:

This song has had radio play including London's Dandelion Radio 'not only a great Christmas song but the best track I've heard in a while' Homegrown, Julians Flight and Mystic Radio.

It's also at iTunes

Happy Christmas!

Antoine Smith said...

Hi, my name is Antoine Smith.

My holiday single, "A Wish Under A Christmas Tree" is uploaded in Jango now. The link is...

My song is also in a contest for "The Peoples Music Awards" where I was nominated in the 1st and 2nd week winner so far. Hopefully it will get me in the finals @

Also, I installed a video, "Enjoy The Holidays" that plays my single as well.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Antoine Smith

Anonymous said...

"Let Him In" is the new Christmas Single by White Stone. You can listen here:

Also available at iTunes:

Sheet music and minus tracks available at:

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Solano Brothers have a new song "Decorations" dedicated to our Soldiers who fight War during the Holiday Season.

Anonymous said...

Just different posted 2 songs Why should we and Still Grosby sings his song on different

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

check out the Christmas songs of Just Different

have a wonderful Christmas

Anonymous said...

"Christmas is Here" by Bill Tucker has just been released. You can hear it on Jango and it's available at CD Baby. Merry Christmas! (It's that time of year.)

abbysnorth said...

Santa's A Dick! To find out why, check out Fawn Segerson's holiday ditty.

Joseph said...

If you like NY and Like Christmas, Then Take a Listen to my new single Christmas in NY

Phylee said...

Here's Phylee's rendition of the Christmas classic, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing:!+the+herald+angels+sing

Randy Mullet and the Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs said...

We wrote and recorded "At The Wall On Christmas Eve" last year, just a bit too late to have much impact. It has been posted on for almost a year, and is getting lots of "organic" play and new fans daily. The song is a tribute to the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who protect our freedom in foreign lands during the Christmas Season.

Threshold (U.S.) said...

Threshold has two great Christmas songs.
There is the fun party favorite "The Christmas Mash" which is the instrumentally superior (and much needed) derivative of the original Halloween version, and we also have the totally original song "The First Christmas Day".

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of holiday music.

As a single, "Your Smile At Christmas Time" is nwo available on 'Tunes, Amazon and my site at

Enjoy the season.


Lucius Austin said...

My nake is Lucius Austin

I have a Christmas EP for sale on iTunes and Amazon.

All orginal, including the single, "Your Smile At Christmas Time".

The single is available through

Yours to enjoy.

Lucius Austin


SEAY said...

holiday and seasonal songs from SEAY

All Around The World
Carol Of The Bells (pending)
In The Bleak Mid Winter (pending)
Christmas All Around The World (pending)

Sean Killingsworth said...

My Name is Sean Killingsworth
I put together an arrangement of Silent Night that you have to hear.
Go to to download it for free. Let me know what you think!!

Buck T. Edwards said...

Hi folks, stop by

or!/pages/Buck-T-Edwards/122714821079125 and check out Buck T. Edwards original Christmas song "It Doesn't Seem Like Christmas Without You" Get into the season! :) Buck

Anonymous said...

I'm an angry industrial producer.

I also love carol of the bells.

I've never heard a Carol of the bells that does industrial too... so I produced one.

I'll upload it to Jango if you all are interested, but I'd rather promote our new album. Link below.


Anonymous said...

Pop rock remake of the christmas classic "Baby It's Cold Outside" by The Asphalt

Allan James said...

This is a song I wrote and recorded in 2001 for a song contest and won. Now years later it is grown popular at live shows and this time of year and on internet radio. I wrote it for my 2 year old son, you can hear his voice in the intro and ending. Enjoy and thanks for listening! Allan James

LaJuan said...

I have a bunch of Christmas Music...I've cut 3 Christmas albums...some of my Christmas songs are on my Jango profile.

People really seem to like the song:
"A Child Born in Bethlehem"

I get alot of new fans because of that song.

God bless you...Merry Christmas...Happy New Year


Lucius Austin said...

Check out my holiday song.

"Your Smile At Christmas Time".

A very light hearted, delightful piece of romance for the season.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and through

Happy Holidays


Anonymous said...

Solomen I just released my version of the christmas song now playing on jango check it out.

Blake said...

Hi. My Christmas single is a version of the traditional medieval carol 'The Coventry Carol' and features Helen Bousfield from The Bearfield Commune on flute and concertina. It is available on Jango and on iTunes:

arnybarn said...

My song, This Child Of Bethlehem is available here and on iTunes,, etc. It is also getting radio play in Ohio, Georgia and Virginia.
Please take a minute to listen to this update on the 3 wise men story at

Kip Brown said...

COWABUNGA! Southern California's THE HOLLYBERRIES have just released a follow-up Christmas single to their "hit" 2009 holiday release, "(I WANNA GO) SURFIN' WITH SANTA!" It's a RAMONES/BEACH BOYS-inspired track called "(LET'S HAVE A) SURFIN' CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!" and features special guest appearances by famous groupie and best-selling author PAMELA DES BARRES ("I'm With The Band"), JONATHAN PALEY (of The Paley Brothers) and NELSON BRAGG, ace percussionist with the BRIAN WILSON BAND. Available both iTunes:
Available on MP3 Download:

sugar said...

