Thursday, January 7

Artist Interview - Ryan Holley

Here's another quick interview with one of our artists, Ryan Holley, who had a top 5 PopScore the first week out. Let's hear what he has to say.

Jango: So when did you start playing music?

Ryan Holley: I started playing music in high school and started writing in College...I didn't start playing the guitar until I was in college and was pretty bad at it. I have never had musical lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons ECT and for the most part I have no regrets in that. I believe it allows me to focus more on the simple things in creating music but it has limited my ability to recreate the sounds or melodies I am hearing. Song writing to me is the magic to music.....I always thought if you could write songs you would start popping out hits on the first try but that was an immature perception. I now believe it is a gift you are given and can grow and be perfected and taken away. It is a craft I fell in love with and at times have defined my desire to play and write music as a gift and at times a curse.

I left corporate America cold turkey to pursue music with really no idea what to do, where to begin, or even how to get started. I did have my first cd recorded but wanted more than the local gig every Tuesday night with a goal of getting the prime Friday night spot. I wanted to tour, I wanted to forget what city I was in and so that’s what I did. I used the resources I had on the internet to get my music out there and I started gaining momentum and started booking regional tours then national tours and within 2 years time I played over 500 shows in pretty much every major city in the US sold several thousand records, met some amazing people, saw some amazing places played and toured with some amazing artists and found the power of experiencing rock bottom and beauty that is in humility. I was asked in LA after a show by a young artist how do you tour without a label and I said to him " If I put a gun to your head and took your keys and your wallet and said be in Phoenix by sun up you are going to do it" and that’s how I looked at it. Music is a business and to many young artists do not see that or do not want to but like it or not it is. It takes money to be shared and heard and there for it has to bring in money to keep the process going. I got a message one day on MySpace when I was out on the road and I had written a blog about supporting artists that you like by going to shows and buying their music ect and one person sent me a message of how I was only in it for the money and I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at that and told the other artist I was touring with at the time "if he only knew" I was 1200 miles from home had $42 dollars to my name was 6 hours from the next town and after gas it would leave me with $3.75 and this is after I had been on the road for 2 months. It is a labor of love but if you want it go get it...

J: And where are you based?

RH: Austin, Tx

J: Tell us about the 3 major influences on your music?

RH: I love all types of music from country to rock to hip hop as I think allot of people do these days. I grew up on country then got into rock during the grunge era early 90's liked some heavier stuff there for awhile to but I think when I knew I wanted to create music is when I got a hold of Third Eye Blinds first record. I think Stephen Jenkins is a lyrical genius and lyrics are still something I base allot of my songs on and is my favorite part of the writing process. But if I had to pick 3 things that have influenced me the most I would have to say Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, and my life.

I would say my first record has a very broad sound from mostly rock/pop. But I would put it somewhere between a Jacks Mannequin/Jimmy Eat World type of sound or at least some of the tracks the ones I probably favor the most.

J: How would you describe your sound?

RH: I would say my first record has a very broad sound from mostly rock/pop. But I would put it somewhere between a Jacks Mannequin/Jimmy Eat World type of sound or at least some of the tracks the ones I probably favor the most.

J: Do you have any big releases coming up?

RH: Working on finishing up the 2nd record now and should be done here in the next few months. I released "Eyes Don't Lie" in March of 09 but just digitally. That and my first record "Everything after December" are both available on pretty much every online store.

J: And lastly, do you perform live and if so where can people see your live show?

RH: I have played over 1000 shows thus far and play all over the country. I currently am not touring in light of finishing this record but I usually play shows in the cities that people are sending me emails via MySpace/face book and requesting me to play a show in their town.

Thanks Ryan,



kingstaf said...

I love this story because i been there.Good luck to ya.

MrGrimezTheAntiHero said...

Keep up the good work Ryan and Jango.

Mr Grimez The Anti Hero! said...

Continue to do what you "Love" !!! You "Love" what you do.......not to many people in the world will ever be able to say that. By the way, ask any one who has money if it buys "Love", "Passion" and "Desire" in your heart.
Keep pushin my friend...
Floyd Freeman