Tuesday, March 16

Two Lines To Impress

Today at Jango HQ we were discussing how songwriting has changed of late due to the digital music revolution - nowadays you need to grab the audience's attention almost immediately. So on that note, we want to hear what your best two-lines of lyrics are, be it poignant, romantic, aggressive, introspective, universal and so on. Add them to the comment section of this blog post along with your artist name and a link to your Jango page...let's see what you've got !


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NOVA said...

Yo I eat, sleep, and breathe rap who need incentive / chances of stopping me are lower than Shaq's free throw percentage

ha! Just a short one for ya!

Check me out: www.jango.com/music/nova

Silverain said...

Ric Rock Pic Pocket Mother Pluckin' chicken bone chicken bone Find another dig to hole

From Silverain's Song Chicken Bone

Jimmy Valentine said...

The first two lines of Follow Me from my CD ei8ht.

All the heroes are on heroin

The ladies they love cocaine

Buffalo Soldier said...

All Over The World Water Is Gold
Come like Rain Come Falling
Down The Drain Gone Running

The Honest Truth
Buffalo Soldier


2 lines from the song "Believe In Your Dreams"

Now your light is shining through
You know you can change your world

sosos said...

she opened up her mouth and out poured these words just like music..

little did i know those notes would start to bend..

Vim Cortez said...

...Just a drop, you're the cream of the crop/
the kind of luxury you can't find in a duty free shop...

from Just One Ping,
check it out:


FSJ said...

And I'd like to waste time.
cause he is no friend of mine.

First Story Jumper


Chris G. said...

It was the circle of fire
that drew you in

from Lake Of Fire by World Beneath World



Dr. Sue said...

"No matter what the music, learn how to dance"

"Nothing is impossible, nothing's really out of reach - if you Dare to Believe!"

Dr. Sue

CDBaby: www.cdbaby.com/drsue

Blog: HOW TO BE HAPPY IF... http://drsue3.wordpress.com

Paul Kloschinsky said...

And the wind blows the wasted words that were tried,
Down to the poets who fought as they died,
Wearin' Blue.


Magdalene said...

These is 2 lines from our song "Watch you Breath" ..

Lay with me, stay with me, Watch you Breathe I
Cant bare you to Leave , I


2 lines from the song "All I Want"

she's got the right to hold you
what am I for you my love?

The Best said...

The eagle soars above the mountains
with broken wings he's learned to fly
But if he had a friend like my friend
He wouldn't even have to try!

from "You're the Best!!!" by The Best.


sosos said...

so you think you can deal me spades
better change that to hearts or i won't play


Anonymous said...

I'll share the guilt for denying the truth I'm afraid.
Cowards beware, it's in our nature to be betrayed.


Phil Johnson said...

Here's a couple of my faves:

Her lips said no
But her eyes, her eyes said... no too.
from "Get Any"

On his king size bed with Harry Potter sheets
Call him Lord Vader when he skeet skeet skeets
from "Geeks Don't Care"

I spot a little hottie with her leg in a cast
I think I got a chance cuz she can't move that fast.
from "Five and Below"

Oliver Shaw said...

From my latest Worldview track "Used To It", about the Credit Crunch, what caused it and the effects it has had on us.(Not many around songs on this big subject yet.)

There were people giving credit where credit wasn't due
And the ones who end up paying are the likes of me and you



Two lines from our song with Mike Stern on guitar "Memories"

I’ll always remember as it was but it will never never be again,joys and sorrows from all my memories

Sabrina Signs said...

2 lines from the Song Halfway 2 Neptune

.....I'm Halfway 2 Neptune and I'm never coming home........
.....I had to go... Halfway 2 Neptune and I'm never coming home.......

Roger Miller said...

From the song "Change" from the album "Crayons"...

"Let's change because we know the Truth,
Notice the Dissonance, It's what's inside of you..."

-Roger Miller

Keith said...

From "Sexy Meteorite" by Keith Horn

"I want to Galilei you down,
if it aint no imposition
So baby, then I can analyze
Your isotopic composition"


Red Summer Sun said...


She gave me the finger when I asked her for her hand
I guess that was the end of all my plans.