Merry Christmas,I have a new Christmas song call-Merry Christmas to you,i wrote,produced,sing lead and background voclas on it.I wrote this Chrismas song for anyone who is jobless,homeless,hopeless,helpless,needy,sick,hurt at Christmas,there is always hope and help out one should suffer in private on Chrstmas,someone out there cares.the video is on ray coney and ray coney the song is itunes,emusic,napster and other stores,and it is on ray coney/Merry Christmas To You+sugar ray coney,wishing everyone and blessed and Merry Christmas-Sugar Ray Coney

Pascal Project said...

Pascal Project released Christmas Eve On Skyhook on the Stop The Time Cd this year - available to hear on Jango and to buy at:
and cdbaby:

Hope you listen and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!
Pascal project

Jrokay said...

Listen to this novel and melodic song of Santa! Look for the video coming soon on Youtube!

Anonymous said...

Like the Beatles? Maybe you'll like "A Christmas Revolution", White Album style: Simmons & Glen Mitchell Band/A Christmas Revolution

Anonymous said...


Is our Rock 'n' Roll Christmas song in the spirit of "Father Christmas" by The Kinks and "Merry Christmas I Don't Wanna Fight" by The Ramones.

I first set some play credits to it last week, and it got a pop score of 84.


Alexandre Falcao said...

Happy Holidays!

Here goes a simple Carol.


Lynda said...

Please check out

Sonia Funk said...

Hi there,
i've uploaded my radio single 'The Huron Carol - Angel's Song Remix' to my profile. It is doing well on AC radio in Canada this season. However, I just signed up today so a link on jango won't work yet.
I have 5 other christmas tracks from the same album that are also getting radio play on some stations across Canada...
They are at
Sonia Funk

Brett W. Bertram said...

Hi I'm Brett. I have an instrumental guitar melody that was written during the Christmas season a few years ago called Theme Two, but it was not intended as a Christmas piece. I am told by many that it is uplifting in a Christmassy kind of way.

Multic Music said...

NEW YEAR SONG! Gospel Jam with Fabian Willems

Fabian Willems has released a great NEW YEAR song on his top notch Gospel album Freedom. It’s called “A Prosperous Year”. A rocking upbeat Gospel jam with a powerful declaration saying ‘This is a prosperous year’. You gotta have this song! A must have to dance yourself into the new year! It’s available on iTUNES, any major digital store and you can listen to it on Jango.

Check out this link for iTUNES: to get the song and don’t hesitate to buy the whole album cause all of the songs are tremendous.

To listen to “a Prosperous year” go to

Become a fan and also look out for Fabian Willems on YouTube, Facebook and on his website

Whiteboy Slim said...

The first Whiteboy Slim Christmas song on Jango

Anonymous said...

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!
“Guardian Angel” from the album “A Joyful Christmas”
“Angel of Christmas” from the album “A Joyful Christmas”

The singles “Guardian Angel”, “Angel of Christmas” and the full album “A Joyful Christmas” are available @

Full track listing:
1 The Angel of Christmas - Romina Arena - 4:20
2 Guardian Angel - Romina Arena - 4:10
3 Holy Night - Romina Arena - 3:44
4 The Greatest Gift - Romina Arena - 3:38
5 12 Days of Christmas - Romina Arena - 4:09
6 Cause I Still Believe (On Christmas Eve) - Romina Arena - 4:08
7 Christmas Is Where You Are - Romina Arena - 4:36
8 Every Day Is Christmas Day - Romina Arena - 3:13
9 My First Christmas With You - Romina Arena - 2:59
10 Fly Me Home - Romina Arena - 3:49

Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

JimmYSixStrinGtm said...

Hey, JimmYSixStrinGtm here, Thanks for asking for a Christmas song, just happen to have one on my profile called In yo' heart(Christmas song), hope you enjoy, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & God Bless!

Broohaha said...

Given the the shameless way people promote themselves on the internet these days...

My band Broohaha (wot I'm in) have made a Christmas medley, aptly named BROO HO HO. We would like to invite you on a novelty psychedelic tinsel ridden, raindeer driven yuletide odyssey! Available for download on the 13th of December through the power of itunes.

So please invite all your friends and download the track!
We want to be Christmas number one so we can fund our own panel based talent show Television phenomenon, our calculations show that if we sell 500 records, we will be well on our way to achieving our first target of having our teeth cosmetically bleached.

It only costs 79p so don't be a scrooge this Christmas - make this small donation to help us achieve Cliff Richards status.

You can listen to the track for free here:

and here:

the laughing dogs said...

The Laughing Dogs have a song called "Christmas Day" for the holidays. Hear it at

Anonymous said...

Check out We Set Sail's latest release "This Is Christmas"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Michael Behm said...



The holiday season is upon us once more, and it's time to welcome "Alleluia," a great new pop song with a seasonal twist. Its chiming sounds and lush production are the perfect accompaniment for, as the song says, this "magical time, end of the year."
Co-written by internationally-acclaimed Canadian artist Michael Behm, the catchy tune is the happy result of a bi-continental creative collaboration of three potent musical talents. Englishman Steve Morris (who records and tours with Ian Gillan, of Deep Purple fame) and Vancouver Island-based Behm worked on the music together, while Nashville-based veteran and songwriting guru Ralph Murphy added invaluable lyrical input. The vocals were recorded in Music City with Nick Culton, while superstar producer Peter Collins (Rush, Bon Jovi) contributed a guest voice-over.
Together they've come up with a gem, one sure to brighten your Christmas playlist.

