Tuesday, September 28

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the top 10 Airplay artists for the week of September 20 - 26. 1000 Bands each week get some number of bonus play credits based on their Jango PopScore. These are the top 10 and each received 1000 bonus credits.

#1: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers whose compositions are sprawling, but never dull. They keep their identities private and let the music speak for itself.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#2: Cosmic Millennium Raptor
Cosmic Millennium Raptor is the POP brainchild of three Texan songwriters. The group released their debut EP recently, full of songs about "chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin. chillin. partyin."

Click to hear Cosmic Millennium Raptor:
Awake Disease
#3: Charlie Barrett
Texas singer-songwriter Charlie Barrett is known for his deep, rich voice, sparkling acoustic guitar, and moving lyrics. A performer for over 20 years, Charlie recently released his second album and is working on a third.

Click to hear Charlie Barrett:
Looking Through Glass
#4: Hitman Blues Band
Veteran New York blues player Hitman has played up and down the city, from dingy dive bars to royal balls. A natural showman, he's toured internationally and released four studio albums.

Click to hear Hitman Blues Band:
Angel In The Shadows
#5: Moses Tucker
Southern rocker Moses Tucker and his band describe themselves as "just some good ol' boys from Gravel Ridge Arkansas playing down to earth music."

Click to hear Moses Tucker:
Damn Good Man
#6: Jon Davidson
Jon Davidson is an alternative-rock solo artist, and frontman for the band Silversafe. Singles from his latest album have garnered airplay on hundreds of FM stations and placement on MTV.

Click to hear Jon Davidson:
Going Home
#7: The Melodramatics
The Melodramatics mix reggae, rock, dub and ska into an upbeat, energetic style all their own, bridging generation gaps and filling dance floors wherever they play.

Click to hear The Melodramatics:
#8: Left Step Band
Left Step Band is a London based four piece comprising of Emcee, DJ, Drums and Bass. Their eclectic wildstyle is a stampede of hip-hop, funk, ska, dub and biggabeat... The 21st century digital blues is here people.

Click to hear Left Step Band:
Rebels Of The Frontline
#9: Arkid
Arkid is a psychedlic and progressive trance artist hailing from Manchester in the United Kingdom. He makes fresh, detailed music with just a hint of the Goa spirit.

Click to hear Arkid:
Night Pitch
#10: MC Ron
A member of the burgeoning Swedish rap scene, MC Ron has been spitting since he was 14 years old. He's toured & recorded all over the world, working with everyone from The Vinyl Warriors to Naughty By Nature.

Click to hear MC Ron:
Wise Guy Gangstaz


Anonymous said...

One of these artists has 4 comments in total (0 last week) and 12 fans.
Another one has 2 comments in total (0 last week) and 17 fans.
I am sure they are good artists, but seriously guys... in the top 10 Airplay artists??

Jango Airplay said...

Hello Anonymous,

Please do review the rules for PopScore. It's measured on one weeks worth of plays and you have to have at least 100 plays on at least one song.

This means you can join Jango Airplay on a Wednesday and if your PopScore is good enough for that one week then you too could be in the top 10.

PopScore is not based on the overall accumulation of fans over time.


The Juggler

Anonymous said...

My point exactly...
If an artist do have 0 comments on a week and the maximum percentaje of generated fans is 12% at most (if we consider the best case scenario, where all the fans where generated last week and just in 100 paid plays, both things highly improbable, so the percentaje of generated fans is sure quite lower), that do not seam impressive to be in the top ten.
Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

12% fans to plays seems pretty good, I got 14 fans on 181 plays last week, so just under 8% and my pop score was a 92. I hit a 97 a few weeks ago with 19 fans on 189 plays which is 10%. You also get points against when someone skips or gives a thumbs down so it could head either direction then I guess.

Amanda Shelby said...

Amanda Shelby's song "Don't Let Go" is #37 on the national radio top 40
chart, now!

Mark Shelby AmseaGroup Records

Anonymous said...

