Monday, January 25

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

And here they are folks, Jango's PopScore top five for the week. We just keep finding great new music in here all the time. Keep it coming.

Artist: Renee Stahl
A natural singer and penetrating songwriter,
Renee's silky voice communicates an elegance & directness that resonates with its intimacy
& atmosphere.

Click to hear Renee Stahl:
Music 101
Artist: Evans Blue
The past four years have been a challenging journey for the five members of Evans Blue, pushing them to the brink but ultimately pulling them together. The band will release theirthird, self-titled album June 23rd on new imprint Sounds+Sights.

Click to hear Evans Blue:
Who We Are
Artist: Angelo
Angelo Pancrazio Gulotta aka Flow is too cool
for comfort. Mix the lyrical dexterity of Lupe Fiasco, the sex appeal of Chris Brown, and the business acumen of a young Russell Simmons, and you have the dashing eighteen-year-old rapper and entertainer.

Click to hear Angelo:
Artist: The Smooth Maria
In 2008, Matt Kanelos formed The Smooth
Maria with Ben Gallina, Conor Meehan, and Kyle Sanna. The band has since attracted a dedicated audience in New York City with their unique balance of refined musicianship and vivid poetry.

Click to hear The Smooth Maria:
Peacock Dance
Artist: Robert Poe
With his self-titled, bluesy, rockin?, country-tinged CD, Robert Poe gives us an Americana album full of energy and sharp licks. Robert?s voice is a delight, smooth and rich as a triple-thick shake.

Click to hear Robert Poe:
I'd Rather Be Blue


Anonymous said...

You should have Amber Fleury as a featured artist. She made #8 out of 9000 people and all the judges told her she was probably th best singer that has ever been on the show. (Check season 3)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to those who made it! We can't figure popscore out. We average 100-150 new fans per week which I believe means they voted thumbs up on our plays yet at the end of the week we never make it! Mid-week we will have a tally of an 84 popscore with yes votes and fans pouring in but at the end of the week it changes to 71?????????crazy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners with the top scores - some great talent there. I too am puzzled about how the score is calculated and what it takes to get to the top five. My score has consistently been over 80 and as high as 87, and I'm appreciative of the bonus plays awarded, but I'm not sure what the score actually means. Any light you can shed would be appreciated.

Jango Airplay said...

Hi Gang,

Jango here...

for more info and hopefully to clear up any confusion, check this post


Jango Jugglers


I really like the popscore feature very much. Last week my project (A Secret Sense) climbed up to 91%. I´m really curious about the next score results:) Thanks to jango for this great idea and for much more features that will come in the future. It´s a big chance to find new fans as a newcomer:) Cheer. Stephan

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...