Monday, July 26

Jango Airplay Top 10

The bands with the top 1000 PopScores for each week receive Bonus Play Credits. This is our way of rewarding the artists who resonate most with the 7 Million listeners on

The top ten bands each week receive 1,000 bonus Play Credits to use as they wish... here are:

Artist: Mariah Ver Hoef
A young singer-songwriter from Fairbanks, Alaska, Mariah writes about the isolation and shifting landscapes of growing up. This summer will see the release of her third album in as many years.

Click to hear Mariah Ver Hoef:
Left Behind
Artist: I Am Not Lefthanded
Fiercely independent, mostly-Irish but currently London-based, I Am Not Lefthanded are described as sounding like "Natalie Merchant fronting Death Cab for Cutie"

Click to hear I Am Not Lefthanded:
Boats (Swept Away)
Artist: Falconbrook
Falconbrook are a set of enigmatic post-rockers from the United States. The band's compositions are sprawling, but never dull.

Click to hear Falconbrook:
Artist: Skyrocket Love
Skyrocket Love is a 6 piece alternative rock band from Hollywood, CA. Their debut album was released this year, built on a solid foundation of ringing chords and earnest lyrics.

Click to hear Skyrocket Love:
Save The World
Artist: Tim Crabb
A singer-songwriter from Georgia, Tim Crabb's music comes alive thanks to his deft fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing. He's played Carnegie Hall, toured internationally, and shared the studio a myriad of talents.

Click to hear Tim Crabb:
No Time To Lose
Artist: The Ropes
It takes a certain mindset to provide just two lines of biography. Case in point: "We are The Ropes. We want to fight you."

Click to hear The Ropes:
Clubs In Europe Forever
Artist: 76 Degrees West Band
The 76 Degrees West Band is a jazz/funk outfit from Washington, DC. Their latest release has been well-received by fans, critics, and smooth radio throughout the United States.

Click to hear 76 Degrees West Band:
School Boy Crush
Artist: Laszlo
Born in the Bronx, and raised in Newark, Emcee Composition started in basements, making raw cuts and honing his flow. When enough people caught on, Composition decided to make music his life.

Click to hear Laszlo:
Artist: Savor
Featuring a unique blend of rock guitar and pop song structure - and fueled by a smoking percussion section - Savor creates their own style of fusion music.

Click to hear Savor:
Artist: Trans Atlantic
Trans Atlantic is a US-based melodic trance & house artist. His music focuses on "dreamy melody with a nice beat."

Click to hear Trans Atlantic:
The Happy Feeling


iamnotlefthanded said...

Nice to be back in top 5 again, shame you've reduced the prizes tho :-) Still, it's all good, thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

I told my mom I was in the Jango top 10. She said, "that's wonderful." Then 2 seconds later, "out of how many, dear?"

I said, "like... a lot."

She just smiled at me. So I went and told my pop I was in the Jango top 10.

"That's great!" He was pleased and proud. After 2 seconds he added, "out of how many?"

This time I answered the only way I could, "I don't know." And he started smiling at me. Then I realized I was smiling at him with the same bullshit smile.

Even when I told my boy, "out of at least 1000," I still got that smile.

So now I don't tell anyone about the Jango top 10.

Anonymous said...

our band received a pop score of 85 last week and we have not seen any bonus play credits. we thought we would get 100 bonus plays. is there a problem with the new system?

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to be able to see one's ranking each week instead of just the pop score. :/

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all the team that was on the top 10

pwinmusic said...

Why not make Jango charts and everyone gets a rank.Thats how does it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah great idea. it would be really nice to see more bands in top40(100) pop/rock/electronica charts!

Anonymous said...

I wanna know why Flyboy never made the top 10 he's s amazing and i cant find his music no where esle but jango!! I also like to say i love jango!!

Littleton Jones said...

I also believe that charts are the way to go for Jango. Would be great for the artists and great for Jango. More opportunities for us to promote our achievements and spread the word about Jango.