The thing is that if the only 4 comments the artist has have been generated this week, not the previous one, it is normal to assume that at least those 4 people have been made fans this week, not the previous one, so let say the artist generated 8 fans last week at most.
On the other side, 100 plays is the minimum. Let's say it had 120 (that doesn't seem absurd, no?), that would make the percentage of generated fans 6.6%. Hey... quite lower than your 10%...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 100%. In a matter of a couple of weeks I got over 2000 fans and rave comments, over 200 comments.
It doesn't make any sense your PopScore. Fans are the one who buy the albums/single and dictates who's first.

Anonymous said...

I get over 1,000 plays in a week and my popscore never passes 70... What is the popscore criteria?

I have over 20,000 plays and never reach 10 top... need some answers

Anonymous said...

I've tried to called you 40 times and oh surprise!!! nobody answers, instead I have a computer voice message directing me to an email that nobody can understand...Thanks Jango

Anonymous said...

lol. The popscore is around to define artists who are greatly popular percentage wise based off of ANY SCALE. If i have 100 plays and get 40 fans in my first week, then obviously my music must be somewhat amazing. I would be in the top ten, and able to be recognized IN SPITE of the fact that i have no fans. If you have 20,000 plays and arent in the top ten, then maybe your music isn't marketable. You should stop paying all that money for plays, and do some market research. Or better yet, use the premium option and find your market. Jango provides you with enough tools to find your fans.

The popscore on a small scale is able to generate bands who are good at what they do, bands that have the capacity to do very well in the music business, even if nobody knows about them. So in a way, its the opposite of a standard "popularity contest" ... the jango popscore results in good music. period. dont complain.


Anonymous said...

Why are you going to promote a guy who's top ten with no fans at all. Automatically, the first time I put my music in Jango, within a night I got over 80 fans, that means people like my music. Over the period of weeks I got over 1000's.
I want my music to reach people and get popular so I can express my message as much people as I can, make a living of it and NOT play as hobby as many of the top ten, with NO FANS (means they suck) a few comments (means they suck and find a job).

So to you, Tim Manson, it is a "popularity contest", so I can make a living of it and express my art.

Anonymous said...

If you go to a restaurant and there's nobody inside and next door there's another restaurant and there's a huge line up, where will you go?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

anon three posts above me,

you say you got thousands of fans over a matter of a few weeks? this is interesting. Must have taken a lot of money. If you had made top ten you would have only been boosted a thousand plays, resulting in (more than likely) a couple hundred plays or less.

I can only assume you wasted a lot of money because your band sucks. (please post the link if you dont mind)

soo... who would benefit most from the popscore? the prize is:


The bands who are REALLY GOOD BUT DONT HAVE MONEY FOR PLAYS DESERVE THE POPSCORE! also the ones who do have money deserve it, just id rather it go to people who cant just afford as many plays as they want.

and of course you would want your music to get to as many people as possible. This is the ultimate goal, the popscore just happens to bring bands that do incredibly well percentage wise to the light, even if they dont have very much money to buy thousands of plays.

the pop score helps you recognize success on a small scale. do you know how many people read this airplay blog? and then how many would care if you were in the top ten? not many. It is a very cool tool when utilized correctly.

IMO the best current benefit from the popscore is the free plays,(and that's a hell of a lot of good to a band who's really good yet poor) not the fact that your on a blog that 14 people comment on.


Anonymous said...

To Tim Manson..... I did not spend a lot of money because I'm an Indy guy and I do not have money.

Bottom line, it doesn't make any sense your argument. Talent comes first, people recognize that and vote for you and leave comments. If you do NOT have any fans and comments you suck and you aren't interesting.

I'm new on this too and as I said, my first day 80 fans, couple of weeks 2000 sooo ..that means if I suck, they wouldn't leave any messages and wouldn't have so many organic plays as I have.

Anyway, at this point doesn't matter as I'm looking for another Internet radio.

