Tuesday, March 9

Artist Interview - Senica Da Misfit

And here's one more artist interview, this week from Senica Da Misfit. Here at Jango we were more than pleased that he topped the list with one of the best 5 PopScores this week as we've been bumpin' his classic hip hop sounds around the office for a while now. Check out what he has to say.

When did you start to make music ?

Senica Da Misfit: I started playing music in the early 90's entering talent shows throughout Maryland mainly in Baltimore.

J: Where do you call home ?

SDM: I am based out of Glen Burnie Maryland but commute to North Carolina to work with a plethora of producers on the regular.

J: What are your main influences ?

SDM: The 3 major influences on my music is God first and foremost its where I get my inspiration to talk about life, secondly is my love for music of all facades and genres in creating different styles. My 3rd influence is from poetry and expressing myself lyrically and poetically.

J: How would you best describe your sound ?

SDM: You can describe my sound as Classic Hip Hop at its best. Pure rawness and poetical for intellectual listeners. Deep and spiritual with a conscious vibe uplifting those who appreciate the real art form!

J: Do you have any new releases coming up ?

SDM: This year I will be releasing 2 major projects online and for "FREE" to download, the 1st is entitled "Thornz" with a producer from Detroit named Jimmy Flight will be available late spring. The track "Im Old School" currently on Jango is on that album. The next project released will be with DJ Flash who is Little Brothers DJ. I along with producer V-12 who is with 9TH Wonders Trueschool coorporation will be producing the entire album while DJ Flash hosts it. We currently have over 30 tracks recorded and will be releasing a part 1 and 2 to that project due out early summer.

J: Do you do shows ?

SDM: I do perform live and will be gearing up for some shows, if you are in the Raleigh North Carolina area this summer be sure to follow 9th Wonder and Jamla records I will be most likely opening up for the Jamla artist on their summer tour.

J: And lastly, what's your best tip for other Jango Airplay artists ?

SDM: My best tip for other airplay bands using Jango would be to just be yourself and create good music. Do not try to make music based off of what is on mainstream radio just because you think that is what people want to hear. Look for your own sound and master it that way the fans will appreciate and remain loyal to your style.

Thanks Senica, we like your 'State Of Mind'


Oystein Nyboe said...

GREAT !!!! Keep up the good work !!
Oystein nyboe

Average Joe said...

Obviously love what you are doing...Hip Hop Hippity Hop on My Man!! Good job!!

Average Joe said...


AVERAGE JOE's New Song ROUND & ROUND is now Posted, Live and Ready for listening at: www.jango.com/music/average+joe

Hope you will give it a listen,let me know what you think of it and maybe even add it to one of your stations ...

BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The AVERAGE JOE sound is unsophisticated and arguably crude, when compared to most of todays professionally produced music productions.

That said, I really get a kick out of that raw, lets rock, "Guitar With Attitude" sound. I like the way it sounds and it sure is fun to play!!

Who knows, maybe you'll get a kick out of it too!!

Tryin to Keep It LOUD,PROUD and REAL....... AVERAGE JOE

jjsrtt said...

all good go for it