Wednesday, February 17

The Jango Listener Newsletter

Every week we send an email blast to millions of Jango listeners, highlighting the best new releases in Pop, Rock, RnB, Rap, Country, and Electronica. Now, top PopScoring bands will be featured right alongside major artists. Aside from hopefully rewarding artists with lots of organic plays, this is a great opportunity to show an audience that emerging acts can stand up right next to the biggest music on Jango.

So there's yet another reason to hone your targeting, engage your audience, and make sure you put your best foot forward. Login to and figure out how you can wind up in the Jango Listener Newsletter.


Anonymous said...

Yes, your emails tout the new releases from Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc. Wow, they are sooooooooooo lucky!!!! And the top Popscorers get featured, for having artificially-inflated fan counts and, perhaps, paying double for targeting plays? Its one of those Jango mysteries...

Maybe someday a poor, lowly, non-megastar such as myself will figure out the mysterious alchemy of the Popscore and get featured right along with the highly underexposed Lady Gaga. Can't wait!

IMA Z Rick said...

THE FAN DESIGNATION ISSUE IS QUICKLY BEING BURIED IN A FLURRY OF BLOG Postings that really OFFER NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE regarding how Airplay is going to help the TRUE EMERGING ARTIST!! Things like how POPSCORE is determined. HOW FANS are assigned to an Artist and meaningful followup to the concerns of us who ar soending out of our own pockets rather than the pockets of a promoter or marketing company.

But maybe our small $$ just aren't that meaningful and wouldn't impact the bottom line compared to the BIG $$$ guns that seem to garner the attention and rewards.

Plus it doesn't seem to me that many musicians are aware of what hs been going on and really think their "FANS" are "FANS".

Oh well I guess it is time to throw in the towel. But just in case JNAGO is truly listening to the "LITTLE GUYS" How about an alert at the TOP of the listener page that they have a BULLETIN BURIED at the BOTTOM of the PAGE. I only found Artist Bulletins by Accident one day. Unless you always scroll to the bottom of the page (and even then) you won't even know they are there.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that's great for beginning artists. Thanks jango.On the other topic, really we all know that a true fan is the one that follows you to every concert collects and starts fan clubs...
I appreciate what jango has done for me, when I get comments and an email from my listeners. I greatly appreciate it. I choose to write to them or not... If you do, get to know them and they get to know more about you, maybe you decide to send a track or two, it builds up enough to the point of becoming what we all know by the word "true fan". I don't think a word can do damage unless it causes you damage. My respects for all the artists here and their comments, that's just my personal thought on this. jango has been great for me and if there is something they need to change or improve they know they'll take care of it, they know what they're doing and I believe it is thinking of us the artists...
We should be thankful to even be here. We all know it's not easy, especially for artisrts that want to use this as a promotion site. In my case I use this as a portal for my music to go out to the listeners who will enjoy my music, that is what truly matters to me. jango offers us the opportunity to let our music be heard all over the world, to realize that, rather than to be thinking and counting how many fans we have. The real deal is to focus on making music for those listeners whether they are fans or not, in the end they are the ones that have the last word on the word "fan" everything is a process in life and in everything else in it. Great job jango... cheers to all... Let's create some music and peace...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!! Great Post. Make your music because you believe in it. Not for a fan count. We don't really care how many people we get to say they are fans. The majority of independent music gets NO PLAY. Now we know people are at least listening.

IYEOKA said...

bouncing a big heck yeah on this post!
It indeed is a privilege to have an opportunity to have our music listened too. My friends and family have been supporting me for years and to lift and push and welcome more people who may choose to believe in the music I am creating is a priceless motivation to keep the music coming every time and even stronger.


IMA Z said...

That's great iyeoka if you are just looking for a euphoric morale booster. It is FUN and EXCITING to see those YOU HAVE A NEW FAN emails coming in.

On the flip side, for someone spending money in an attempt to develop a Marketable and Responsive FAN base, accuracy of information and quality of the FAN base is critical.

Anonymous said...

However Jango Promotes itself with this (possibly false) misleading statement:
1000 plays typically gets
40-80 new fans -
that you can contact!
250 plays - $10
1000 plays - $30
4000 plays - $100
Learn more

Anonymous said...

Class action lawsuit perhaps ?? Misleading and false advertising, depending particularly on the definition of FAN and how thety are designated. Any lawyers on the BLOG?