T. J. Doyle said...

"If I wasn't in my own way, there was nothing in my way."

T. J. Doyle said...

"If I wasn't in my own way, there was nothing in my way."

Butch Barnette said...

Didn't look where she was goin' wasn't watchin' where she stepped/She was altogether focused on her current line of text..
From 'Sucks To Be You' by Butch Barnette

Ali said...

from "Rest in Peace"

Oh I hope that there is better news tomorrow
cuz, I can only take so much sorrow...

Kieran said...

Some how my mistakes and everything that I said,
Are just like yesterday.. I'll never get em back again

from "New Sun" by Ugly Beautiful


Anonymous said...

-What are you gonna do when its payback time
When hell looks you in the eyes and says « You are mine »-

Naked Gun


Hardcore Surf Ants said...

Now that I'm crashed on shore,
alive...I finally break
Want to make it a better wave,
my thoughts curve your energy.

from "Crashed On Shore" -
by Hardcore Surf Ants


Chill Factor-5 said...

Walking through dark alley ways,
In a city where there are no friendly faces
I, and I walk, and I walk, and I walk
through, Alley ways of sadness, through alley ways of darkness

Kevin Dudley said...

It's not for the cold that my heart has gone numb,
I'm getting too old for this game...

From "Ship Named Tomorrow" - Album "A Piece Of My Heart" - Kevin Dudley, 2009

Sandon Weber said...

From my latest single titled: 'Hollywood.'

She dances in the clubs and flaunts it in the street
wearin' Dolce and Gabanna, with Prada on her feet.


Ross Dowling from Chamberland said...

Lyrics from "Escape" by Chamberland

Can you see, now all that’s left, for our mankind, in viral deeds the futile hide?
To believe the fear that you’d run from won’t bind, till it’s just you naked and blind.


Anonymous said...

2 lines from a song I'm writing right now:

everything sounds the same,
that's why the radio is lame


light rain ends said...

"Like a ranger in some God-forsaken land, monster forestry was all you had to do;
Counting bones, and piecing them together, cataloging all the maladies of man."

A Letter of Warning said...

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
Suits get away with crazy shit, here's how they do this...


electroflesh said...

You're only fucking with him because you cant have me, dont be fooling yourself that it's bothering me, from the width of your smile i'd say it's plain to see, though youre fucking with him you are thinking of me.

from "thinking of me" currently playing on Jango by electroflesh

Rosie said...

Some of my opening lyrics...

Crazy Talk

People die all the time, don't they
I keep telling myself this

Half Past Midnight

I forget to breathe deeply
I forget to brush my hair

Breakdown (Note to Self)

The floor came up to meet me
when I got up today

Sweet Dreams

When you're empty inside and the words don't come
and you feel just like when you were 21

© words & music R A Sutherland

Orange Grove said...

"Just be true to me, and I'll buy shoes for you.."
from White Daisy on our Fingerprint album
One love,
Michael Maidwell
Orange Grove

Joe Alias said...

Joe Alias
the rebirth of pac/ warrior knight from Camelot/ flow twist like a dreadlock/ leave nigga tongue lock wit writer block

Roger Campo said...

It's tough to love and so easy to hate
It's easy to destroy and so hard to create

Roger Campo - song - What Have You Got


Electric Paul said...

In my darkest heart of hearts
You are all alone...



electroflesh said...

Are you a trick of the night or just my lack of sleep? Are you a hallucination or alcohol in my bloodstream?

from "trust in me" by electroflesh

Mark said...

'I was born the rovin’ kind, got movin’ on my mind
With a burnin’ soul that’s yearning for the road'

-Love this lyric ... written by my songwriter partner 'n crime Ed Fingerling. This is from a new song, that we're currently fleshing out, called 'Walkin' that just kicks down doors with its unrelenting melody and cut to the chase lyrics. No fat on this one!!

TK KREW said...

'He commited mass murder, and become a celebrity.
He'll get out in just 3 years on a plea of insanity'

Shot Gun.

Total Karnage

Bullzolar said...

'You look like you've just seen a ghost but I kind of like it. Maybe we should hook up in Hell when this is over' from 'Sandals in the Snow' by Bullzolar.

