Monday, November 29

Jango Airplay Top 10

Hello everyone. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend and are feeling energized for the upcoming holiday season. Here's this week's Top 10 Airplay artists. There's a lot of new comers joining in the chart this week as well so check them out and show some support.

#1: Cosmic Millennium Raptor
Cosmic Millennium Raptor is the POP brainchild of three Texan songwriters. The group released their debut EP recently, full of songs about "chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin."

Click to hear Cosmic Millennium Raptor:
Awake Disease
#2: Kimberly Myers
Composer & multi-instrumentalist Kimberly Myers offers an eclectic blend of original contemporary, folk, Celtic and Appalachian style music. Her songs combine intriguing melodic cannons with lush orchestration.

Click to hear Kimberly Myers:
Castle Of Dreams
#3: The Vandon Arms
Before Myspace or Facebook, in a damp, cold Iowan basement, The Vandon Arms started playing music they loved for no one but themselves. Today they carry on the attitude of those early sing-alongs - play music and have fun for as long as people want to listen.

Click to hear The Vandon Arms:
Blaydon Races
#4: Jason Jase
Jason Jase is an R&B singer-songwriter from Dubai. Raised in a musical family, Jase grew up listening to everything from country to jazz, a background he continues to use pushing boundaries in his own work.

Click to hear Jason Jase:
For The Moment
#5: Toy Horses
Toy Horses are one of Wales' brightest indie gems. After airplay in the UK their music came to the attention of KCRW starmaker Nic Harcourt who put them on radio & stages in the States. Their debut album is expected in early 2011.

Click to hear Toy Horses:
And It Was You
#6: Nephew
Hip-hop artist Nephew released his debut mixtape in early 2010. Since then he has been featured in XXL Magazine & is a favorite of DJ Clark Kent. He is now preparing to release his first studio album.

Click to hear Nephew:
Get Money
#7: Max CarDi
Max CarDi is a rapper from Norfolk, VA. Despite less than a year pursuing music, CarDi has written more than 100 songs, and is currently in talks with Collabo Records.

Click to hear Max CarDi:
Building A Dream
#8: Resort To Failsafe
Resort to Failsafe is a tight, professional post-hardcore band. Said one reviewer, "even though I know that the music biz is unfair, Resort to Failsafe is going places."

Click to hear Resort To Failsafe:
Man Your Stations
#9: No Birds
No Birds began August, 2003 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Their first public appearance was opening for local punk-rock bands (no easy gig for a psychedelic/post-rock ensemble). Since that time the group has toured nationally and released a pair of studio albums.

Click to hear No Birds:
Music Is Easy...
#10: Texas Heat
Texas Heat is a four-piece honky tonk band located in Cologne, Germany. They've been active on and off for the better part of 20 years, gigging regularly, releasing albums and appearing at major festivals.

Click to hear Texas Heat:
Three Bottles Left


Anonymous said...

I give up! Is this payola or what!!!??? Tell me... How could anyone have one comment and less than a dozen fans be #2??? I've accumulated about 2000 global likes in just two weeks. Double-U Tee Eph?! I give up. How does an artist get on this list? Payola? PopScore? Both? I smell some kind of rat here. I'd tell you who I am, but I might forfeit my chances

Anonymous said...

Check what CNET says about Jango:

Anonymous said...

i agree more with the comments than with the article itself.

Batelco said...


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Marguerite Brophy Cassell said...

Jango - When are you going to play/feature our music for the right reasons - and do it equitably? How about honoring your loyal customers every once and awhile by automatically giving us some (some - not tons of) free play? It shouldn't just be for those who spend the most. There are many of us just starting out, building our resources and support systems.

Anonymous said...

people, you must be new to this how the pop score works and you'll see why someone with only one comment and a handful of fans can be in the top 10. It's only measured on 1 weeks worth of plays, not on a build up of your plays and you need 100 plays to qualify. So getting 12 fans on 100 plays in one week is pretty good and can easily pop you to the the rules before whining so much GOSH !

Anonymous said...

Did you say 12 fans on 100 plays? I had waaaay more fans in just a 100 plays. There's a bug in the system, and I found that an artist can login to a different account and "like" their own song and boost their PoopScore. I tried it myself. Not Good! I think that's what's going on here. Jango should record each IP address when someone 'likes' a song.

Anonymous said...

im @ 90+ a week and only made top 10 once

Anonymous said...

How can I be shure that my song is being aired?It would be nice to hear a raio announcement introducing song and artist.Sent to your EPK

Anonymous said...

I have gotten 14 fans and 200 PLAYS PER SONG in 1 week and not even gotten into the TOP 10. Something is wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Numbers 2,4,7 and nine should not be in the TOP 10. They don't have the stats or the fans that many other artists do. So just ignore the TOP 10 unless you like to feel your blood boil. It obviously serves some other purpose. My stats last week were better than those and I did not make the TOP 10.

Manager for Mariah Ver Hoef said...