Bye bye Tim Tim

Anonymous said...

tried to resist joining in on this thread because it devolved from a discussion around a valid point into asinine bickering, but it must be said that "sample size" is a fairly important concept in statistics. so although i applaud that everyone grasps elementary stats and can make insightful comments like "AND 15 TOTAL FANS ON 100 IS BETTER THAN 1000 ON 10,000. dO THE FREAKIN' MATH".. but i would dare challenge that assumption, despite the "freakin' math"..

unless you have a large enough sample size stats are meaningless.. there's this whole thing called the law of large numbers, which simply stated means that the more something happens or is observed the more quality the results.. even the people behind jango have enough sense to state that it takes 1000 plays for the reports on the songs to become meaningful, so it is odd and a bit contradictory that they put artists in the top 10 that arguably have meaningless stats.. on my first day on the site i had all my friends go and listen.. had a staggeringly high conversion rate from spins to likes and spins to fans, not to mention the number of comments... so my 100 spins translated into like 30 fans and comments that day...but it was meaningless... see how that works? now that i'm at like 10,000 spins it's a more accurate reflection of how people truly view the music...

with that in mind, i would argue that 1000 friends on 10,000 spins is actually better than 15 on 100...

i like jango.. but it's weird that something so glaringly wrong about their top 10 list hasn't been corrected or explained in a way that makes sense... it's unprofessional. makes me think it's a couple of people working out of their apartment behind this whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to called you 40 times and oh surprise!!! nobody answers, instead I have a computer voice message directing me to an email that nobody can understand...Thanks Jango

Anonymous said...

wow, this really got ugly.... No need to fight.... I am not concerned with getting in the top 10 as much as I am concerned about figuring out who my audience is and when is the best time to reach them on Jango. The last two weeks I had my best scores ever 93 two weeks in a row, before that I was in the 80's for over two months. Then after getting my best results with a particular song, this week I have dipped all the way down to 72 and the song that I used to average "Fan" about 1 in 10, this week that song has gotten a "Fan" by about 1 in 25?!?!? Statistically that seems really strange to me. How can a song be so popular for 2 weeks and then tank? I mean the song was real consistant.. I asked this earlier , but I am going to repeat it, has anyone here ever had a song do really well for a couple weeks and then tank? I mean with the same "Fan overlap" picks not changing the targets. Am I making sense?

Anonymous said...

anonymous right above...

could it depend on who you were targeting ? I could see that if you targeted some obscure bands and geo-targeted alot you might have gotten some of the same people hearing your song again who are already fans. maybe ? could hurt your pop score but could be good to have people hear your song again that second time

so many variables

Anonymous said...

I haven't been in the top 10, but Jango has allowed my music to reach thousands of listeners and has brough me hundreds upon hundreds of fans who are now buying my music. I don't spend huge money on Jango, but it is a great vehicle to get your tunes out there and heard. I keep my fans posted on all my news thru Jango (and other channels). I thank Jango for creating a conduit for my music to reach an international listening audience - and I've made some great online friends too.

Joe..of "The Joe Wentz Project" said...

Joe, of "The Joe Wentz Project" said....I've been with Jango for a week now...and I could care less about any top ten or whatever. I agree with the post above mine. My material is getting out there to people, that never heard it before. And yes, my fanbase is kinda low for now...but that's alright. Like i said it's been a week...but if this helps generate some album sales for me on i-Tunes and Amazon, then I have accomplished a hell of a lot more, by joining Jango, than trying to do it all on my own. I'm just an average blue collar guy, who plays and records blues music, when I have time. My job takes up most of my time, just like with anybody else who has a family. But hey...the thing I like about this is....if I don't like it, I can cancel it, and be done. So I'm really not losing much here.

Anonymous said...

Both guys above me, probably work for Jango. Please shut up!!!!

Anonymous said...

all it means is that the more you PAY the more they play the more fans and comments you get!

Anonymous said...

to the moron above me!!!!! If I listen a song on Jango and it sucks, I wouldn't leave a comment or vote for the band. There's nothing to do with the more you pay more comments and blah, blah, etc.

If you paid $2.000 and have tons of play time doesn't matter...if u suck, you suck.

U suck = no votes = no comments.

Anonymous said...

Tim whats your bands name??? could you please post?? I d like to check you guys out...

Scott c. D-9

Kool Carl said...

Check me out! I got a 93 first pop score! Is dat good or bad.
Now its 88!