Anonymous said...

"This one will break me down, I know, for sure, I'm screwed" -Adam Gilbert

Song: Do You Want Me Now


electroflesh said...

I can't keep time, what is growing on her mind? Check her face 1000 eyes, all eat her alive

from "she comes, she goes" by electroflesh

Anonymous said...

i paid for play
now jango's pockets jingle

The Union said...

"I'm Shakespeare's spirit and Van Gogh's ghost/ Every artist soul rests in every word that I wrote"

From "Breathe"


Cloridanie Cleare St Merand said...

Hello my 2 best lines of lyrics are "Lift your voice and sing"."Praises to our heavenly king".
Artist name:Cloridanie Clerae St Merand

Robbie said...

Robbie and the Robots:
"Sunday comes and I'm so bored, because I don't smoke crack on the day of the Lord."

Song: Drug Free Sabbath

Ms. Kayeramel said...

"There's no need for me to keep the lights on any more; he still hasn't returned/ Returned to my heart, my soul, my desires, love don't live here anymore..."

What's up Everyone this is Ms. Kayeramel; the title of the song is Keep The Lights On... To hear more follow this link:


electroflesh said...

It felt so good, it felt so right, to be alone & to collide, but it's no use, no damn excuse, I feel much happier with the back of you

from "We Collide" by electroflesh

The Brother Tree Band said...

Yeah, the shit, it hit the fan,,,,,
While our heads were the sand,,Oh Yeah

The Brother Tree Band
"We Bought It"
Album "Taking Root"

Josh said...

I heard you were a widow, you married money and you loved it with your heart and with your soul.

It was a husband and provider, you've seldom been alone, they've called you many names, but you've been faithful to the bone.

Michael Reich said...

Am I trapped in the past or a head of my time
the whole world's turning on a dime

electroflesh said...

Go to school where nobody loves you, Go to work where they think you're a joke, take acting classes where people applaud you, but still dont cast you so this song you wrote

from "bad actor" by electroflesh

Kirk Lorange said...

Girl of mine's got lots to say, says she loves me best when I'm far away.

Girl of mine, she's always right, that's why I'm here with you tonight. What I would not do for that girl of mine.

electroflesh said...

Come & see what she's doing to me, come & see that I'm still ill at ease, you mustn't hide whats on your mind, you mustn't hide whats on the rise

from "Mantra" by electroflesh

Heroes U.K. said...

Hope is the sound you hear, it's the only reason I am near;
I want to sing it outloud so you feel it

from "Go Back The Way You Came" by Heroes U.K.

Paula Boggs said...

From "Toll the Bell"

"Sweet Alabaster...still in your crib.
Lifeless, yet lovely, drapped in your pleated bib."

The writer is seeing the corpse of a loved one in a casket for the first time.

Songwriter: Paula Boggs


electroflesh said...

In the wink of an eye, you're yesterday's smile, the heroin look today's style, an emaciated death emphasized you can't forget, modelling children wear, well who the fuck cares?

from "wink of an eye" by electroflesh

Paul Le Claire said...

What's new everybodys blue
except me and you and I refuse to lose


Paul Le Claire said...

How wonderful the World looks through Lovers eyes
How beautiful it seems if you only try

electroflesh said...

.....& if you want more lyrics why not come & listen to the rest of the songs & some others that it was just too late to type out here this evening....listening to them is better than reading them. Enjoy

electroflesh ;)

John Mueller said...

Where you goin', your T-shirt's showin you ain't wearin' a bra, you're lookin' like the Queen of Sheba on "Hee Haw"

EBLAZIN said...

From "Batmobile" by E-HIGH

"Hop up in the Batmobile I'm bout to put a wrap to it/ E be Blazin so amazing bout to put a cap through it."


Richard Schletty said...

Sundogs dancing, blinding youth, refracting truth.
Search for pathways to heaven's door, to evermore.


Anonymous said...

"Please Don't Go"

A girl is dropping teardrops through a window
A soldier drops his rifle in the snow


axxon N. said...

