Monday, August 2

Update: Gig Listings on Jango

You now now update all of your upcoming gigs and have them displayed on your Jango profile. Just go to your 'Band Info' tab in your dashboard and then click on 'Upcoming Gigs'. You can enter date, venue, location and a link to more info or tickets.

Here's the interface:

and here's what it looks like on your profile:

Happy Gigging !!!


Rich said...

Hi Guys

I use the service Artist Data to input my gigs which then updates many others services such as myspace, facebook, and various gig databases.

Can chance you can set up to use their info?

The idea is that artists only have to input the data once (otherwise updating each site individually would be nigh on impossible)



Anonymous said...

Hey Guys

I second Rich's comment. Too many places to update and somewhere, someone is going to lose out. If you link it then everyone benefits.


Evan Hammer said...

Being able to sync with Artist Data, or at least one of their calendar rss feeds would be very useful.


Chris West said...

Yeah I'm with these guys.

Link it with ArtistData or allow it to pull in an XML feed from or somewhere like that.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some kind of link with the Sonicbids calendar would be good..

amy said...

Another + 1. I'm in the same position. I would LOVE to be able to feed my shows from ArtistData. It would be so helpful.