Monday, January 11

Featured Artists - PopScore Top 5

Here's the newest hottest artists on Jango Airplay...

The featured artists are chosen by top PopScore each week so check them out here and see who's resonating the most with Jango's listeners. Each of these artists also receives 5000 Play Credits to continue to promote their music on

Artist: MC Psalmist
MC Psalmist aka Mr. Church Gritty
has been a staple in the gospel rap
industry for over 12 years. He's
released 6 albums, 13 mixtapes, and
pushed 25,000+ units with no formal

Click to hear MC Psalmist:
First Love (Feat. David Cooper)
Artist: My Last Fall
Hailing from Roma, Italy, My Last
Fall offers an electrified take on emo.
The music offers a refreshing
alternative to its American counterpart.

Click to hear My Last Fall:
Where We Belong
Artist: Paul Liddell
Paul Liddell is a singer-songwriter from
Sunderland, England. A new EP, "Help
Yourself Float" has just been completed,
and will be available in March 2010,
whilst his never ending UK tour continues.

Click to hear Paul Liddell:
Artist: Dianna Corcoran
Two Time Golden Guitar Winner Dianna
Corcoran is one of Australia's most
distinguished and honest vocal and song
writing talents.

Click to hear Dianna Corcoran:
Thank You For Cheating On Me
Artist: John Mandeville
Though he may be a relative newcomer
behind the mic, John Mandeville's debut
release "We Belong To Heaven"
simultaneously demonstrates his lyrical
depth, vocal charm and deft precision as
a musician and producer.

Click to hear John Mandeville:
Who Do You Say I Am


Steph said...

I hope to be on this list soon! :) <3

MC Psalmist said...

Wow, didn't even expect this. Thanks so much for the extra exposure. You know I need to leave a shameless plug for the new album available at

Thanks Jango
MC Psalmist

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Jango! Check out Despo's music at:

We hope to get into the top 5 soon!

Mr Grimez The Anti Hero said...

Thanks for the update!

Mr Grimez The Anti Hero

JM said...

Jango, thank you so much for the additional exposure and support! Jango is a timely model for reaching new friends and fans in the emerging music model.

Judith M. Snow said...

John mandeville is an inspiration to us all, as well as Diana Corcoran....I really like that song, thankyou for cheating on me, but all of the artists that were selected this week are very talented, I just wish it was a way that this music along with others from CD Baby could be beamed right into peoples cars, on "regular" radio....but for now, Jango is GRREEAATT!