"should I persist and squint to see the trees/
or lace some string and be one with the breeze"

-from "The Warhero" by axxon N. from the album Machines! Machines! MACHINES!!! (or the Rapid Replacement of Our Dying Breed)

connie lansberg said...

"Got me some high expectations, not
a lot of natural talent,
So I stumble along trying hard not to loose my balance.

From "High Expectations"

Helen Adove Hawk said...

In the name of the dreaming, in the name of the hidden realms that wait for the morrow,
To return in the morrow.

Stephen Salisbury said...

Oh how that I love you, I'll show how I love you
Love and adore you, love and adore you


The Instruction said...

Hello darlin'. Where ya going with my shotgun?/ Did you think I wouldn't notice it was gone?

From the track aptly titled "Hello Darlin'"

Christopher K. G. Hagadone said...

Starry eyes showing/Words glowing/everything perfect everything fine/I'm out trying to find a star of the sky/beauty within/not on the out/I do not doubt who you are/all I know is that I look for a star

Soul Slick said...

"Do you still feel wonder when you look at the stars,

Do you remember where we got all these scars".

-From "Okay" by Soul Slick

Kim Phillips said...

Now the big steam trains are monuments, their wheels embedded in cement. But I remember when they lived and I always will.

From "Big Steam Trains"

Kathy Greenholdt said...

Angels sang dirges as I skipped down the aisle.
Jesus bled harder when I flashed him a smile.

-- from "Fire" by Kathy Greenholdt:

Michael Marton said...

LAST two lines of my song Off To War that made commercial radio here in Canada...
"I just wish that when I pray,
I got my answer right away..."

Robert Treobr said...

She got the Best of me this time
I'm down but don't start counting

Fighting with Rabbits said...

You poke it through the bars; it sits and cowers,
But when your back is turned its time will come.

from "Polite Discussion" by Fighting with Rabbits
(the recording's not so good, esp the vocals, but you'll love it anyway)

Butch Zeppo said...

You've gone away and you won't come back
Now my heart it aches like a heart attack

No one can give me the love you gave me
And I won't pretend so come back and save me


Alvis said...

"We've been friends for so long
That's just the way it is"
--from the song (MORE THAN)JUST YOUR FRIEND)
by Alvis Searcy

The Cleave Band said...

I need to see your light.
Your iridescence, your weary presence.

Dr. Sue said...

"I will lay my body down
And be your soft place to fall."

from the song "YOUR SOFT PLACE TO FALL"

"Tonight we're gonna go Slow As Honey"
from the song "SLOW AS HONEY"

written and sung by Dr. Sue


bettamoblue said...

girl i can't wait to wake up next to you.at night i can't sleep just thinking bout the next morning on the way we do what we do.you know what I'm talking bout our 15minutes of fame just b4 work.u scream and shout cause it hu.....rts so good.

Young T.H.U.G. said...

Lord, I been waitin a long time I got somethin 2 say/ And whether right a wrong my song is gone be somethin' 2 play!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Whores and seers - religion prostituting Gods,
vile are the shepherds, blind are the steer.

Scorn of years, the greed and ignorance that is,
humanity oblivious"


ak74 said...

rather be old and rich before young and poor/ laying on the floor with nothing to show for

DL Moreno (hip hop) said...

"It's time for all of us to put down the pieces and keep the peace! Wake 'em up with the reality of the deceased!"

Randolph said...

From the song, "The Miracle In You" by Luanne Hunt

We can't see the sun, but move toward the light.
Determined we will persevere, to reach the highest heights.

Anonymous said...

2 lines from "Your Song"

Somewhere behind the walls that you have around your body

There has to be some way that I can break through...


robert graham said...

Let me say...if we were together

I'd change the weather for you....

Luci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luci said...

/I need to wake up to your aroma, alert my senses every day/
save it all for me, you know I need more than a sip of your hot goodness in me


Barb Barton said...

From my song "Everything"

Eyes open, lips parting, hushed with the sound
Blood rushing, love crushing everything

Jango Artist Barb Barton

Helen Austin said...

"Back in 87, back when life was small"

"Rides in cars and beer cans seemed to just roll by"

Both from 'When We Were Young', title track of the EP.


