Wednesday, February 10

New Feature - Updated Play Stats Page

More big news from Jango Airplay this week: As part of our continued efforts to improve your Airplay Dashboard, the Play Stats Page has received an update! See for yourself at under the Reports tab...

And this beauty isn't just skin deep. In addition to better organization, the new layout now gives you an opportunity to view your historical play data. Not only can you get totals or break out the plays & likes by song, but you can also view week-over-week changes in total, paid & organic plays, song likes, new fans, and profile views.

As always, there could be a variety of uses for data like this. One thing worth trying might be choosing different similars every week for a month, then going back and charting what effect the changes had on likes and fans. Click over to and see what you can come up with.


Gari said...

I think you all really need to go back and address the 'rush of fans' concerns before you put up any more new blogs. The natives are restless, and this is not going to appease them. IMO.

Space City Spaceman said...

Jango, thank you very much for the new Play Stats report features. It is great to be able to go back and see historical data and compare it week to week. It's great to know you are investing your resources into making the site more valuable and useful to music artists!

T. J. Doyle said...

Congratulations to the Jango Artists that have 873 new fans so far this week. You must be in the top percentile with Popscores so far and this means you are really finding the audience that loves your music.

I've picked up 358 new fans this week and have a Popscore of 41 so far which is how I did the math to know. I'm happy to be finding fans that like my music and understand that it will take a while to catch on. Heartfelt wishes to everyone's success.

greenholdt said...

This is great to see -- I was just going to go thru all of my all weekly reports from you. Now I don't have to! Thanks for the new feature.

IMA Z said...

WHAT IS A FAN ?? I have no clue and the FAN"S LIST is now pretty worthless. GREAT FOR JANGO...the SILLY BLIND SHEEP who will spend more $$$ thinking they are getting ACTUAL FANS will put $$$ in your pocket. But anyone who wants a LEGITIMATE FAN BASE to build on and MArket too will think twice for investing in this FAN SHAM. I have no clue who to email and THANK FOR BEING a FAN. The CRITERIA for FANS should be YOU ARE A FAN WHEN YOU SAY YOU ARE A FAN....NOT WHEN JANGO JUGGLER says you are a FAN! I want to be able to market with confidence to people who have proactively indicated they ARE MY FAN. Please LIsten and rethink this DAMAGING STRATEGY. Anyone with half a brain will realize this is just a schemme to FOOL NAIVE ARTISTS into spending more eb=ven thoughthey are getting less. It's the old adage DO YOU WANT QUNTITY or QUALITY? I'll take QUALITY every time!!


Anonymous said...

Low popscore but lots of fans suggests to me that your music has a very different effect indeed on different groups of people. To put it simply, it divides the listeners. There must be quite a lot of negatives as well as fans and perhaps you need to target an age and/or gender bias.

Just guessing here, but most listeners are females 25-34. I don't do well with those as I am not male and M.O.R. pop, but I probably don't annoy them much either. Let's just suppose you might be playing rawwwwwk death metal for a minute -you will get a lot of negatives from the majority of listeners with general targetting even though lots of young men will love it!

If your music fits into a niche, target the niche! All the best to you.

Michael Tanenbaum said...

BIG THANKS Jango for the well designed Play Stats page layout! You have just saved me countless hours over time as I would daily manually log the daily info to create a weekly/monthly spreadsheet to view the results that you now provide automatically. You gave us a major version upgrade and designed it from the perspective of a musician needing to drill down on what's working and what's not in terms of song responses over time.

It's hard to make software design suggestions to an already superior product as yours, but I'll take a chance at beginning a small wish list that I think would make a difference for many artists who are active in their weekly play allocations.

For example, it would be great to have an email alert trigger notifying me when my plays for a song are getting low without me having to monitor the Airplay song allotment page, so that I could restock the "jukebox" and launch my next series of plays. I have found in my case, that on average 100 plays of any one of my songs will last between 20 - 24 hrs. before it zeroes out. (I'm sure other artists have different clock rates.) This average is fairly constant when I play one song at a time, but if I launch 5 songs at once, the song plays per hour rate varies widely because different songs appeal to different listeners & fans and you never know who is listening online on a particular day.

So when you launch several songs at once or even staggered over time, you have more complexity in managing and monitoring the "decay rate" of each song as it tends towards zero and needs to be restocked for more plays.

In a perfect world, having the ability to set a unique alert trigger for each song would be ideal, but I'd settle for a simple toggle button that says "Alert me when I have 5 plays left" (ON/OFF). I know you've done alot of work on your PREMIUM TARGETING engine. How about a PREMIUM MONITORING module to compliment the targeting so we can keep putting fine arrows in our quivers to launch skyward?

I have more enhancement ideas to share but I don't want to be a blog pig at this time. I'll follow through in some later entries. My suggestion is only one part of fine tuning this powerful Jango system which gives artists far more meaningful broadcasting power than we've ever had. I am amazed and grateful.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Would love to be able to tell which song is being commented on!

Michael Tanenbaum said...

And while you're at it Team Jango, it would be great to link which initial song turned a listener into a fan. The general play stats will tell you how many people liked a song but it won't correlate which fan liked a specific song.

