Tuesday, July 13

Getting The Most FromYour Airplay Campaign

Since Airplay began over a year ago we’ve had the pleasure to speak with hundreds of artists, bands and label managers in an attempt to figure out what they want to get out of their Airplay campaigns and how we here at Jango can best serve those needs. The number one thing that emerging artist say they want is simple; they just want to be heard…by someone. We get them heard by thousands of people…everyday. Once they’ve been heard on Jango.com and start receiving positive reactions from our listeners they naturally start thinking about ways to maximize that exposure. So In an effort to make every Jango Airplay campaign greater we have developed many great features and promotion options to do just that. Below is a quick overview of these options.

FREE Basic Geo-Targeting: We recently introduced Basic Geo-Targeting on Jango Airplay and now we try to concentrate your plays within the geographic areas you choose. The way to get the most out of Geo-Targeting is to not actually geo-target at the beginning of your campaign. Have your song played all around the world. Then analyze the Geographic Reports in your dashboard where you can see where the Jango listeners are who like your music the most. With that data in hand use Basic Geo-Targeting to dial in on those regions. If you want 100% of your plays to go into those areas you can always choose Premium Geo-Targeting.

Jango Pop-Score: Each week you participate in Jango Airplay you receive a Jango PopScore. Your PopScore tells you how well you are resonating with Jango listeners based on your targeting. The better your targeting, the better your PopScore. Obviously, if you are a Scandinavian Black Metal band targeting Dolly Parton fans, your PopScore is not going to be so hot so make sure you target the artists whose fan base is most likely to like your music. There’s also a reward for the artists with the best PopScore each week in the form of bonus play credits. We just figure the best bands need to be played that much more.

Special Opportunities: At Jango Airplay we’re always working with partners to try and bring more opportunities to our bands. Recently we’ve gotten top Jango PopScore bands booked at the Wakarusa Festival, The Moondance Jam, The Viper Room in LA and more. There are also special discounts from industry partners. Stay tuned to the weekly Jango Airplay newsletter and the Jango Airplay Blog for all the details.

Premium Packages: For artists looking for even more promotion we offer robust packages though ‘Airplay PRO’. These promotions include banner ads on Jango.com as well as customized overlay ad units that display when your song plays. Through these ads you can give away an MP3, promote an album or tour; even run a contest and bounce the listener right to your own website. You can also get a banner placed in Jango’s listener newsletter that goes out to over 3 Million registered users each week.

Check this video made by our partners at We Are Listening for more on 'Custom Overlays'

For more info on these packages e.mail airplay-premium@jango.com

Audio Intros: Want to get the listeners attention quick? Make an audio intro and attaché it to the front of your song before you upload your mp3 to Airplay. Make a quick message, 5 seconds or less, that tells the listener who you are and what they’re going to hear.

These are just a few of the great features that we’ve created to maximize your exposure with jango Airplay. There are many more ideas just lurking beneath the surface ready to be discovered. So now it’s your turn to use Jango Airplay, try a few different things and let us know what works best for you and what you’d like to see in the future. We’re all ears.


Anonymous said...

Jango Pop-Score is a scam. Ours used to always be above 90. Nothing changed, and suddenly we're lucky to have 25.

I still like the service, but Jango Pop-Score is just not something anyone should be concerned with.

Anonymous said...

"The better your targeting, the better your PopScore."

Not true. Your PopScore IS NOT a measure of how well you are targeting plays. Your PopScore is a percentile ranking of all Airplay artists who meet the PopScore requirement (was 50 plays, going to 100 soon). In a nutshell, your PopScore has more to do with other bands than with your own. Not only is it possible for your targeting and play stats to go UP while your PopScore goes DOWN (and vice versa), it's common. So don't rely on PopScore to tell you how well you're doing, use your play stats to do that.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous that Pop Score is a scam. There's no rationale to it. My score would be as high as 80 and then drop to 50 even though the plays and fan count rose. It makes no sense.

How about a normal math equation such as

Pop Score = ( Number of Fans / Number of Plays ) * 100

I'm not terribly concerned about it though because I'm more interested in getting fans, and their email addresses as well as getting them to add me on Facebook which Jango is GREAT FOR!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I said that a long time ago! Popscore=$$$
The more you spend the lower your popscore. Whatever you do don't chase it. However to the contrary Jango is one of the best online radio stations for attracting fans and directing them somewhere else where you can embrace them. Sorry Jango the popscore concept was brilliant in the beginning but stats don't lie.

SursumTX said...

great idea on recording a short intro!

Anonymous said...

One nice thing about Popscore, Jango isn't giving everybody a top score for bands to win some no cost to them free spins so you think your doing great and keep playing and paying-with false hope.

Anonymous said...

The pop score to me is really a plus. I don't purchase plays to reach it, yet I do continiously and very thankful for it but to be honest, it doesn't matter to me, it is not the pop score I want to reach. I want to reach to the listeners. The popscore is an extra feature that jango offers to artists not for them to buy their way up as mentioned by it but as an extra feature that many enjoy. As I mentioned before I don't even have to purchase a lot of plays to get fans, comments or popscore. I also say this only because of the comments I have read. Just speaking out of my own experience that's all. I truly don't care to know who and how someone got their pop score great for them and also I wouldn't want people to know about mine. I am here to make music and spread it to who ever is interested in it, after all that's what it's all about to me. Jango has giving me that. It is great and they make an effort to bring new features even more than other sites. I appreciate that and go forward with the reason I am here for.

Yogi 's Music World said...

On Targeting - my question is - I notice that althiugh I am upoloading world music (Indian/jazz fusion to be exact, most of my listeners are also listening to Nirvana, Hendrix, etc. So should I change the listing of bands whose listeners might like me to all those old rock bands and get rid of band like Afro Celt Sound System and Shakti (bands that actually sound more similar to mine)?

Anonymous said...

Jango needs to change the info on one of their pages saying they are licensed with ASCAP, BMI Performing Rights Organizations. I checked with ASCAP and they tell me they have not been able to get Jango to do a license. This disappointed me that they would post this when it is false.

Voodoo Trash said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Voodoo Trash, you suck and you are a spammer, stop trolling these boards

Anonymous said...

I feel so much pity for some of the people here. No character what so ever. If you want for things to go good with you, please stop cutting people down the way bullies do in Elementary school. Really doing you a favor for you to reflect on, maybe one day you'll realize it.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, pity.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Jango since I started I have recieved hundreds of free plays and fans. I

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