For more information, contact

Anonymous said...

Check out Nina's Halloween Single
"October 31 Has Come", it uploaded on Jango and it is available on iTunes Amazon and other stores.
Her new 2# studio album is on it's way, "The Energy Is Kickin' In" available on iTunes & co. + Jango Airplay on Dec. 15.
This girl rocks !, I'm a huge fan ;).

Anonymous said...

If you like big band with a little jazz and a song that has Rudolph, Frosty, Santa and Jesus check out Maximum Fidelity's (Thats What Christmas Means)

Earl Wayne and Linda Jo said...


We have released a couple of new Christmas parodies for 2010 that have topped the charts abroad for several weeks.

1.) The Right President (Parody of White Christmas by The Drifters)
2.) Here Comes Grandpa (Parody of Here Comes Santa Claus by Gene Autry)

You can listen to them at Jango:
and of course at our website:

Merry Christmas!
Earl Wayne and Linda Jo

EHM Eleventhhourmessengers said...

New Release: "A Christmas Tune" by EHM Eleventhhourmessengers - Listen on at

Download on Itunes, Amazon, reverbnation, cdbaby, and more!

Jrokay said...

"Start tapping your feet, He's coming down your street, for He's the ROCKIN' SANTA CLAUS!"

Have a little fun and enjoy my upbeat Santa song!

Collin Klepfer said...

Light, Christmas-y and a collaboration of a friend on the piano and his daughter (backrgound) - a student at Colorado State. Play it around the fire or while the snow is falling. Hope it brings you somewhere.

Please post your comments if you listen. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Take this Christmas by Chuck Eaton and friends on Jango.
Check video

Download at any on line stores

Marion-Marie shaw said...

My name is Marion-Marie Shaw I’m a singer and song writer from the UK.

I have shared the stage with many of the UK greats acts such as “Girls Aloud (Cheryl Cole)”.
My first release will be this Christmas with the song entitled “The Ultimate Christmas Song”.

I’ve been liken to P!nk, Beyonce, Katie Perry, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson all AAA singers!! It’s a traditional sounding, with today modern Flair, so it sits well with most age groups if not all!

The 1st verse:
Oh another Christmas day,
The snow has settled and the children play
Building snowman that soon fade away
Oh the memories take me back to yesterday

Ok Thanks to you all!

“The Ultimate Christmas Song”

“The Ultimate Christmas Song” Dance mix

“The Ultimate Christmas Song” Pop R&B Ft Dream Chaser

Just type my name on itune, facebook, myspace etc. join with me on this Crazy ride!!


Mike Gervasi said...

G.P.S. is an American/Swedish project who record/collaborate exclusively online.
More music available at Of You

Anonymous said...

My dad has two christmas songs that he has played I have the video posted as John Bebenek plays jingle bells and silent night at this link watch now and let me know if you like it or not

Serpent member Rod Bebenek

Alyzabeth Mitchell said... My song is called "December".

SuperMayne Productions said...

Holiday Greetings to you,

I right now (and in the middle of another)have two Christmas Holiday tunes already uploaded onto Jango. They can be heard at these two links: Jazz X-Mas Schroeder's X-Mas

Please remember that this is a time for giving, I am offering up these Christmas gifts for everyone to enjoy. Stay blessed, joyous and have a very special Christmas! .....SMP (SuperMayne Productions)

Jim Felix Sounds Of Elvis said...

Hi Friends, I did a versions of Elvis Presley's Christmas music, and it includes a version of Alabama's song "Christmas In Dixie". So if you like Elvis, please go and have a listen... Merry Christmas to you all... It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You

Jason Farnham said...

Yes! I posted 4 instrumental Christmas tunes on my Jango page- (which I just created yesterday- so they are still in review)-This is my account info:

These are the tracks:
We Wish You A Merry Christmas Charlie Brown Style
Calyps-O Christmas Tree
We Three Kings Tango
I Got The Jingle Bells Blues

Or you can hear them at CD Baby:

JoeT said...

"Merry Christmas, Santa Claus" is a recent addition to Jango, with fans from all over the world indicating that they like it. It's available on iTunes at and on cdBaby at .
"Merry Christmas, Santa Claus" has a rhythm and a beat that stay with you, along with a story of gratitude and giving...PERFECT for the season! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Bill Tucker said...

Christmas comes this time of year
I feel it in my toes
Candy canes and mistletoe and
Snowflakes on your nose
Gather ‘round the fireplace
And sing a song of cheer
Christmas is here

Christmas comes this time of year
I’ve waited for this day
Santa Claus will soon be here
As Rudolph leads the way
Hear the children laughing
So happy that, Christmas time is here

Christmas, Christmas
It’s that time of year
Christmas, Christmas
Christmas time is here

Hackdaddy said...

Hackdaddy has two Christmas tracks pending here on Jango: the Halls Child is This

If you don't want to wait for them to go live here, please visit for these tracks and a whole lot more!

Happy Holidays from Hackdaddy!

Rose Angelica said...

