Monday, August 23

Jango Airplay Top 10

Here's the top 10 artists on Jango Airplay for the week of August 16-22. This week we have three new artists break into the top 10; Duvid, Ben Woolman and The Hoof & The Heel

Check 'em out below

#1: I Hear Sirens
I Hear Sirens is a four member post-rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Despite shifting lineups early in the project, their DIY attitude and strong fan appeal have remained intact.

Click to hear I Hear Sirens:
Ashes Fall Like Snowflakes, Burying The Sea
#2: Sky Flying By
Sky Flying By is the solo post-rock project of an artist who would prefer to remain nameless. Shifting electronics envelop the listener, while guitars caress.

Click to hear Sky Flying By:
High Wind Advisory
#3: Duvid
Mixing new age & ambient aesthetics with pop sensibility, New York-based Duvid conjures serene, comforting spaces, and hypnotizes with his themes.

Click to hear Duvid:
#4: Ben Woolman
Ben Woolman is hailed as one of the Midwest's leading finger-style guitarists, with compositions encompassing American blues, folk, Latin, Jazz, Celtic, Classical, and African music. He's toured successfully for 15 years and had his work featured on National Public Radio.

Click to hear Ben Woolman:
One Afternoon
#5: Noctura
Noctura is a modern rock two piece from Indiana. They've lately earned airplay on major rock radio, and are scheduled to release their first album in 2010.

Click to hear Noctura:
My Last Goodbye
#6: Sylvain Vallee
Born in Montreal, world & new age artist Sylvain Vallee has spent 30 years involved in the music business, receiving conservatory training, touring with country and metal bands, composing for picture, and writing on his own.

Click to hear Sylvain Vallee:
Innocent Beginnings
#7: Daniel Fries
Daniel Fríes's alluring flamenco-inspired guitar music ranges from exciting & uplifting to deep & dreamy. In addition to his solo material and studio recordings, he plays regularly with his live group, Trio Paz.

Click to hear Daniel Fries:
Bodas De Galisteo
#8: Trans Atlantic
Trans Atlantic is a US-based melodic trance & house artist. His music focuses on "dreamy melody with a nice beat."

Click to hear Trans Atlantic:
The Happy Feeling
#9: The Hoof & The Heel
Started in 2009, this Canadian alternative band has already toured the States coast to coast and self-produced an EP full of infectious tunes. Their palpable enthusiasm is sure to mean good things going forward.

Click to hear The Hoof & The Heel:
#10: Laszlo
Laszlo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. Citing influences from Debussy to Zappa, his songs communicate wth fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence.

Click to hear Laszlo:


Anonymous said...

Laszlo sounds cool. definitely different like it my friend Congrats

chris williams

Anonymous said...

Check out Swirl 360.

Anonymous said...

Only data from unsolicited paid plays is used to determine PopScore. Positive listener response of any kind results in a 'fan'. As for negative listener response, either it is not factored into the equation OR it is the 'dark matter' explaining how stronger stats can yield a lower PopScore. If negative response is a factor, it's another way PopScore favors the smallest, least accurate samples and penalizes artists for spinning more plays. Jango consistently declines to share the PopScore formula (I can't say I blame them -- I'd be embarrassed too).

Anonymous said...

On thing I have noticed is the top 10 is chock full of fringe music... Any one else notice this? just an observation.....

Anonymous said...

What exactly is "fringe music"

duvid said...

jolly good fun being part of a popular fringe (why did the oxy moron cross the road?)

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does it seem like its the same people every week. Like not to hate on anyones game or anything, but shouldnt they spread it around more?

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that there's more 'fringe' music because if you are an up and comer 'Pop' 'Rock' or 'Hip Hop' artist you're being compared to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, u2, Kings of Leon, Jay Z and Kanye...that's a pretty high bar. So who knows, maybe it's easier to mix in with the musical middle class ?

Greg Charles, A Nice Vibe said...

Today marks my one month anniversary on Jango as an Artist and I have some initial observations I'd like to add to this weekly POPSCORE blog discussion.