Redline99 said...

I transform the game with each and every line,
The rap all spark, spitting optimus rhymes.

Desiree Million said...

Your Mozart to my heart
Picasso of my world

Elvis L Carden said...

JUNK MAN & Iraqi Blues & Loving A Soldier

Sexy Mathematics said...

"Pull together it's just modern science,
The fact that we're attracted is proof we're just trying"

off our song "When Isometrics Collide" off our Integration EP.


Baroness Ella said...

good lord loads of my tunes Such as


goes as in Got a Dream you have to follow
got a place you have to be

is the road ahead to narrow
is the light to dark to see




or " Grains of Sand "
WATCH.. the sunlight up in sleeping face
follow life where laughter left its trace

lift my eyes into the new born day
close my eyes and I begin to pray

Ken Grosjean said...

Mirrored glasses couldn't hide the pain
Tears of sadness leave a longer stain

J-Rocc said...

From my song "All My Life"...

2 be succesful thats my ambition
never care what is said by the opposition

Grenada Music Group Inc. said...

Bootz bang big like a scientists version of genesis/I stack bricks up, let em rain like tetris


A Sharpe said...

I'll do whatever turns you on
I'll even sing your favorite song


Shipwreck John said...

I have walked along the river with the water froze as solid as my soul
I have scrambled up the mountainside, but slid into the brambles down below

-from "The Voice"
CD: Coastal Dreamin'


tyler john arnold said...

but i won't wait for you forever and i won't hang myself with your strings/
i won't be grateful forever, don't say you're committed and act like you're free

from "Waiting" by the headless acrobats

T Boonie said...

Fame no, I'm tryin get paid though//
Cause Jango's the independent Fandango//

Lets get it we ready...


JayVee said...

i'm the hardest to flow, and the true stardom will show/cuz i'm often to go wit my thoughts in the zone, aye...

unreleased from Miami Heat Vol. 2


Nilla Green said...

I'm the TNT enforca, ferrari benz and porcha
need for speed underground or GT5 its ova!


iTunes: Nilla Green!!

Space City Spaceman said...

I wish I had Rock and Roll in my blood so I could sing a song for you
I wish I had Cassanova's tongue so I could speak my heart to you

From the song "Paris in the Spring"
Space City Spaceman


Rytrrz Bloque Music said...

some of the bars are REALLY good. I had a hard time picking, but Im going with MY SONG "Get Aquainted" (first freestyle I ever kept/put out)

...///you out because I replaced you with something better/well, what did I want to be as a child? well whatever/ I mean something that they had not yet invented//...

1. go google Jamglue, 2. look up "thomaskw" AND/OR "SNIFFGLUE", 3. Get all the LATEST MUSIC. Bless you :)

Eraser The Artist said...

Told her to put her ass on my car to give it more whip appeal! and that ass is real.

Eraser The Artist said...

catch a look at the dude, yeah ya never seen me. Fly black african american out the lamborgini.

Brian Strean said...

"Another Year" - Collective Ego

This is only a game, this is one of many tests that you must face, and we are all along for the ride

"Dawn of Love" - Collective Ego

Love is surrounding, steady arousing, falling into it is easily amusing


Del said...

Two hands are reaching out for me
But I'm in the dark and I cannot see
I only know there's someone standing
Waiting here among
The shadows of my isolation.


Rich and Rome said...

"Like the sistine chapel
Such beauty you behold
The end of my rainbow
You are my pot of gold"

from the song "Masterpiece" off the album Earth Elements

- Rich & Rome

Daniel Rosengren said...

From the song "White Crosses"

'Thousands of white crosses are planted in the lawn/
Laid beneath each one, rests a mother's son'

Lyrics- Daniel Rosengren
Music/Recording- Cody Lyons
Label- Hilltop Records, Hollywood Ca. http://hilltoprecords.com

Coby said...

The wounded note, the lines that choke
the spot that aches, the coiled snake



Anonymous said...

Do I really want to be the lonley millionare?

The Hippest Lonley Hipster at the secret hipster ball?

Joe Athon - Portrait of the Man

Timothy Shelton Harris said...