The Wish is my new song about a child's prayer to be adopted on Christmas Day. Go to

Brian Jasper Rockabilly said...

Hey out there. My new seasonal tune is called "Homemade Rockabilly Christmas Song" please give it a listen; it can be bought on iTunes, Amazon, napster, Rhapsody, nokia, emausic, zune etc. It's an original Christmas song featuring Jesus in the lyrics!!!

Anonymous said...

I've uploaded several songs from "Heavenly Peace" voted Best Holiday Album by Broadcasters worldwide in the classical crossover/new age/world/ambient music category.

Silent Night is my lush 4 part vocal arrangement with ambient track. Night

Angels' Pastorale is an lovely instrumental.' Pastorale

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen was arranged by Melissa Vardey with added vocal arrangement by me and dualing violin & vocal solos between Karen Briggs and I. We worked together in "Yanni, Live at the Acropolis." Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

There's more at


Song about a Christmas and the woes of life.
Merry Christmas
Nate Pierre Nelson

John Worsham said... "Have a Merry Christmas Without Me" is my holiday song that I have uploaded on It could be about a situation where one is stuck in an airport, snowed in at a faraway destination, or even caught overseas in a war, far from home. I hope you like it! - John Worsham

The Cold Eskimos said...

"Christmas Is Better In The Wintertime!!!!!

The Cold Eskimos here. featuring Crooner/Rat Pack sounding music and songs i've written, recorded, produced and uploaded here on Jango. Also have hilarious holiday videos along with them click here to watch and happy holidays everyone!!!

MicMogen said...

Bohemian melody + Bach + ethnic percussion = nuevo Christmas

Eddie Mendez said...

My name is Eddie Mendez and I wrote to Christmas songs. One was dedicated to my children, when after they were teenagers helped to revive the xmas spirit. The other combines the Holiday Spirit with an appreciation for nature.
ENJOY! Believe in Santa Claus Falling

MicMogen said...

Anonymous said...
This song is for those who need someone to share the holidays with. It is also for the the "sons and daughters" who can't be here for the holidays because they are serving overseas. Finally, it contains small memories of Christmas past and present such as Frosty, gingerbread and waking up Christmas morning. I hope you like it.
Happy Holidays,
Bob Dassing

Butch Barnette said...

Last Christmas (09') There were many holiday travelers stranded at airports by a big winter storm. My Christmas song is for them.
www.jango. com/music/edgarbutchbarnette/Christmas At The Airport 09
Merry Christmas Everybody!

Anonymous said...

Elvis Lloyd Carden a true song I wrote when I came back from Vietnam :Christmas With Out My Daddy an +Kids +Of+ The+ Millennium "written this year for the Children of today and the time to come out of the Bible

Double Vision said...

hey Jango folks and fans!!! this is DV just letting know we just posted up a christmas song called "what a christmas(the christmas blues) it's not your TYPICAL christmas song, but it's definately realistic to say the least!! please feel free to check it out, thanx.

the laughing dogs said...

We have a Beach Boys-like song called "Christmas Day" at

and there is a video for it on our profile page

amardivine said...

Peace, season greetings. On behalf of Just-Us Business Enterprises and Wu-Tang Management we would like to submit a holiday single that has the streets buzzin from Miami to Brooklyn and overseas. Check out some of our comments just so that you can see that it’s not just our team that is highly endorsing this single. So far we have not received one single negative review (with all the haters online, that is quite an accomplishment). But please, judge it for yourself. If you’re feeling it, please become a fan, thanks…Peace

Brian Kachejian said...

Hey Hey Hey !!!
Check out New York's Brian Kachejian
Mood Christmas Cd
Now playing on Jango

Mark Ramsey said...

This an instrumental jazz version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. I call it Comfort and Joy. I sat down at the Fender Rhodes with my friend Tony on drums and we did it in one take. I came back later and added bass, guitar, congas and stuff. Its a pretty cool little jam.

Doris MacDonald said...

Wow, so much Christmas/holiday music! We've added to the joyful noise with three originals: O Tiny Child, Long Awaited King and God Has Come to Us. Come check us out at

Greg Shelley said...

A Christmas song for all year long from Greg Shelley's CD album "All The Time Is Christmastime"

Audrey L Green/ Music From A Jewish carpenter said...

The Lord Jesus gave me a song last year that I put on called
" I Want an Old Fashion Christmas "
It paints a picture of all the good things about Christmas especially Jesus.
Audrey L Green
Music From A Jewish Carpenter

Anonymous said...

Just released to iTunes:

'It's the holiday'. I co-wrote with fellow Nashville Songwriter, Ronny Criss. The song has had a lot of positive response. I will go ahead and upload to Jango! Thanks.

Greg Shelley said...

"Come This Christmas" is another new Christmas song from the Greg Shelley Christmas CD just released:


"WINTER TIME" is a song about the months of winter and it's completely non-denominational, with no religious undertones. A seasonal song that's perfect for everyone. A warm, relaxed but joyful description of the coldest months of the year, the season of Winter; idyllically "Winter Time". Accompanied by a musical arrangement that makes you just want to play it over and over and over and over again. The season of Winter has always been dreaded by most people and the reasons that phases like "the winter blahs" and "cabin fever" has become so popular is that people fail to realize that they need winter too, just like the flowers and trees; a chance to start all over again, a chance to reinvent themselves, a chance to be reborn.