As emerging artists, we are a community that should not compete for Jango fans but support each other and share best practices. Attracting Jango fans is NOT a zero-sum game … meaning that a fan can be a fan for any number of us. Each fan has a one-to-many relationship with emerging artists they love, not an exclusive one-to-one as with their individual dentist or accountant.

I spent my first month as a Jango Artist focused on 'Phase I: FAN ACQUISITION', ignoring POPSCORE. My strategy included:

1) Lots of Paid Plays (At least 2,000 per Week)
2) Very High Pacing (Fastest or Faster 24x7)
3) Broad, Popular Targeting (25-30 Popular Artists)
4) Broad Song Rotation (Pushing 6 of 12 Album Cuts)
5) Very Responsive Interaction (Thanking EVERY Fan)

I now have a fan base that increasingly generates ORGANIC plays on their own, initiates communication with me in Jango and through email, and shares their interest in my music with their friends. It's too early to determine the impact on album sales but I assume it will be positive. Even though I didn't focus on it, my POPSCORE ranged between 81-84 during this Phase and I was rewarded 100 Paid Plays a couple weeks.

Beginning this week, I'm moving into 'Phase II: TARGETING and TUNING' for the next couple months. As a result, I expect that my POPSCORE will likely increase (to be determined). Now that I have lots of Jango Airplay data understanding which of my songs play strongest, which demographics respond best, which geographies are most interested, which targeted artists attract the most fans, I have refocused my strategy:

1) Less Paid Plays (500 or less per Week)
2) Slower Pacing (Normal or Faster)
3) Narrow Targeting (8-12 Artists Max)
4) Single Song Rotation (Pushing Only 1 Album Cut)
5) Very Responsive Interaction (Thanking EVERY Fan)

With the rise of ORGANIC plays from the existing FANS, I have reduced the need to pay for plays, although I still want some new fans so I will continue at a lower rate and pacing. I have found by narrowing and removing the biggest artists from my initial portfolio, my response rate has improved. Popular artists (e.g. Coldplay, Beatles) are 'too popular' and defeats the intent of narrow targeting. Now that I know my most appealing songs to Jango listeners, I will only push one at a time which will also allow my targeting to be more effective. Finally, responsive fan interaction is still the best practice of all and should never be altered regardless of the 'Phase'.

I hope these initial observations are useful to other Jango newbies. My caveats are that these strategies reflect only one month of personal experiences and I'm still learning. Also, that I'm intending to target my music to be more mainstream (pop) and may not apply to all.

Kuntry Munkey said...

Hey I'm Loving this site. gaining real fans is great. My page was removed from Myspace. "AFTER" I was placed at #9 on the top charts for unsigned artist in the pop, hip hop, and rap genre.

I met alot of people on here who had myspace pages and they supported as well.

I have been contacted by a Major Record Company. They have my demo. So I hope I can continue to meet great people as I have on here. Fans and artist.

If anybody would like to do a collaboration of any sort. Shoot me a message. I've rocked shows with rnb and rock groups also. I will say I had a blast doing the ROCK song. The moment was priceless. Rock fans are very very very fun to be around!! lol I'm all about a party and a good time. Good Luck to everybody on here and and pushing their music.

Your new Favorite Munkey

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on the changes in your pop score this week! So I see you have 1111 fans , how many paid plays did that take you?

I am really interested in seeing if your popscored= rises.. Mine has floated between 81 and 89 in the two months I have been on, with the exception of the first week I got a 67 :(
I am hoping to break 90 this week.

Sincerely , Bluegrass,americana etc etc.....

Anonymous said...

Not sure how a band winds up on this list with only 27 fans? Doesn't seem possible...

Anonymous said...

lol. "PopScore favors the smallest, least accurate samples and penalizes artists for spinning more plays." Agree. We did about 8000 plays/month with popscore 92-96 (average 94). Very accurate scoring. But with the smallest samples we can make 98-100 (lol. 100 our friends will listen and "fan" us). My suggestion is to make sample for scoring bigger. At least 1000 plays/month. Thx!

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree with the statement "PopScore favors the smallest, least accurate samples and penalizes artists for spinning more plays."

Some weeks I allocate a limited number of plays, and others I allocate large amounts. Every week my PopScore is 98 - 100.