A cauldron of death awaits you
And the pendulum still swings above you
Arise from your casket of pride before
you are lost forever.

From "Fairy Tales Can Come True"

Rocc Nobles Songwriter said...

What are you living for what will you die for
That's the question do you know the answer

from my new song

Alan Kim Cochran said...

"The willow wind, on o'er my lee, has scarce will to diminish
Or still the echoes in the night, 'come running to their finish"

- Night of Distant Echoes

Rob Meurer said...

These are the opening lines of "Goodbye Song":


Itchyface said...

I'd just think about how I fear this kind of love
and you'd whisper "I know"

The Government said...

Calling all live niggaz/calling all live bitchez
Yo we got a job for ya all/on planet Earth
People, New York & California
Earth people: I was born on Jupiter

The Government

Eliot said...

"Didn't know I was holding my hands up for your investigation. I didn't know I offended you by being here, my own mutation."
-from "Sin" by Eliot

Yesterday said...

eyes of sand
dont fool me now
and never
pretend again
from: Yesterday's "The Same"

SOS said...

"Look for me in the lost and found
I've got a funny little feelin' I ain't makin' it out."

Saved On Sunday (SOS)

Christopher said...

From the song,"Again" From the cd, Focused

nobody knows just how I feel....I feel
drowning all of my sorrows in these pills...

Larry Liso said...

From the song: We Once Had Love

When they say "love can lose it's meaning"
They don't realize, they never looked in your eyes.


"I know just how POSSIBLE WE ARE...

full dose of inspiration in 2 lines :)

Anonymous said...

I did not I was breathing
when I found out I started chocking

neithereither at jango

Anonymous said...

she's afraid to sleep alone/ and she's afraid to make a sober mistake

"Center Stage"
-The Poets Dance

Cassie Cardelle said...

"No D.R.A.M.A. but very S.O.C.I.A.L."
"I'm gonna dance the night away, I'm gonna have you dancin on the tables"

Dino Jag said...

I once wrote a song titled "The Pressure Of The Uterus." The first two lines:

My feet are big, my toes are small
My liitle ol feet can't take it no more

~ Dino Jag :)

Noel Chidwick said...

I know that spring is on its way, so I'm packing this song into the winter suitcase, but I'm still fond of the first two lines of a song of ours here on Jango:

"When snow falls at night, there's a hush in the darkness,
The peace that you feel is the breath of the Earth"


David Meister said...

You might find it in love, or in the words of others, or in a drug.

But I don't think we'll find a cure for our modern minds.

caitlin ashleigh said...

From my latest song, "Difficult"

"look up to the sky and see it's only raining were your standing and you scream a thousand times before your heard"
caitlin ashleigh, Australia xx

The G... said...

"When I look into your eyes all I see are dark star filled skies; I'm star gazing. When I look at you I want to spend the rest of my life looking into your eyes; those dark star filled skies."

These lines are off of my "For The One I Love" cd. The song is Star Gazing.



Cyder on Jango.com said...

'words to me are just like glass
if you rely on them, they break apart'

from 'Glass' by Cyder

Manny said...

Same old habits from a die-hard man,
In the human race he was an also ran

From the song "Empty Glass" by Manny

Brett Perkins said...

And you call yourself a purist, cause you cry out loud, like you're crying now
But I say you're just a tourist, in the land of Love, come on and give it up'

From 'When You Gonna Figure It Out' Red Light, Green Light, Go CD 2009

Mozart Khadaffi said...

Ever struck you the pills you made to cure this stir
Happen to bring about the cause itself?

Burzinski said...

Walk along the narrow noad home, mind filled with common moments of elusive joy in the face of fear.

From "The Narrow Road Home".

(indietronica / post-punk music)



taken from the song Headlines by LEADTHEWAY
Melodic / Hardcore /Punk

Jah Medi said...



Chloƫ March said...

I hear the bees live under ground
In a paradise found

from 'Bees and Gods'


Yus said...

First 2 lines of my track "Sweet Love"

"One thousand nights, slowly losing my mind.
This pain don't end, wish I could hit rewind."

- http://www.jango.com/music/Yus

Viv Peyrat said...

