Thursday, December 3

A Whole New Look

Yes, the rumors are true, it's a whole new look on the Jango Airplay Dashboard! No more looking around for, well, anything at all.

Now, as soon as you log in to Airplay Home you're immediately greated by a wealth of neatly-organized information including your account status, allocated & available play credits, targeting settings, weekly activity including plays, fans, messages & comments, and all the latest headlines from the Jango Airplay blog. If that isn't service, then I don't know what is.

Hopefully consolidating all this information in one place will make it that much easier for you to effectively manage your Airplay campaign, so check it out for yourself at


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. It's good to see all this information on the same page just like you said lol.

Aonaran :)

Anonymous said...

This new look is great

moneyeyeceo/young vous said...

Jango always raising the states, you guys are the best, this is very good stuff!!!!! Jango is #1!!!!

Jango Airplay said...

Thanks Guys, glad you like...more to come !!!

- Jango

YOUNG FAME said...

i like the look, it make everything easier for the artists, GREAT LOOK