Friday, September 24

Major Update: Invite Bands - Get Free Airplay

We're back with a major update; Your band can now earn 200 bonus play credits by promoting Jango Airplay to your friends and their bands.

All you have to do is go into your artist dashboard, under the Home>Invite Bands tabs, and send out a pre-populated e.mail message to as many other bands and artists that you know inviting them to sign up for Airplay. You can then track the status of the e.mail, send reminders and find out when you are eligible to receive your bonus credits.

There's also a personal invitation link that you can post anywhere, your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, so you can earn bonus play credits from referrals that way as well.

Look for the 'Invite Bands' tab in your artist dashboard now and thanks for spreading the word about Jango Airplay!


Anonymous said...

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Our Future Leaders said...

Anyone want 200 free spins? Cuz we got the hookup Lmao.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Siik said...

King Siik...absolutely a contender for this whole ubersuccess thing... Check me out!!

King SiikPosted a new song: "Supa Banga (Supa Dupa)"