Monday, August 9

Jango Airplay Top 10

And here they are folks, the top 10 artists on Jango Airplay for the week of August 2-8. Check out their tunes on their profiles and show some support in the comments, there's some great music here.

#1: For This Cause
For This Cause is an alternative/post-hardcore band from Australia. Formed recently, they spent much of 2009 and 2010 on tour, pausing just long enough to release their debut EP this past February.

Click to hear For This Cause:
These Seasons
#2: Sky Flying By
Sky Flying By is the solo post-rock project of an artist who would prefer to remain nameless. Shifting electronics envelop the listener, while guitars caress.

Click to hear Sky Flying By:
High Wind Advisory
#3: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers from the United States. The band's compositions are sprawling, but never dull.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
#4: Daniel Fries
Daniel Fríes's alluring flamenco-inspired guitar music ranges from exciting & uplifting to deep & dreamy. In addition to his solo material and studio recordings, he plays regularly with his live group, Trio Paz.

Click to hear Daniel Fries:
Bodas De Galisteo
#5: The Ropes
It takes a certain mindset to provide just two lines of biography. Case in point: "We are The Ropes. We want to fight you."

Click to hear The Ropes:
Clubs In Europe Forever
#6: Debra Dolce
The latest crowd mover to join renowned indie dance label Coco Machete, Debra Dolce cuts up the notion of 21st century disco diva with a healthy dose of rumble for the club.

Click to hear Debra Dolce:
#7: The Jezabels
Aussie band The Jezabels mix classic pop & disco with an expansive, sophisticated indie rock attitude. They've opened for internationally known artists and played major festivals, but the best is yet to come for this young band.

Click to hear The Jezabels:
Hurt Me
#8: Trans Atlantic
Trans Atlantic is a US-based melodic trance & house artist. His music focuses on "dreamy melody with a nice beat."

Click to hear Trans Atlantic:
The Happy Feeling
#9: Jean Hilbert
Jean Hilbert's fascination with music began at the age of 6, and has only grown since. An accomplished songwriter and arranger, she continues to write & perform as a solo pianist, and with the group Reflections.

Click to hear Jean Hilbert:
Just Once Before I Go
#10: Laszlo
Laszlo is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and electronica artist. Citing influences from Debussy to Zappa, his songs communicate wth fluffy psychedelics, jazzy keys and a child-like innocence.

Click to hear Laszlo:


T. J. Doyle said...

Congratulations to all 10 of the top Popscore recipients. Love how your music resonates with Jango listeners and if you'll share how your targeting worked I'm sure fellow artists will learn from it.

Peace & Love,

T. J. Doyle

Anonymous said...

shout out to all top ten finalist, great job keep it up

Our Future Leaders said...

Recently, a fan added us as Jango Juggler...when I went to their page to see where they were from and what they listen to, it brought me to this main page of Jango which is Music Popular With Jango Users. Is this perhaps someone that works with the site? Because that would be cool:) Thanks Jango!

Anonymous said...

By what measure are The Jezebels one of "the top 10 artists on Jango Airplay for the week of August 2-8"??? They have "resonated" with 11 fans in their first and only week on Jango. It would take all of those 11 fans to produce a top popscore (out of the minimum 100 plays), so that means The Jezebels haven't been spinning plays this week. All there is are those 11 votes.

We know that popscore gives a huge statistical edge to the smallest samples, but don't you even notice and feel some regret when your broken yardstick is hanging out for everyone to see? No offense to The Jezebels, who are decidedly victims of the popscore (it must suck to be 'honored' in such a way). We're all victims as long as the popscore knocks quantifiably deserving artists out of the running in favor of statistical outliers.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the Top 10. If you go to the Top 5's myspace pages, they are like averaging less than 10 plays. So I would think if you were in the top 5 on Jango, it would reflect on your all your pages (Facebook/Myspace).
How many people listen to "a spin" when your song plays?

Anonymous said...

How many people listen to a "spin"? Short answer=1. Longer answer=2 if they're with a friend. Rambling answer=the vast majority of spins fall on deaf ears (probably 80-90%).

Anonymous said...

thing is though, the Jezabels are really good...did you listen ?

Anonymous said...

no one's dissing The Jezebels who would fare just fine if popscore was based on merit

bad math=bad medicine

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the top 10'ers!

Check out the Kenyatta Fire new single " BLUE SKYS AND SUMMERS MORNING".

one love

Anonymous said...

as a user of the jango airplay service, i must admit that i'm baffled by the selection criterion for a Top 10 designation. Apparently someone with a painfully limited grasp, if any, of basic statistics. Apparently myself, and about 2 other people, liked the Jezabels. Inadequate sample size is the most generous way I have of explaining this, but totally fcking assinine is more apt. It's so glaringly stupid that I am switching to

Anonymous said...

as a user of the jango airplay service, i must admit that i'm baffled by the selection criterion for a Top 10 designation. I checked one of the artists after reading the comments above and it is apparent that someone with a painfully limited grasp, if any, of elementary statistics is tasked with assembling the list. Myself, and about 2 other people, liked the Jezabels. "Inadequate sample size" is the most generous way I have of explaining their inclusion in the top 10, but totally fcking asinine is more apt. It's so glaringly stupid that I am switching to out of disgust. A shame because I liked the metrics that the jango airplay service captures, but they no longer have any credibility.

Anonymous said...

An actual casualty of the PopScore!

The PopScore is nothing short of a fuck-you to anyone with even a passing interest in stats & probability -- or fairness. Hell, it's an affront to God (I'm telling).

Anonymous said...

so you buy 100 plays, which would really limit the revenue of jango and hope it gets heard by someone or hopefully a higher number that likes the music, sounds like we should all try that!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is no way a slam to the artists in the top 10 so please don't take it that way...I think everyone on here is talented!!!! Take the top I can tell #1 is averaging about 150 fans a week and #2 about 125 fans a week which is not bad, I did some looking and found one that is averaging about 390 a week so I just don't get it!!!

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say 90% of the bands in the top 10... CHEAT! If "Likes" are taken into consideration and song plays, you can easily boost your stats beyond belief just by just playing your songs and clicking Love/Like over and over and over and over... Coming from a developer background I did it as a test (to a small sum) in hopes that the numbers wouldn't get logged, but they did! We had an amazing week! almost 90% of all plays got likes, and in a single day made over 49 fans with an average of 20+ a day, some days over 600 plays and 300+ likes and yet our "pop-score" dropped! So until they figure out the simple rule of using an IP as a unique identifier so the same person can't vote over and over I'll take my money elsewhere.

So now the "Top" bands with 6 fans and not so many plays makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

I dare you to make less sense! What you're saying is that your play stats reflected all the "likes" and organic plays you generated, yet your popscore dropped. How you take this for evidence that the popscore *winners* are cheating is a mystery: if anything, the winners must be doing the opposite of what you're doing. Your play stats are just that: your. play. stats. As such, they should include, um, your play stats. Popscore, is calculated using only the listener response generated by unsolicited paid plays. If you want the popscore to make sense, brush up on statistics 101 ... but be warned, the popscore makes your inside-out math look like Pythagorus' theorem.


Marguerite Brophy Cassell said...

Does Jango ever consider just randomly feature/play artist's tracks? Some of us have amazing tunes that can't get heard as much as we'd like because of our budget limitations.