Luanne Hunt said...

Happy Holidays, Everyone. Thanks for the opportunity to share my original holiday songs with you:

Anonymous said...

Artist: R.i.l.l.A.
Song Title: MR. FRO$TY (2011 "Frosty The Snowman")
Link:http: //

"They call me *MR. FRO$TY* So call me
*MR. FRO$TY*/ Stone Kold on tha Snow So Call Me *MR. FRO$TY*/ On a Mountain Range, High, Solid, Keep it Icy/ Iceberg raised, a Blizzard cooler than the Rockies"

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!!!

DanSpec said...

Hope your ready for a Rockin Santa Song! If not, you better get ready because your going to hear this song continuously all over the world on FM Radio!! =)!

jamie gazelle said...

hello i have a new holidays song called tis the season
check it at my site on jango jamie gazelle

happy whatever you believe
just love each other the world is in the crapper

Chitty Bang (Is The Realest) said...

It's your boy Chitty Bang and I have the perfect song to ring in your holiday's it's called
"Party Like It's New Year's!!".. It's up on bang and the video is in rotation
check it out now

Chitty Bang (Is The Realest) said...

Check out "Party Like It's New Year's"

Anonymous said...

Check out Debora Hull's - Ave Maria

Merry Christmas!!

Greg Shelley said...

"Have A Little Fun This Christmas" from the Christmas CD album by Greg Shelley titled "All The Time Is Christmastime"

Groove Meister said...

Here is a version of Silent Night i did. It was part of Indaba Music's Holiday Contest. Enjoy!!/submissions/show/33438

Below you can purchase on iTunes also if you wish. Merry Christmas!

Jacques Pellarin trio said...

Jacques Pellarin trio
new album " Karenita "
( Latin Jazz music - Latino - Bossa - French cinema - world fusion and more ! )

Jazz Factory show -
Radio Producer radio host Luis Campos / on Lehigh Valley Public Radio Allentown, PA ( Usa )

" You have the unique musical talent to incorporate the accordeon to percussion and I think that brings a unique flavor to the melody that makes it alive. As I listen to the rest of the album will let you know more, also will definitely play it on our next show...."

Karenita, is not your regular song, is a masterpiece!!! Love how you go with the romantic part in the middle and leaving the upbeat and rapid rythm in the begining and at the end...a must for "La Fabrica del Jazz"
Rodeo Latino takes there to the "Arena" and keeps you in a "suspiro" on the pauses and fillers for the musical it too. "

"Accordeao do sul is "heavenly" I feel I am landing in Rio de Janeiro looking down at Copacabana, I wonder what inspired you to this melody but I feel the south in it, maybe "Samba de Aviao"....muy bueno maestro "

" Latin-Blues an authentic Latin Jazz piece "
Luis Campos

"Jacques -
Your music sounds very exciting. I'd be happy to play it on the radio. We like Daniel Mille and Richard Galliano, so I think we'd like your music a lot!
If you want us to play it at WWPV, kindly send music to "

Burlington, VT USA
David Beckett

"Nice fusion - like the sound of the accordion. "
"Look forward to receiving the cd. Meanwhile, on today's program (nov 30th) at appx 12:30 PM local time, I will play a selection from the tracks that you sent me.
PS If you can, send me a copy of the CD - I can leave it at the radio station for other DJs to listen to and play on the air. "
Orlando Suarez
c/o WDNA Radio Miami, FL USA

"Hello Jacques,
Thank you as well. Nice review and how about a couple of copies for my radio program? I'll keep one copy and give one to my friend, Nelson Rodriguez who hosts my salsa program. He also writes for Latin Beat magazine.
Looking forward to your music! "

Raul Rico Raul Rico - Jazz Latino" KCLU

"Bonjour Jacques - if you send me a copy of the release, or provide a download, I will be sure it receives airplay on WWUH radio.
Many thanks and congratulations."
Brian Grosjean, World Music Director, WWUH Radio Playlists at

"Hi Jacques,
if possible I'd like to get a promo copy for Radio ZuSa.
No rush - I'll be on holidays for a couple of weeks anyway.
I'll let you know about airplay."

All the best Juergen Kramer
Radio ZuSa Germany

Tate Simms said...

Tate Simms, New Album "ROMANTIC HOLIDAY" Is Available Now On iTunes, Amazon and Elsewhere Online.
Physical CD is also available.

Noel Chidwick. Arbelos said...

As we enjoy over two feet of snow here in Edinburgh, Scotland, our song, "When Snow Falls at Night," fits the bill. Pull up a warm log and sit down.

Available also on our website at

Brandi Haile & Lance Whalen said...

You can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of our rendition of the old seasonal classic "BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE" by going to or you can rock out to it here on jango!

Happy Holidays! Stay Warm.

brandi haile said...

Sorry the correct link is for FREE DOWNLOAD or just rock around the christmas tree via Jango by going to

Seasons Greetings! (sorry for the double post)

Sandro G. Masoni said...

Hi, two songs very dear to me... is about the idea that children should have festivities whenever they need them, e.g. Christmas in a pleasant season like spring... and about people around Easter, how they celebrate, what they hide, what they need...
All-seasons greetings!

IQ said...