Sit back, light up
This will make us feel alright

First 2 lines of my track "Could be You and Me"


Toni Vere said...

I wrote this song, It's kind of Gay
In an alternative sort of way...

First two lines of my song "The Girl Next Door"
Now available on itunes, just search for Toni Vere or Just To Be
: )

cheers y'all!!

Paloma said...

Life is a melody when you find the notes

from: Nothing To Say

Anonymous said...

Wow....some of these lyrics are just....BAD.

Jamielish said...

have you ever seen an angel pass you by
have you ever seen something you can't deny



Ken Mickey said...

There's no whole notes in a Waltz
She gone but it ain't my fault

Anonymous said...

Watch me as I walk away leave today release the pain, as you shoot that bullet through my brain.


AVERAGE JOE - Rick Rice said...

Life ain't always easy, the good times and bad times they come and they go...

But on the days when the world doesn't please me, I still suit up and go on with the show


Reazon said...

"Man I stay drunk like a couple of my unc's is/haters sleepin on me I ain't talkin bout a bunk bed/"

Whitedog said...

Just standing in Line,
but all things will pass give them time

from 'I'll see again' - whitedog


AVERAGE JOE - Rick Rice said...

One more for the road:

My head gets spinning round & round, faster & faster it won't slow down...

I reach for the sky then I fall to the ground, am I headed for heaven or am I hellbound?



Stillman said...

All of your fashions and all of your fights
They will sink into the earth like the mist after night

from 'Eyes Off It'


Hear the whole thing on the Stillman radio page at http://www.jango.com/music/Stillman

and excerpts of the whole album 'Blood Dark Sea' at http://www.stillman.mu/music.html

Risen Monk said...

"I grind hard like single moms on poles.
Still from Little Africa the land of lost souls"

Jessi said...

From my song "Never Let Them See You Cry":

Your body is a road map of all the places you have seen
You should be proud of the fault lines and the ravines

Jessi Robertson

Anonymous said...

"I can make it without you, if I never think about you
And pretty soon you will be a long time ago."

From the song "Pretty Soon" on the album "Midnight In Dallas" by Dan Chandler available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/danchandler

Paul Antony said...

Paul Antony Band from their song 'Will You Love Me Again'
'I was tempted by the promise of a city of gold and success
So I went, unaware that in your arms I was already blessed

Land said...

So here we are,
still in the middle ages
what has happened to our souls?


Ian Fleming said...

Hi, I'm the guy who sucks, everything I do just sucks.
I don't try to suck, it just comes naturally.

Ian Fleming & The Secret Agents


Microphone Criminal said...

"Im just impressed,
how you call urself a boss and you cant even write me a check!!"

MC aka Microphone Criminal

Burkhart said...

in moments like these, when the earth stands still
time is but a dream that we've awakened from...


John Million said...

Early morning I’m burning and running, blazing down the sand
Waves are crashing, wind is blowing big storms across the land


Future Echoes said...

You didn't realize the monster might resent the lightning.

And now I'm rising up to bite the hand that beat me!

from Future Echoes' song "Monster"

Red Hot Tyrannophonic Bunny Dogs said...

She thinks about a boy she knew when they were young and love was new, and of the times that tore them apart.

And wishes they could be together, to share what's left of their forever, close enough to hear his beating heart.

Chawa.C said...

"Like when I come home and I pull out the xbox
You pull your iphone out and open a textbox,

update your tweeter when I don't tick a checkbox"

michael robertson of maybe august said...

Far away from the lies that we lived
Where the water we walked on was held in a sieve
And our dreams were lived out by someone while we were still sleeping

"the Spilling Cup" written by michael robertson of "maybe august"

ORiANA said...

Staring in your eyes I see
Our lives as an endless dream
I don't wanna wake up
I just wanna stay asleep

...from the first single off my new album, "Endless Dream"!

Visit me!

Brad Blackwell said...

“....Well I think God made an angel too beautiful to fly
So he clipped her wings and sent her to me … oh one summer night.

Live From The Basement said...

"Picture this, a beautiful frame that's pictureless/then pan out so you see that the beautiful frame is really what the picture is..."
LJ from Live From The Basement
Song- "My Heartbeat"

rayomkenny said...