When you pay for a play, there is a pop-up screen with your name, some info, and a "thumbs up" and a "thumbs down." The pop score is determined solely from the number of "thumbs up" you receive out of your total paid plays. You need 100 plays on at least one song, and the pop score is recalculated every week. The number of fans has little to do with it. For example, someone can go to your profile, listen to a song, and click the "smiley" face and it become a "like" for that song, but does not enter into the pop score. Likewise, while at your profile, someone can click to "become a fan," and it has nothing to do with your pop score. So, basically, you cannot tell a person's pop score by looking at the fans on their profile. I've listened to the top 10 artists this week, and they are all very fine musicians, and I certainly support them.

I've been playing my daughter's songs here for about a year now, and have actually made it to number 1 on several occasions (most recently, last week). Believe me, Jango is doing nothing sinister here. At least, I never received any insider information or in any way greased the system to make the top 10. If you want to make the top 10, make sure that your *paid plays* are going to fans who will give you a thumbs up. To do that, pick your similar artists carefully, and try narrowing down your audience to age/gender/geography that will give you the thumbs up; that is, if you don't mind spending 2 credits per play. I have never made the top 10 without using the 2 credits per play to get *exactly* the audience that most appreciates my daughter's music. So, now you know my secret; hopefully you'll make the top 10 soon. It took me about 1/2 year to find that perfect audience. In the mean time, I enjoyed all of the great comments and email addresses that we collected.

Best Wishes,
manager for Mariah Ver Hoef

Nephew said...

Its Popscore, Not plays, Not Amount of plays bought. I payed for 1200 Plays 2 times. I gained 116 Fans so far, Its not unfair. I've averaged a 93 on my popscore within the 2 Months I've been on here N this is my first time Making Top Ten. Congrats to the others Who made It as well. Best of luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

12 fans on 100 plays? Pah! I had one single play in a a week and got 1,000 fans and 1,000+ likes and countless positive comments. And still didn't make it into the Top 10. An email campaign was mounted by the resulting fan base against Jango's management team and the CEO was brought at gunpoint to my front door and commanded to put me in the Top 10.

I wish to air my frustration at the ongoing lack of recognition for my band.

Anonymous said...

lemme get this straight:

popscore winners think popscore is fair

popscore contenders think popscore is PROBABLY fair

popscore losers think popscore is worse than nazis

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up or thumbs down at least you are getting heard. To me an honest unsolicited and detailed endorsement from a fan is worth more than any pop score. It's great when someone really gets what you are doing. It is of course even better when a lot of people get it! Congrats to those who do make it in!

chris williams said...

About the cnet article, what you didn't see was the big list of artists and people in the industry taking up for Jango. interesting. I know there has been mixed opinions about pay for play but to me, that depends on that individual on what one wants to do and is willing to do to make it. I have fought with that in my mind a lot but every time i think about it, I think about how bad I want my music. I will tell you this. The internet has paved a way for independent artists to do it ourselves more than it ever has and i'm excited about that. in fact, if it wasn't for the internet, my music wouldn't have made it in film and tv. I didn't have to pay for that. so, I guess it evens out. im sure there will always be an argument on this and yes, one can wonder on the popscores each week but I try not worry myself with the popscore. The big picture is selling albums etc.
chris williams

Anonymous said...

P.S., Don't sweat the pop score at all. If you want to get out there and be on a chart you'll need WAY more marketing efforts than Jango. Collect your fans, communicate with them and make sure you can satisfy them and then think about how to expand your fan base. Also look at the other avenues you can use. I'm not making a lot of $ right now but having people tell me they like my music and make comments is great hope. We can all get out there and get on the grind and make it happen. Again, Jango is only ONE avenue / vehicle to use for us. I'd like to at least break even for my marketing efforts here on Jango.

Jango, Consider creating a better BI tool for us. For anyone that doesn't know what this is..Business Intelligence tool that can really be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hello! music friends and fans,i feel in a since like Chris Williams and Mr.Anonymous,he seems a bit pissed off! I also wondered about the assurance of actually getting the radio plays you pay for.I also recieved comments from nine fans after supposedly 100 plays,if i could go online and hear it played myself would make me feel better about spending the money and money is tight! I'll have to sit and think more about this one musically,Emmett North Jr.

chris williams said...

You do get the plays you pay for. I will tell you that. I can confirm this by the mount of fans I get each week. I figured by percentage, if I paid for 4000 plays a month which is roughly $100 and end up with 600 fans, that"s is a good percentage margin. That is about the average im receiving a month. I agree, there are so many other avenues out there. There is a whole world of music lovers that love so many types of music and there is plenty of room for us all to do well. I bet everyone one of us on here have a half a million people in this world that would buy our music and still have people to spare. The hard part is gewtting ourselves out there.



Tune in to and listen to Corporate Thuggin's hott new single "They Say We Hott Now" Vol.2 along with a video slide show, and Dat' Derrty Derrty" Vol.1. Leave your comments, become a fan, and rate our songs. To everyone showing love already, thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

No offense, Chris, but I call bullshit on your 15% rate of return on fans each month. You're just a 2-bit shady hustler like the rest of us, you illiterate bastard.

bamjimba said...

Ah yeah......Just read the Cnet thing.....Rip Off eh.....Ah



chris williams said...