Brett Perkins said...

You can find my 20010 Christmas single 'It Just Won't Be Christmas Now' here on Jango as well as

Happy holidays from Copenhagen!

serundal said...

From Serundal's Christmas album 'Yule' (2009)
'White Stag' the Celtic symbol of the Winter Solstice and 'Eira' (Welsh: Snow) about the 'Northern Lady' the ice queen


Paul clements said...

Paul Clements is currently working on on album of acoustic guitar Christmas Instrumentals. Should be ready by the end of the week. Here is one of the cuts. Deck The Hall

More to come later

Randy said...

Not everyone is happy at Christmas, An Old Fashion Christmas is about the longing for Christmas in the past which hold special memories and the hope that the future will be better. With the majority of people happy at this time, I hope it reminds people that they are not alone in these feelings. Burns/Old Fashion Christmas

Randy said...

Christmas Lights is a song I wrote in my youth, I was backed by AJ Mulhern and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I think it will bring a tear to your eyes. Burns/Christmas Lights

kammaha said...

kammaha"s -six feet down- is a funny Cristmas song...check it out

Lisa Marie Gabriel said...

The first song I released I think - Jingle Maria - it uses Kontakt Player for the orchestra, I sequenced with Sibelius software and mixed the tracks individually. It is very lively and happy with a Latin beat. My fans tell me it will be a Christmas classic, but it takes time....

Phil Cooke said...

Songs from my album 'Christmas Time is Coming!' can be heard on Jango @
'Christmas Time is Coming!' is also available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 or at

Anonymous said...

Have you heard Kasio Kristmas? It's the most entertaining and creative Christmas music I've heard in years. PURE HOLIDAY FUN!

Flying To Meet The Sunrise said...

Oh yes, sorry, Jingle Maria also features as a remix on my CD Flying to Meet the Sunrise (also available as an MP3 album). If you click on the name for this post it will take you there if you like.

Carolyn Baron said...

Carolyn Baron and PLX and the Fith Element have written a new hip hop Christmas song called "Christmas Is Cool". Check it out:

You can also hear it at :
Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

OMG....Kasio Kristmas! You're write, you have to see & hear this.

Lance said...

Jerry Lefevre recorded 'Wilby the Christmas Tree' at Capitol Records in the fall of 1988. That Christmas, the 45 rpm record was released to National Public Radio stations - with record sales limited to the New England region.

It is now playing on Jango at this link:

Munro DeJohn said...

Dear Jango Air Play and Fans,
Earlier this year I released my first album "November Solstice" which is available on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon and most of all the digital download stores. On the album I created my own arrangement of the Traditional English Folk song, "Greensleeves" which is also known as a Christmas Song, "What Child Is This."
Arrangement for classical contemporary piano and strings. Hope you all enjoy it and a
Happy Holiday Season to you!
Sincerely, Composer Munro DeJohn


Robert said...

"Together At Christmas" from Robert Jansen - still in pending mode on Jango, but you can listen to the full song here:

Gordon Schofield said...

Hi there,
I have a nice reggaesque version of my favourite Christmas song, 'Silent Night'. Check this instrumental out on my 'Daktari Schofield' station along with lots of other quirky but interesting stuff.

Also, check out some practice session videos on Youtube, search 'Daktari Schofield'.

Peace and love to ya'll and have a great Christmas time. Gordon.

Sam Morrison said...

Being in a Tribute Band gives a person serious insight into the style of the Artist that you are paying tribute to.

Although Bob Seger never recorded this song, we're giving our take on what it would've sounded like if Seger had recorded

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"

Check it out on Youtube:

And Itunes:

Merry Christmas!

linda herman said...

New original Christmas Waltz- Let's Do The Christmas Waltz. Ballroom dance tempo.
While watching a James Bond movie a couple of weeks ago, words started entering my head. Had to write them down and then the music.'sdothechristmaswaltz
linda herman

Sandy Atkinson said...

Yes, I do have a holiday song on Jango.
It's Blues Christmas Dream.
You can also find it on CDBaby and Itunes. It's from my new CD Sandy Atkinson & The True Loves.
Check it out!

Happy Holidays, Sandy Atkinson

la poema said...

I have a few folky songs posted on jango at

O Holy Night, O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and my own, Born in a Manger

and reverbnation at

Anonymous said...

Check out the first Christmas Single from Pop/Rocker Demi!! You can hear her Pop/rock
rendition of "Jingle Bells" on her myspace or on itunes!!

myspace -
itunes -

Patrick Hunter said...

"Santa Claus Bring Me a Flyin' Pony" is an original by Pat Hunter (written by Pat and Mary Hunter) that captures the imagination of Christmas not only for children but adults as well. Has a feel of the classics that we all loved as children. Guaranteed to make you smile!
Follow the link: Flyin'+Pony
Available for download/purchase on cdbaby, itunes and reverbnation.
Also is available is the album by Pat Hunter "12/23".

Rich Lang said...

Rich Lang has just released a new X-Mas song titled "My Baby's Comin Home For Christmas" It is available at... Take a listen to it and let him know what you think. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

danielafreedman said...

To sprinkle a little Christmas magic on the tree I wrote "It's Time for Christmas". Cody Lyons recorded the vocal. I might redue this at a later date with a little jazzier rendition. Hope you like it.'s+Time+
Also available for download on itunes, ilike etc.

