Tuesday, June 29

The DeVillebillies at Moondance Jammin' Country Fest

Hi Jango!

We're back from the Moondance Jammin' Country Fest in Walker, Minnesota, and it was interesting to say the least. A dangerous situation developed when severe weather blew through the concert site just before and after our show. Tornado warnings, lightning, and tremendous downpours. Fortunately for everyone, despite a huge low-hanging wall cloud that passed directly over the campsites about 100 feet off the ground, there were no tornado touchdowns at the site, and everybody there got through it okay (although tragically, there were injuries and a couple of fatalities just 35 miles southwest of us).

On the positive side, the concert hosts, sound techs, and of course the fans were great! We had a really fun show on the Saloon stage, sold some CD's, and the promoter told us to keep in touch with an eye towards next year. Overall a pretty good day for us, and we stayed over and watched the main acts for free while we partied hearty well into the wee morning hours.

Our thanks to Jango and all our great Jango fans for making it happen - it was a trip!

Keep Twangin'!

the deVillebillies