As for the statement that Jango should "spread it around more".. they have been! Look back at the past top artists. For the most part they're different every week. There have been several weeks where I've had a PopScore of 99 and not been in the top 10 (or top 5 before they changed it) I guarantee there are artists with lower scores that made the top artists when I didn't with a 99. That's fine. That's "spreading it around."

As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather the top bands/artists be rewarded every time rather than handing it over to someone with a lower score so they can "have their turn." If you want to be coddled you're not going to get anywhere.. especially in the music business.

Now the "fringe music" comment.. Every genre has their "big dogs" that they're being compared to. Just because they're not typical 'Pop' 'Rock' or 'Hip Hop' doesn't mean it's not just as difficult to stand out in their respective genres. (Though targeting may be a little less difficult to calculate.)

Let's support each other whether we're up or down.. rather than just talking crap when other artists are succeeding.

Anonymous said...

I agree we need to support each other as emerging artists versus focusing on the negative. I also agree that all musical genres have major artists they are competing with and there is an audience for all musical styles. With regard to the popscore and top 10, it seems that it is being spread around. There have been times I have had a popscore of 96-97 and made the top 10 and other times had higher scores and not made it. Thanks to those of you who have posted some positive comments and feedback that will actually be helpful to some of us.

Anonymous said...

excuse me but I was the one who made the "fringe" comment, and thanks for the lecture... I did not mean it as a slight to you or any other top ten, congrats... It was a simple observation... Another thing , as I looked at each top tens list of Similar artist, I noticed several of the top 10 shared almost identical artists..... I am simply looking at this whole thing and trying to figure out what will get me the best audience and highest score for my music....... Peace and keep making fringe music.. Hell the music I make is probably considered fringe music... nothing wrong with it=

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I looked through the top ten too, and only two of them have similar targeted artists. (I don't know that 2 of 10 counts as "several") They're both in the same genre as well so that kind of makes sense doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

still don't get how a band with 27 fans can get to #1. It's counterintuitive...

Anonymous said...

You mean #9.. I don't know the answer to that question. You have to have 100 plays to get a PopScore. I guess it all depends on what the PopScore formula is. I'm sure 27% conversion is pretty high comparably. That's 1 out of 4 people that hear your song becoming a fan. I'd say that's pretty good!

Anonymous said...

"I'm sure 27% conversion is pretty high comparably." Too small sample. Looks like random luck. Our "conversion" may be more than 100% in some days. Because our fans found us on jango and instantly "add" without actual listening.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
still don't get how a band with 27 fans can get to #1. It's counterintuitive."

Because if you have 1 song, 27 friends who give you a thumbs up, and you only had 100 plays allocated, then its 27% of the people who liked your music. Thats all it takes.

Anonymous said...

RE: "I actually disagree with the statement 'PopScore favors the smallest, least accurate samples and penalizes artists for spinning more plays.'"

It's not a matter of opinion, it's math. With such small samples, the probability that the results are inaccurate is greater than the probability that the results are accurate. 100 paid plays is a VERY small sample (representing maybe only 20 tests).

Moreover, bands spinning a few hundred plays are not just targeting by similar artist, location, age, gender -- they also get to choose the day and time of their sample. This gives them another marked advantage over bands with samples that are in fact the most accurate, most expensive, and most heard.

No self-respecting grade-school math teacher would touch the PopScore with a 10-foot science pole. However, the PopScore is not meant to be fair, it is a means to an end. Rewarding artists for targeting their plays is key to Jango's two-sided airplay artists/custom radio model: artists want fans (and PopScore kudos); listeners want "similar" music; and Jango wants satisfied customers on both ends.

K Parker

Anonymous said...

Good back-and-forth this week. A reminder to all:

Your PopScore IS NOT a measure of how well you are targeting plays. It's your (unscientific and probably incorrect) ranking out of all Airplay artists who meet the PopScore requirement of 100 plays. In a nutshell, your PopScore has more to do with other bands than with your own. Not only is it possible for your targeting and play stats to go UP while your PopScore goes DOWN (and vice versa), it's common. So don't rely on PopScore to tell you how well you're doing, use your play stats to do that.