Tuesday, September 7

Jango Airplay Top 10

We're back with last weeks Top 10 on Jango Airplay. This week we have four new entries with Particle Wave, Neoclubber, Neon Legion & One Inity while For This Cause reclaims the # 1 Spot. Check them all out below and show some support in the comments.

#1: For This Cause
For This Cause is a recently-formed alternative/post-hardcore band from Australia. They spent much of 2009 and 2010 on tour, pausing just long enough to release their debut EP this past February.

Click to hear For This Cause:
These Seasons
#2: Mariah Ver Hoef
A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. 2010 will see the release of her third album in as many years.

Click to hear Mariah Ver Hoef:
Left Behind
#3: Daniel Fries
Daniel Fríes's alluring, flamenco-inspired guitar music ranges from exciting & uplifting to deep & dreamy. In addition to his solo material and studio recordings, he plays regularly with his live group, Trio Paz.

Click to hear Daniel Fries:
Bodas De Galisteo
#4: Particle Wave
Particle Wave materialized in 2006 when its four members began jamming and playing small gigs across Southern California. Rooted in classic rock, they incorporate elements of noise pop and indie rock, delivering a strong, melody-driven experience.

Click to hear Particle Wave:
#5: Laszlo
Laszlo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. Citing influences from Debussy to Zappa, his songs communicate wth fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence.

Click to hear Laszlo:
#6: Noctura
Noctura is a modern rock two piece from Indiana. They've lately earned airplay on major rock radio, and are scheduled to release their first album this year.

Click to hear Noctura:
My Last Goodbye
#7: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers whose compositions are sprawling, but never dull. They keep their identities private and let the music speak for itself.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#8: Neoclubber
Neoclubber was born near the beach with one goal - save the planet from boredom and depression. First on their list of solutions? Make good, fresh songs for everyone to smile and dance to.

Click to hear Neoclubber:
I Will Say (Dance Remix)
#9: Neon Legion
Neon Legion is an alternative/electronic band founded by singer-songwriter Philip Kurt Kressin in 2009. Members may be based on different continents, but their work together presents an engaging amalgamation of the futuristic and classical.

Click to hear Neon Legion:
Wicked Men
#10: One Inity
One Inity has been denting the underground reggae scene on Maui for eight years now. About their work the band says "Music is an emotional art... If we can invoke [a] feeling in people, then the art lives on.

Click to hear One Inity:


iam said...

Be on the look out for jillah from milwaukee because im coming...

Daniel Fries said...

Thanks for keeping me on here 5 weeks in a row! Jango is great! but.. uh.. cold you please set the geo stats back to how they were? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where is Top 100 to read?

Anonymous said...

top 100! that is an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

Top 100 sounds great! or even top 50!

Greg Charles, A Nice Vibe said...

Adding to Daniel Fries' comment above:

1) First of all, congratulations to Daniel and Laszlo who have both been in all 6 of the six Top 10's since Jango reconfigured the PopScore requirements. Kudos also to Falconbrook and Noctura who have been in 5 of the six. And to For This Cause, Mariah Ver Hoef, and The Ropes who have been in 4 of the six Top 10's. I'm sure the rest of us can learn from your targeting practices - and quality of product, too.

2) As far as Geo stats, I actually like the weekly analyses because, like many other artists, I rotate songs and targets each week and want to see the impact. This new tool has been very helpful! HOWEVER, please add the 'All Weeks' option to the pull-down ... that would make Daniel happy and me, too.

Greg Charles, A Nice Vibe said...

Minor correction to my previous post, there have been 7 not six Top Ten's since Jango reconfigured PopScore requirements. Regardless, placing in 6 of seven weeks is tremendous!

Greg Charles, A Nice Vibe said...

As far as expanding the Top 10 list, I strongly concur that the current list should be expanded. If Jango has reservations about listing more than the 'Top 10' on a list, then I propose that more than one Top 10 list be issued each week.

For example, the mathematics and sampling accuracy for a artist who has 100 paid plays during the week, is a lot different than an artist who has 1,000 or even 7,500 paid plays during the week.

I've done some testing and have found that NORMAL pacing airs 30-50 plays each day = 300 Paid Plays per week. FASTER pacing airs 150-200 plays each day = 1,500 Paid Plays per week (5X Normal). FASTEST pacing airs 950-1,100 plays each day = 7,500 Paid Plays per week (5X Faster, 25X Normal).

Therefore, I propose Top 10's based upon Pacing. Genre would be ideal, but I suspect that Jango may not want to manage that since genre can be subjective. Pacing is pure numbers which can be easily programmed and managed by Jango. So three Top 10's lists based upon Total # of Paid Plays per week: (1) 100-500 Paid Plays, (2) 500 - 2,500 Paid Plays, (3) 2,500 - 7,500 (max) Paid Plays during the week ... or something like that. Comments?

Annabelle Prinz said...

Hi, I'm online second week and I cannot control if it's really or not. It will be very helpful to see on which Place #1-100 Band I'm or not. I think i say it from heart of many people - Jango show Top 100.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of the top 10 artists. Your music is inspirational. I am curious to know how the top ten Jango artists are selected. There are numerous artists that have more fans than the top 10, but are not listed. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

"Top 10 List (vol IV, sec 2): Artists With Between 500 and 999 Paid Plays"


How about just publishing the ranking that your ranking system uses to rank Airplay artists. Or at least a total number of artists ranked -- so PopScore percentile means something. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Is this the top 10 "paid" plays or "organic" plays? I think anyone with enough money could pay to have their songs played enough here to make this list, but that says nothing about whether it is liked or wanted by those listening. If this is at all based on paid plays, then this is a useless list that is bought, & only really list the top 10 spenders. I'm not trying to put down anyone on this list, just want to get at the truth here.

I'd like to see a top list based on the ratio of "fans" & "likes" to the number of times a song is played. That might be a more accurate list of the real top artist.

Anonymous said...

Hey you, guy above me:

you really are a smug, self-satisfied asshole to be trying to "get at the truth" without actually reading or learning the first thing about what you're investigating. what you want is to at least be ashamed of your ignorance, then act to make yourself smarter. start with manners, chapter 1.

Anonymous said...

Tinamaria Marongiu
Ciao with..."Impossible love"

Sweetness said...

I really love NEOCLUBBER Great voice great music
Go for it... It's genial