If the Jango Design Team is really feeling code-happy one day, I'd love to see a link between a particular new fan and their fan overlap with my targeting. This is a step beyond the great fan overlap graph you now provide us by song but since those charts are based on averages, alot of unique or out-of-the-box data gets missed or ignored. The numeric stats you now offer us by song and fan/like totals are also great but these numbers and charts don't tell the whole story. The statistics obscure particular nuances in favor of general patterns as the Jango software serves the Law of Averages.

For example, the unique fan view result I'm looking for might look something like this: Fan "BobandSally68" became a fan while listening to Song ABC and they are also fans of Artist1, Artist2 & Artist3 that you are currently targeting...OR...they are NOT fans of anyone you are currently targeting and here is a list of their top 3 loved artists - Artist1A, Artist1B and Artist1C... AND... here is a short list of artists whose music they also like that resembles your style: Artist1D, Artist1E, Artist1F.

The way I get this info now is through the tedious process of going to my Jango listener account, pulling up my artist page (as if I was a listener) and individually viewing the song history of each fan and their radio stations in addition to their "Liked & Loved" choices within 24 hours of being notified that they became a fan. (I do it this way because currently you can't view any of your fan's profiles from within your Airplay account. Jango does not yet offer a link to any fan's page directly. [Please add this to my wish list]) Within that short window of time - 24 hrs., I can usually find out the following key things:
1.) Which song they played that inspired them to become a fan
2.) If they listened to any of my other tunes in an "organic" way and what those tunes were
3.) If they tagged any of those tunes with a "Liked & Loved" flag
4.) What other artists they were listening to around the same time as mine
5). What range of music they were listening to during that period
6.) Their age & gender in addition to country of origin
7.) Their radio stations and preferred artists within those stations
8.) Whether they are a new or seasoned Jango listener with a low or high song count (I've seen highly active listeners have song counts of 10,000 - 48,000 plus)

What I'm doing manually could be automated with some database fields capturing these details in the background to be later viewed by artists as an option. I get the BIG PICTURE by comparing my detailed fan analysis with the overall Jango charts and stats now provided. I imagine that some artists would find this useful once their song charts start stabilizing after 1000 spins and they're looking for new clues for targeting potential listeners beyond the fan overlap the general chart averages indicate.

The current charts are rich, deeply considered and well designed. They have taught me a great deal. I never could have imagined that any of my fans also like Johnny Cash since I'm an instrumentalist in a genre far outside Johnny's but Jango's chart's have opened up a new window for me to consider. I think that a successful long-term targeting strategy involves a dual approach - going deep and wide simultaneously. Charts/Stats based on averages PLUS (+) access to unique fan response snapshots (that cannot be averaged and simply take time to go through and consider) gives you the tools and compass to navigate an open sea of endless potential listeners. Perhaps the idiom that "God is in the details" is an apt one in this context.

So there's my 2 cents (or nonsense) for today. Thanks for listening.

Rome X said...

I am just as confused as ever lol. But I have a prediction..SOMEONE is going to take this biz model that Jango has and IMPROVE it. The concerns we have as artists will be nil, and Jango will fade like Myspace has. Just watch. Its inevitable. Too many unanswered questions make the people spending the money (us) VERY uneasy! I wanna stick around because we spend ALOT on this service but when my 4000 creds are done, I aint spending another penny on this shit til things start to look more legit and less suspicious. I STILL wanna know: on the listeners site, how in the HELL is it, that I can see the same freakin person, every single day, playing the same song "I Wanna Tell Ya", no matter what time of day or night? Is this some kinda joke?? And to make matters worse, when I look at the persons page, they havent played the tune EVER! Its not in their history and I should see it because they are supposedley playing it RIGHT NOW. The concept of the site is great but in reality this is wackness. Im pissed the hell off and I am not spending another penny on this site. In addition to everything the people say up there, something smells fishy.

Mariah Ver Hoef said...

I have a request too. It would be helpful to create a geographical index (probability), just like the fan index. I suspect that everyone has most of their listeners from California, because that is the most populous state. This is not too informative. To make this really helpful would be to know if, proportionally, some states/geographies like my songs more than other places. That is, take the (number fans-likes)/(number listeners) for each state or country. A little pet peeve... the descriptions on these pages could be better (the exact formula would be nice), and the y-axis should be labelled.

Still, I like Jango's service, and overall I am pleased and want to thank them for this opportunity.



Eliethel said...

Overall I am very pleased with Jango, the opportunity it offers and its service. With this post, I would just like to point out (and find out if others have the same issue) that I come across some kind of bug in my reports. For example, on the 15-16 February, I had assigned 100 paid plays on my song "Silent Talk", which has been doing very well so far, and removed them after 57 plays with only 1 fan and no comments, but 20 likes (!). Since I didn't have such a low rate before, I thought something was wrong. And indeed, I just visited my reports page and it shows only 22 paid plays, 2 likes, no new fans (what happened to the one who even shared his email?) and even my organic plays have dropped to less than half than what was reported before.

Being a web developer myself, I understand that all these new features and updates can tax the system and I'm sure that Jango will eventually fix everything. I'll be patient until all works smoothly again (although I might be a little more conservative with my paid plays :)).