Tuesday, July 6

Jango PopScore Top 5

Here they are, the Jango Airplay artists that received the top PopScores based on their airplay response for the week of June 28 - July 4.

Artist: Exposition
Exposition is a hip-hop artist from Massachusettes known for blending live instruments with hard beats and conscious lyrics. His topics and flow mesh tightly but remain accessible, drawing the listener in to both music and cause.

Click to hear Exposition:
My Story
Artist: The Hope Street Steppers
The Hope Street Steppers are band who pride themselves on exploring reggae's rich African, Caribbean, Latin and R&B past. Stripped bare and sharpened, these elements form a sound that cuts through cheap, tourist-trap reggae.

Click to hear The Hope Street Steppers:
Artist: IOANI
An alternative artist based in the United Kingdom, IOANI makes a brand of international pop music that's appealing regardless of differences in language and geography.

Click to hear IOANI:
Your Funny Love
Artist: The Morning Riot
Alternative rock band The Morning Riot are bold, energetic musicians from Cardiff, California. In one episode, the band played an impromptu set on the side of a freeway during rush hour. No doubt miles of traffic and reams of publicity ensued.

Click to hear The Morning Riot:
New Dance
Artist: Inisout
Inisout are a downtempo electronica outfit from California. They recently released their self-titled debut album, a collection of songs focused on the journey rather than the destination.

Click to hear Inisout:
Neila Surfing


Anonymous said...

I would really like to know what popscore they had to make it to the top 5.

Why not publish it here?

Anonymous said...

because its fixed,one week i had a 95 on sunday then a 66 on monday,its all a big cover up,these winners are conected

91days said...

Anonymous likes to talk to herself! Did you know that it was aliens who are responsible for 911 and the bp spill?!!!!

Anonymous said...

PopScore=100. What you want to know is play stats behind that 100, which is determined by net positive listener response divided by paid plays, weekly. Maybe it was .12 (or 12.0%) of 2000 plays. Maybe it was 12.0% of 50 plays. Regardless, all popscore-eligible bands are ranked/sorted by this average into a list which is then divided into percentiles (100 equal parts). So a 100 popscore only means that you ranked higher than 99% of all the bands.

Anonymous said...

The highest averages are disproportionately from small samples (50 or 100 plays). Since there's not much data informing them and they average into whole percentage points*, it's most likely that there are a lot of identical averages based on identical stats in the topmost percentile. Since there could easily be more than 5 bands with the exact same "winning numbers," Jango must exercise some kind of discretion in deciding the top 5 each week. Who knows?

*true of whole numbers divided by anything ending in 0 (in this case: 50 plays, 100 plays)

Math is fun.

chris williams said...

Lol, its clueless, emotional response guy here.
Wonder if my anonymous hater is out there this week. Gee, I better not make any suggestions for I may be talking down to someone lol

Congrats to the winners and know this will all come together soon so, try not to lose sleep on it. its all good

Chris Williams

Anonymous said...

i knew it was aliens,now i have proof.you thought it too!

Anonymous said...

ya those submersables by the leak are actually spaceships!

Steve L. said...

i think jango should give the top 5's pop score and tell what it took to win. that way we'd know what to shoot for. it's obvious some musicians spend big cash to play the heck out of lots of songs all day long and get many fans quick (many of which are probably that kind-hearted 1 or 2 percent who, even though you suck, couldn't axe ya because they don't wanna hurt anyone!)Jango needs to tell what it takes in the numbers or however they determine pop score winners.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Steve. Even though much about popscore has been learned in these blogs, there still isn't one place you can go to learn about it. There are some blogs about popscore going back to its beginning, but they're only half the story. The other half is hidden in the comments like a needle in a haystack or like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jango should at least make a comprehensive digest of their "official" (i.e., Jango Juggler) blogs, comments, and answers. I can't believe each week another busload of freshman gets dropped off at Jango U, adorably writing their first comment: "so what's the deal with the popscore? it doesn't make much sense to me..."

Anonymous said...

My Pop Score seems to be going down instead of up but Im steadily gaining new fans and likes. I guess its like the saying goes, you get what you pay for...

Anonymous said...

its starting to smell like B S just like the rest of the industkrky thought it would be diferent but guess not too bad seemed like a good thing but greed always pops its uglyhead and ruins everything

Anonymous said...

Your PopScore goes down as the number of PopScores being compared goes up. Contrary to, "you get what you pay for," bands with the fewest paid spins have the statistical edge in the PopScore contest. As the week draws to an end, the upper percentiles of the PopScore are filled by bands with 50 or 100 paid spins and higher fan/like to paid-play averages.

Anonymous said...

I have been getting free plays every week except for maybe twice that I haven't since it started. I don't even spend that much on plays as some people would imagine. It has been that way for months. I guess it is different for everybody. My pop score stays pretty much the same all the time, it might be two points or three points less one day but the next it picks up again for sure. Mondays I know it remains the same as it was the night before, if not I wouldn't be getting free plays every week. I also notice all the listeners that add me on their stations weekly and that is how it works. Not because I purchased many many credits but because people add you in their stations and that's how it was explained in the first place by jango among other things. Thank you Jango.

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE PEOPLE,PEOPLE just like the song by hendrix.That's what it's all about just the fans NOT NOT NOT >>>>THE STUPID POP BS so play your music or art aND TALK ABOUT THAT NOT POP BS if your music are art is GOOD and moves people then it will speak for it's self Don't you think??????????????

chris williams said...

Yes it will