Tuesday, March 23

How Was Your SXSW ???

Now that SXSW has wrapped up, and you've recovered from the beer, BBQ and sleep deprivation, we want to hear from those who went. Did you play a showcase, see any of your favorite bands ? Tell us all about it in the comments below and if you did play a showcase send some photos to blog@jango.com so we can see how it went.



SXSW? What did I miss/ Nobody told me about this. I LOVE BBQ and sleep deprivation hallucinations can be col too!!

Thanks fo nothing!!

Oh one more thing, you might want to check out my latest posts on the MARCH 15th POP SCORE BLOG!!

None of the nastiness that's been the rage. I think you'll find some good insight on the POP SCORE. Yes, I think I finally get it, thanks Sean of JANGO!!


P.WIN said...

Hey never heard of this either.Must be to busy or out of the loop but it sounds badass.

hmm pop score isnt hard to get.If people like your music you get free plays if not you pay.lol

SInamantes said...

I did a showcase at The Elephant Room. It was quite nice, although they called it a Brazilian Night, so you can imagine how many cliches come from that and how it attracts a kind of public that is not exactly talent buyers and foreign agencies... Anyway, it was awesome and we also played at BYOC Day Fest, organized by Ron pippin, and It was even better! Lots of many interesting bands were there, like La Creme de SXSW... It was totally worth it.

NLX said...

I played a lot at the Hideout Theater. The Indie Sounds showcase on Thursday, and twice on Saturday at The Sessions/Paper Boat Music showcase. And also a little set at Cissi's on SoCo on Sunday.

During the Indie Sounds showcase, someone did a drawing of me that was just posted on Vanity Fair's website ... http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2010/03/sxsw-201003#slide=8

What an awesome time at SXSW!

Big Love


Home By Hovercraft said...

We played a really fun set on a parking lot with Free beer and food. It was great!

Skyler Nielsen said...

Sky Nielsen from OH NO NOT STEREO (Los Angeles):
Our band played on 6th (the main street) just after midnight on the opening night and the place was PACKED!!!! This was our fifth year playing the festival and it's absolute mayhem every time... We have lots of photos on our sites, AND download our new record for free!

password: onns003

Cheers and beers, internet!

Brian from CUTS Music Group - Austin said...

Hammered the blues home on 6th St. Saturday evening to a very nice, butt shaking, coat and hat wearing crowd. It was a cold and windy day and the audience was ready to throw down some cheap wells and get their funky feet moving to some Texas blues and soul. What a beautiful audience, complete with a call for encore.

But consider this, my friends: SxSW reportedly made $100m this year with the tech/"interactive" side up 40% over last year, outpacing the music registrations. As a musician, did you make any money from your participation? Were you compensated for your performance? What was your share of $100m? I know you understand what I'm getting at...

Nonetheless, chaotic fun as usual. Where were you Jango? I was fully prepared to buy you dinner at Salt Lick...

Tony Coke said...

Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs played. What a good time it was! The club we played was packed and we rocked them all. Apparently, E! filmed us and played a clip on TV, but we haven't seen it yet.
We made a short recap video, find it on youtube or scarycherry.com

I also caught one of my favorite bands, Karnivool, from Australia. I've been trying to see them live for 5 years now and finally did at SXSW. They were great, check them out as well.

Listen to the Scary Cherry version of "Cherry Bomb", if you like it, download it from iTunes, all the proceeds go to charity :)
Tony Coke Bang Bang

Anonymous said...

SCARY CHERRY aka The NEW YORK DOLLS REINCARNATED!! Nice sound, reminded me instantly of the NEW YORK DOLLS...Pretty Rockin!!

chrisdetmer said...

It was amazing. I saw so much new music, ate a really good food, drank a bunch of beer, and had a wonderful time.

We didn't buy badges or wristbands - just went down with our bikes and our smartphones and rolled the dice.

Check out some photos of the fun: http://bit.ly/aufTim