Danny Wreck said...

Non Secular Holiday Fun! "Blanket Of Snow" by The O>MATICS

monsterpop said...

it still says "pending" on Jango, so heres the link to Soundcloud. my home recorded powerpop/rock version of the classic Little Drummer Boy! i hope you like it!;-)

circuit8 said...

We are KASIO KRISTMAS! Classic Christmas Songs done entirely with Battery Operated CASIO Keyboards and Handheld Games. A very unique, quirky and innovative outfit.

Patricia Blush said...

Hi! I am Patricia Blush and released my Christmas single on 15th of November! You can hear the song in my profile and you can download it on Itunes: (Or go to,, or This song is kind of Soulful RnB-Pop! Hope You`ll like it!

Lisa Cerbone said...

Hello, I did a little Christmas song, "The Chipmunk Song" for the season. It is pending on Jango, so for now you can find it here: and on my myspace page The song was recorded for Ocean Music, a French label, for the Christmas Compilation 7 Wishes.

Anonymous said...

Christmas No.1 by Chris Skinner

Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Christmas No.1 by Chris Skinner

Check it out at

That's better!

Doug Clare said...

Season's Greetings Friends,

I'd like to spread some holiday spirit by sharing an enhanced version of a song that I wrote about 5 years ago, called "What Christmas Means To Me." A good friend of mine, Rick Nicholas, surprised me by adding a couple of guitar tracks and a bass track, recently, for which I am very grateful. It created a mood that wasn't possible with only my original vocal and guitar track.

It's currently at pending staus, on Jango, but you can hear it now at:

I hope you enjoy it and it brings, at least a slightly, heightened experience to you this Christmas season. Thank you all for your support, in the past, now and to come! May God bless you through the holidays.

Doug Clare

Jami said...

Happy Holidays!

My song is called "Orison" it's about a polar bear

There's a song and even a story if you are bored... Merry Xmas and Here are the links:

Orison (song)

Orison the Polar bear Part 1 of 2

Orison the Polar Bear Part 2 of 2


Shelterdog said...

I can't claim credit for any Christmas songs personally, but my DOGS can. They have written a great Christmas song, "K-9 Christmas," for which I've taken credit because I have the opposable thumbs and the guitar. You can hear it for free on my Shelterdog Blog:, and can download it from iTunes and most other digital download sites. It's also pending approval here at Jango.

Anonymous said...

The VH1 Award-winning artist, REBECCA, just released "Christmas in New York" 5800+ views so far in 3 days! Enjoy the music and Happy Holidays!

Jerry Woo said...

The Legendary Jerry Woo has "On This Christmas Day" on Jango & youtube-

Share with everyone-Love

Anonymous said...

Steve Perry, EnTheos Music Publishing said...

EnTheos Music Publishing offers this upbeat Christmas and Happy New Year Song for you listening pleasure. Great background for film and video so please contact us if you are interested in licensing.

This is fun and uplifting - with a good message

Enjoy and please let us know what you think when you have time!

Happy Holidays!

HollowayKirbo said...

Happy Holidays from Holloway & Kirbo.

Hope you enjoy our acoustic Christmas tune Ring the Bells:

Pamela Tessmann said...

I have a song that is currently ranked #25 in a "Holiday Channel Contest" on

Whack Magic Productions said...

Santa Claus is your PHAT DADDY in "SANTA CLAUS" by WHACK MAGIC!

A funky, funny jam that you can shake your Jingle Bells to!

CHECK IT OUT!!! Search "Whack Magic" on or check out their VIDEO and song at

Don Spezia said...

The following link will take you to Moonlight Sleighride by Don Spezia. An acoustic Guitar Instrumental:

Johnny Broadway said...

A Christmas-themed song from my upcoming album just went live on Jango, called "The Old Town's Getting Older":'s+Getting+Older

A folky song about coming back to your old home town for the holidays, how things change.


- Johnny

Dawson Cowals said...

I have a few songs from my Christmas CD uploaded on Jango for people to listen to. The title track from the album, "Born Is The King", is an original carol with a celtic flair including swirling flutes and pounding drums:

The second is my slightly altered rendition of the classic "We Three Kings" entitled "We're Just Three Kings":'re+Just+Three+Kings

The third is another modernized version of an old classic, "Good King Wenceslas", with a bit of a Loreena McKennitt flair and an original rock chorus added in:

I hope everyone enjoys these new takes on some old classics. Merry Christmas!



hi!!! I did Navidad con Reggaeton (Christmas with reggaeton) in Dominican Republic a radio station's Dj said "the most greatest xmax hit in the last 10 years" available on jango itunes
free stream here---->

visit our blog


Laura Lee Styles said...

A new song about Christmas and Santa Claus with a theme I bet you havn't heard before. Sung by Laura Lee Styles.

Mythias Lee said...

Love 4 Christmas is for All!
LUV4U,God Bless! Check it out..

Jamie Lynn Noon said...

Jamie Lynn Noon - Silent Night:


Kristy White said...

I wrote "Snowflake Lullaby" last January after a rare Alabama snowfall. My little girl played and danced and twirled in the falling flakes, and I wrote this song. . . about the beauty and innocence of childhood. I hope you enjoy it! :)
You can also learn more about Kristy and follow my blog at
My new album, "Dancin' on the Wind" is available on CD Baby.