2 lines from my Song "Life" about my Dads struggle with Parkinsons disease

Slowly i'm slipping away,
but I live for today.


Julian Sakata said...

From the song "Trampoline"

"Aspiration's my wine, and it's aging just fine,
Thank you bad luck for making me wait"

From the song "Everything's Beautiful Once"

"More than a sickening high, been futile so long I'm alright.
A bar room believer in losing all hope and all fear on the very same night"

(couldn't resist adding 2 songs)

Prafit Josiah said...

...So off your face wipe that smirk / My last name ain't Franklin / but I'll Stomp you like Kirk / on the Enterprise / otherwise / your worldly feelings might be hurt...


Prafit Josiah

JAY B said...

Dont Hate On Me Cuz you Know I'm The Best Or I'll Have To Interrupt You Like I Was Kayne West...

From the song: It's Gonna Be Great


Jango Search: JAY B

LION said...



Lee Garland said...

Well, I'm really gonna like the view of the back side of you on your way out
Don't let the door hitcha


John Smoot said...

In the beginning, you made the light
And in the evening, you made the night

From, "Deus De Toda Criacao" (God of All Creation)
Jazz/Bossa Nova

Anonymous said...

I am guilty on first account
Throw me into jail if you want

From If Loving You is a Crime performed by The Honey Guyz.Look for us on Jango.

Wordabovewater said...

Egoism risen, even though imprisoned/isn't evil's engine often where a man would keep his wisdom?

Sephoria said...

Baby I promise that I will be with you
And I promise to pledge my love forever true

From "Promises"

Gary said...

No better medicine than havin' you as my best friend
Please be mine, I love you for all time

from 'Please Be Mine' The Gary Roberts Band

LION said...



Gidgets Ga Ga said...


Gidgets Ga Ga

the sorry song
we never really mean it now do we
its never ever funny till someone gets hurt

9 ways
she's drunk and helpless
I'm high and aimless

to the acid queens in leather shirts high heeled shoes and mini skirts and doc martens

dreams are better than the truth
and then came you and your a dream come true

fourth of july who can deny all the magic a pair of blue green eyes can bring when she's all you ever wanted all you ever hoped for but she won't let me in

I wanna smoke I wanna drink
clears my head till I get to the sink

hit by a train
But like a shooting star from afar
I can't catch you girl in my getaway car

the bomb
Lying on the bed,Smiling so sweetly
Wishing that we could pretend,But I'm hanging on the lies she feeds me,And she feeds me

crime of the century
Finally felt the fire
I finally met my match

Anonymous said...


Gidgets Ga Ga

the sorry song
we never really mean it now do we
its never ever funny till someone gets hurt

9 ways
she's drunk and helpless
I'm high and aimless

to the acid queens in leather shirts high heeled shoes and mini skirts and doc martens

dreams are better than the truth
and then came you and your a dream come true

fourth of july who can deny all the magic a pair of blue green eyes can bring when she's all you ever wanted all you ever hoped for but she won't let me in

I wanna smoke I wanna drink
clears my head till I get to the sink

hit by a train
But like a shooting star from afar
I can't catch you girl in my getaway car

the bomb
Lying on the bed,Smiling so sweetly
Wishing that we could pretend,But I'm hanging on the lies she feeds me,And she feeds me

crime of the century
Finally felt the fire
I finally met my match

Anonymous said...

SHIPS OF WOOD by Bill Wren

As in the days of old when men of renown
Searched for new and distant lands
In their Ships Of Wood


Anonymous said...

We shall see peace on earth blest to be for all time,
And there will shine for every heart A Love Divine.


What the hell I am shameless, I'll post more!!

When the work week's over and the sun goes down...
It's time to leave your cares behind and get Boogie Bound...

So take your work shoes off and put your dancin shoes on...
We'll do the Big Bad Boogie till the break of dawn



Chris said...

I don't deserve to make you say you will
I don't expect to fix this standing still...


Big Cheese said...

Did My Music With No Support And Got National Recognition
Now You See This Local Rapper On National Television


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