It never fails and I knew that the one individual who always makes themselves anonymous would chime in. It doesn't matter what I say, you will always have a problem. why>? so, If you don't like what I have to say,fine, but take your bullshit somewhere else.

"illiterate bastard" ?

"no offense" ? lol


Anonymous said...

My apologies for using this forum in such a lousy way, but I cannot resist. If you're smart you'll just skip over this post, which is empty of meaning and full of off-color words. Again, my apologies.

Chris "CAPSLOCK" Williams:

You never answer questions or rise to challenges, just talk about balls....always with the balls. Don't get me wrong, balls are great, but overused as a metaphor, balls will come around to bite you on the ass. And when you've been using balls -- abusing balls! -- the way you have, balls will also slap you in the face and give you a black eye.

Let me explain: You've been using balls to signify your courage and to imply my cowardice. But these are already established and undisputed facts (it takes great courage to sign your name to your posts; I am indeed a coward). You're using balls to no other purpose than to consistently pussy out of answering questions and challenges put to you about "what you have to say." Why? To prove you're a virtuoso of irony? If so, well done.

Please stop using balls to be a pussy -- it's confusing. Instead, why don't you rise to the challenge that still stands: I call bullshit on your 15% rate of return on fans each month. You're just a 2-bit shady hustler like the rest of us, you illiterate bastard.

Anonymous said...

I have at times posted my frustrations about Jango here. It is good to question EVERYTHING.... But in Jango's defense there are thousands of artists qualifor pop scores everyweek and GROWING... There are only 10 spots in the top ten..... Odds are the vast majority of us will never see our names in the top 10. Does it really matter? I listen to a few artists that are in the top 10 each week and some I like and some in my opinion suck.... But everything is subjective.... So lets get back to making music and quit trying to win a place in the top 10...... I do think it is good to continue to question Jango though. I mean we are paying their rent everyday in their tower of song! (apologies to Leonard Cohen)

chris williams said...

"Please stop using balls to be a pussy -- it's confusing. Instead, why don't you rise to the challenge that still stands: I call bullshit on your 15% rate of return on fans each month. You're just a 2-bit shady hustler like the rest of us, you illiterate bastard. "

???? Dude, You are an idiot...
Thats my return that I was using as an example.
If you dont like what I have to say, then take your shit elsewhere.. Im not on here trying to push something or some propaganda like you put me out to be. YOU ARE BEING A DAMN CHILD!!!

You are the only one on here putting down everything people have to say.
That's why I post sometimes, just to see if you still sit on here everyday trying to crack on people. Enough!!! I don't give a damn what you call bullshit. My return on the average of fans is what i'm am getting and I mentioned it from something that I was talking about.

The only pussy I see on here is you!!!
a lot of us on here are sick of your shit.




Anonymous said...

don't get suckered in by a fanner Chris...he wins everytime you try and retort

Anonymous said...


Juana Blaze said...

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Anonymous said...

Jango is a great way to get your artist out there but the only draw back that I can find with jango is getting a consitent popscore. Some weeks they post a score some weeks they do not. My artist is hitting all of the bench marks but has not received a popscore in about 4 weeks, And my artist should have made a few top tens several times based on the feed back and plays to receive free credit plays. It is paramount to get ranked because with the ranking you can bridge the gap and shop the rankings as exposure for your artist, other than that my artist is being heard. At the end of the day it is what you do with the feedback and the plays to get to the next level. It also takes a lot of luck to get put on, no matter how taleneted you are as an artist or band. Being in the right place at the right time is as real as it gets.

BIANKA said...

you know what? jango is full of crap, my name is Bianka i am a Russian R&B star and i wanted to use Jango to get my English version songs out and i paid for 250 plays to try it out and that was over a week ago and they still have not made my song active it is still pending and now it's going on two weeks my label wrote them and i wrote them as to when my single will be active, it say 24-48 hrs well its going on two weeks and it's still pending. What's the deal jango is it because i only paid for 250 plays that you guys are not making my single Eyes On You active? This is really bad business and for that you guys need to give me double the plays for what i paid for because of the inconvenience your company has caused me!!!

Anonymous said...

If your song is good your pop score will be as well. it's really that simple. How do I know? i spent $500 on airplay for two songs and they did OK but then I posted what I thought was a really good song and only spent $10 for 250 plays. Guess what I had a pop score over 90 and received 100 free airplays. Formula: Good Song = Good Pop Score. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

Were on here for one reason guys.
to promote ourselves, not the popscore.
Being on that front page for a week or getting extra plays wont sells records. It takes works.
dont get what im saying wrongly. jango is a killer avenue for promotion, putting all the popscore crap aside. so, if you are on here for the big picture, dont worry about it, even if youre on here for fun.

Thats my point.

Anonymous said...

This weeks chart?

Anonymous said...

Like it matters? lol Some people are just going to bitch about it anyway and whine lol

Anonymous said...

who cares about the damn popscore? You are all finding fans and people who like your music, and have access to contact them- isn't that something good?? Now you can sell your music to them...hello!!!! think people think!!