Thursday, February 4

Jango Listener Newsletter - Millions of Readers

Hey Airplayers, just a quick update from the Jugglers here. We're starting to feature some of the artists with the best PopScores in our weekly listener newsletter. This newsletter goes out to millions of registered Jango users letting them know what's new and what's hot in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country, Hip Hop & Electro. Airplay artists will be presented right alongside major artists like Justin Timberlake, Los Campesinos, Jay Z, Gretchen Wilson & more. We're working hard here to create more and more opportunities for the artists that resonate the most with Jango listsners so go to and set yourself up with a listener account as well so you can get the weekly newsletter sent right to you...& stay tuned right here to Jango Airplay for more


T. J. Doyle said...

Thanks for the heads up, Jango!

I'm sure we all appreciate the great things you do for your artists. I'm really happy to have 1300 fans thanks to Jango and the number grows daily. My pop score hasn't hit the stratosphere yet, but the audience that likes my music doesn't know, or probably care.

For me, it's all about the audience, so this is what I'm thankful to Jango for.

Krys Justice said...

Great Jango! Like TJ, I've just broken through the 1,400 new fan level in a relative few short weeks it seems, with awesome fan messages arriving daily from all over the world.

Today I also charted my first # 1 song 'Cut To The Chase' with the nation's # 1 Record Pool (3,700 Club, Billboard and Mixshow DJs from all over the world, just like Jango's worldwide), knocking Jay Sean's 'Down' out of the top spot, not to mention beating music of Birdman, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolph, Young Jeezy... (stand by for the release from my PR team, lol)

How cool is Jango for being such an important part of bypassing my music past the corporate stranglehold and putting music choice back in the hands of the people who matter most - music lovers everywhere!

Peace Jango,

StiLL G said...

thanx jango,so i'm a italian rapper and in one month i have collect 62 fans,so this rappresent that my music like it in US.
thanx jango!!!!!

Michael said...

the fact we have only done one 'medium' campaign so far and have already amassed at least 300 new fans because of it, i'd say we are happy with Jango! thanks guys!

The Dream Team said...

Over 100 fans in five days with emails. People are listening and responding to The Dream Team. Our beats and lyrics are like no other and we expect to hear them in the Clubs shortly! Not just in the US but around the world.

The Dream Team

Skelley's Dream said...

Wow that's great news Justin and a great opportunity for us 'new artist'. It might also be a nice idea to use the home page a bit more in promoting new artists, there's so much good music out there. Keep up the great work!

All I Could said...

Tuesday now put my track up Friday got 40 fans already...great to get some kind of reaction to my music fab :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

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3rDegr33 said...

Thanks a lot Jango. You have done a substantial amount (especially recently) in the promotion of my music and getting into the ears of the right viewers! I appreciate it!