Amanda Lamb said...

Merry Christmas, Everyone! I'm excited that my original song "Christmas In Love" is now available in iTunes and Jango, and a video is available on youtube at There's also a free download on Bandcamp of the song - my gift to you all:)

Anonymous said...

This one, called "I Want to be Santa Claus" by Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings ( was written and recorded a few years ago. My guitar player put a nice George Harrison-esque solo on it. Hope you like it.

Jesse Braintree said...

Howdy Folks,

Things are hectic as one of our songs is being made into a movie (Biker Ann) but we have a very unique Christmas Song on Jango called "Everybody Loves When Its Christmas" and I would be honored if you gave it a spin and gave me some feedback.
The song I wrote it for my mother, bless her soul, and every time I hear it I think of her.

Here is the link's+Christmas

Little Fyodor said...

Babushka applies her Olde World sauciness to a decidedly updated version of an old chestnut with Oh Horny Night!!!

Anonymous said...

...there's a bigger gift than any of those under your tree..
"Go Tell Everybody"

Dwayne said...

Check out the Christmas single from Mariah make sure you give some feedback and sign up to be a fan

You can download this song at her website

Lucius Austin said...

Check out the holiday music of Lucius Austin

Peace For The Season (and Always)

The single, "Your Smile At Christmas Time", on iTunes, Amazon and through

Enjoy the season.

Lucius Austin

oh no not emily said... is the story of an animal that only had his love to offer the Christ Child that first Christmas a very long time ago. It is the story of Floyd the Fly, Friend of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Artist RDM

Christmas album " CHRISTMAS revisited " available at CDBaby, iTunes and various download
stores on the internet.

J.P. Kallio said...

J.P. Kallio has an alternative Christmas song "Glory to the world" out now on iTunes and other download stores. More info at

Dan Van Oss said...

If you like Sara Groves and Bebo Norman, check out "Angels We Have Heard On High" from the Dan Van Oss CD "The Heart Of Heaven" It's available at

Bruce Bergh said...

I just uploaded a fun, bouncy, brand new original Christmas song I was inspired to write from the first Chicago snowfall December 1st, about a week ago. I'll be adding some jazzy vocal backgrounds within the next few days, but I did not want to wait to share this, as the "Christmas Time of the Year" is upon us! Be sure to check my website for the update soon!

I uploaded it onto Jango just a few minutes ago, so it has not yet passed the verification process. You can hear it along with another slower original "Christmas Together" at:

Bruce Bergh

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

If you like the sound of Karen Carpenter and Anne Murray, listen to Azure Fields sing their Christmas Song rendition of What Child at htttp://

aannaa said...


ANEW said...

Hello all,
Our new Christmas single "It's Christmas Time" will get you moovin this holiday season. It's fun, upbeat and truly captures the spirit of Christmas. You'll want this one for your holiday repertoire:) Enjoy! you can download this single on itunes or at cd baby. the link for cdbaby is

Sonia Funk said...

All of my christmas tracks are now ready on Jango! I can't believe the fans already - Thank you so much!!

Happy Holidays!

Nichelle Colvin said...

What happening?? Come check out my Christmas music

Frazer Kingdom-Barrett said...

We have recorded a Christmas song, you can hear it at



touted as the 'greatest hanukkah song ever'



Linda said...

Santa is a very naughty boy

On itunes and Amazon too

the skitzophones said...

We have a song on Jango called "Christmas again" by the Skitzophones check it out .

the skitzophones said...

here is the link

John Garr said...

Hey I've got a little holiday fun song uploaded a way we can laugh about ourselves and others this holiday season.

Jonno said...

I did a Pop Punk medley arrangement of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells and Joy To The World! I called it Santa, Rudolph, Some Bells and a Whole Lotta Joy!!! and you can listen to it on
It's available for sale on Australian iTunes - I'm not sure what the deal is with covers, royalties etc worldwide, so I haven't made it available for sale worldwide yet...

Kurt said...

I have an alternative, post-rock arrangement of Greensleeves.
check it out at
It's available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby.

Michael Try said...

This was a contest remix I did in 2007 featuring vocals by Sarah McLachlan. It's a trance version of The First Noel.

3DW said...

"Blue Grass Christmas" by "Three Days Wait" is the lone bluegrass tune on the band's Christmas/seasonal CD titled, "Star of Bethlehem." Their CD has a variety of music styles and much of the sales proceeds go towards supporting children's charities. Check them out at

David Oxford said...

David Oxford has posted 3 Christmas songs on Jango from his Christmas CD, "A Smooth, Jazzy Jivin', Ebony Ivory Christmas," available on iTunes and, as well as numerous other digital outlets via mp3 or streaming. You can check them out at the following links:

The CD leans toward the Smooth Jazz/Contemporary Jazz sub-genre.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

Marie Haddad said...

Hi everyone!

I'm Marie Haddad and I wrote a holiday song ("Holiday Cheer!") and made a cute, stop-motion animation video to go along with it. If you like Kate Bush, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, or pretty holiday music, please check it out!

ann chaplin said...

Hello! Check out my Christmas single 'Underneath The Christmas Tree!'

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