Anonymous said...

I am begining to think this anonymous guy is talking sense. It's all seemed to have gone quiet these last few weeks, since the Changes. Please get those email servers working. I dont get any e-mails looked at i send out to the supposedly "FANS"

And like IMA Z Rick, said about the Bulletin. It's like you dont want to overload your system, putting suck a important feature at the bottom of the page seem such a daft idea.

Get you act together. please. Your failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

A posible math solution.

Number of fans you recieved from 2-9-10 till 2-12-10, the three days of the big "Rush Of Fans". Lets say 500.
Fans you recieved in the last 3 days, let's say 100.
So, 500 minus 100 leaves 400 fans that probably were just part of the software problem that caused the "Rush Of Fans".
This is not completely acurate, but may be close. I don't know. What do you say, jango?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so lets say that the math above is true.
If someone paid 500 credits to collect 500 fans and 400 were not legit, wheather they take the fans away or not, I'd feel like someone owed me 400 credits.

Anonymous said...

I know this. Jango's lack of communication, for whatever reason, has lost it a faithful customer.

There's an old business question:

If you can't report on it, how can you prove it really happened?

Before I was average 2-3 times the fans per day I am now. I really don't care if it's a database glitch, a re-definition, whatever...

The bottom line is, as a customer I no longer feel I can trust (or understad) Jango's results. As for gushing on Jango. Here's a concept. I pay Jango for a service. Jango needs to do that service.

Like I said, if you can't report on it, how can you prove you did it? Does that mean I get a refund?

Anonymous said...

Jango might not be perfect, but people who didn't, or wouldn't, hear my music before, now do. When i signed up for all this it wasn't so i could see how many "jango fans" i could get, because fans on websites are sooo reliable, it was to put my music out there so it could get a chance to be heard. It now has that chance. The rest is just "nice to know"

Anonymous said...

How do you know it's getting heard? How do you know someone employed by Jango isn't clicking the likes?

It's not like they're very forthcoming. The responsiveness of the control panel pages suck lately, and the stats are unreliable.

Trust is earned, not granted. It is also easily destroyed. It has been destroyed and Jango has done nothing to re-instate it. The only thing I've seen them do is reluctantly (nice tone on the new blog post) communication when people start talking class action suits.

I've been a customer over a year. I watched them go from posting songs in 24 hours to having an entire week with no response (no, I'm not talking about the snowstorm either - it was Thanksgiving - what, was your 1 support employee on vacation?)

I've gone through stretches of paying 600 plays a day. What I've seen in return is reports that are iffy, inaccurate, and confusing.

The latest blog by Jango Juggler has a tone that seems like he's annoyed with all this chatter. JJ, it's not chatter, it's your customers talking.

Learn the difference.

And anonymous at 5:38 pm - "The rest is nice to know"? Really? Jango should advertise what they are then, vanity publishing.

"...because fans on websites are sooo reliable"? Again, really? Nice opinion of your fanbase.

And as for Jango being perfect, I don't expect them to be. But I do expect them to be honest and provide the service that is expected. Jango's service level has not only plummeted in the last few months, it's nearly disappeared.

I will choose other avenues.

Skimtone said...

I have to say that I too,m truly grateful for Jango. I know that all the 'Fans' are not true in the sense of the word, but I know the comments are real, and when you have people from all over the world commenting on your music, you know you are achieving something that would never be possible without the likes of 'Jango' We all know they do it for the cash we give them to 'jango' in their own pockets, but what the hell, my comments and my'fans' make me feel great about the music I produce and at the end of the day, if music does not make you feel good, you have no right producing it!!!

Anonymous said...

If people were not leaving comments about my music, then I would have a problem. I have had some "contact" with some of my "fans". I know that they are NOT true fans. I really don't even like that word. They are not fans of mine. They like the music in this case that I've submitted. As time goes on and I continue to upload more music they like, then they will truely become fans of my music. This does not happen overnight. that takes time and consistency of music the people identify with. I only need one thing from Jango. Honesty and truth in reporting activity on their site. At this point I can't say I feel they've done anything unethical. As I continue to research and investigate Jango along with some other exposure options. I'll come to my conclusions. What I would love is for some of the Artist with complaints to disclose their names so that other on the blogs at Jango can listen. All art is subjective with regard to what's good etc but I'm really curious.

Anonymous said...

it's NOT free, no matter what they advertise. blatant deception.