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More On PopScore - How It Works

After two weeks of PopScore we're thrilled with how much interest it has generated. We have awarded hundreds of thousand of Play Credits and have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. There have also been a fair number of questions. Three recurring questions that we will try and answer below are:

- How is the PopScore calculated?
- What’s a good PopScore?
- How can I improve my PopScore?

So here's the lowdown:

How is the PopSc
ore calculated?

As some of you probably know, each time we play your song to one of Jango's 7 Million listeners we ask them to rate your song. We do this through the use of a pop up window (the Make’m or Break ‘em overlay).

When listening to your song the listener can give a thumbs up, thumbs down, become your fan, leave a comment and more. We enter all these listener reactions into a formula to determine which songs, and therefore which bands, are most popular with our listeners. In simple terms the PopScore is a ratio computed by total number of plays as well as ratings, both positive and negative.

To go into further detail:

You need at least 100 paid plays in the calender week (Mon – Sun) on at least one song to receive a PopScore. In other words, your band will get a PopScore if you have two songs with 100 paid plays each, or one song with 100 paid plays, or 5 songs with 500 paid plays each, but your band will not get a PopScore if you have three songs with only 99 paid plays each. So, if you want to make sure you get a PopScore each week make sure you allocate a minimum of 100 plays a week to at least one of your songs.

With that said, the more plays you have in a week, the more people will hear your music and the more new fans you will get. Also, the more paid plays you have in a week, the more accurate your PopScore becomes. However, because we look at both positive and negative ratings, you simply can not buy your your way to a higher PopScore.

What’s a good PopScore?

The best possible PopScore is 100 and the top 1000 bands receive some amount of bonus Play Credits. The higher the PopScore, the more bonus Play Credits.

How can I improve my PopScore?

Good question (and one that is difficult to answer). There are many things that affect your PopScore. This includes:

- Basic Targeting
At the most fundamental level it does not make sense for a country artist to target fans of Metallica. Similarly, a hip hop artist should not expect to fare well if targeting fans of Kenny Rogers. Your targeting is important so make sure to examine your Fan Overlap Report which is accessible from within your Reports Tab.

- Premium Targeting
Premium Targeting allows you to target specific groups of people. By targeting your plays to people in certain states or countries age groups or gender, you make sure that your songs are only played to people that correspond to your selected targets. Premium Targeting may help you achieve a higher PopScore so keep trying. Premium Targeting is available under your Targeting Tab.

- Presentation
Overal presentation is always important. This can be anything from high quality mastering of your tacks to a great press shot or album cover. When we ask listeners to rate your music we tell them not only your band name but we also show your default picture. Being visually interesting and sounding great always helps.

- Your Music
This goes without saying perhaps but your music is obviously of great importance. Some of us Jugglers play in bands in our spare time so we know that writing music is hard and writing music that people respond to is even harder.

- Experiment!
You know this, music is an art not a science, and while there is some science at work within the Jango PopScore a lot of it has to do with subjective tastes of millions of people. So how do you write a number one hit? Perhaps by never giving up.

We're here to help, answer any questions you might have and to listen to your feedback but we see our role as providing great tools for the emerging band. How you use the tools we provide, and what you do with them is up to you.

Our ears are open !!!

- Jango Jugglers


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing up some of my questions about PopScore. Keep up the good work. Jango Rules! said...

Thank you so much for your support this year ! Best wishes for a appy healthy and prosperous year 2010 for you and those you love . p.s. Join if you're in the mood for the Lord,you will love ALL4G music..! THANK YOU ... lead singer Winer Destin !

Anonymous said...

Is it better to have one song or more.

Anonymous said...

I have 12 songs on jango airplay, with varying styles of music. Can I choose a genre for individual songs?

Anonymous said...

That would help greatly. Pop score is exciting and interesting BUT.... I have noticed my pop score dips wildly on Saturdays which suggests to me that it may be age related. On monday it is way back up again - but too late to win any plays.... A lot of band networking from younger people could be happening at that time, therefore skewing the results. A variable and unpredictable calculation day might be fairer to less represented age groups.

Anonymous said...

pink oranges

Farmer, Martin, and Romstedt said...

The concept behind Jango is one of the best ideas I've ever heard.

Vanessa Tuna said...



Dan said...

you spelled "tacks" instead of tracks

Anonymous said...

I think there's an error in the math:
"your band will get a PopScore if you have two songs with 50 paid plays each, or one song with 100 paid plays, or 5 songs with 500 paid plays each." Shouldn't it say "one song with 50 paid plays, or 5 songs with 250 paid plays?"

Marilyn Carino said...

OK, I understand that there's some sort of "alchemy" involved in tabulating that all-important PopScore, but it beats me why for two weeks straight I got a score of 80 (I consistently get at least 10-20% of my plays as "likes" and new fans) and this week so far I have twice that amount (added a song people seem to LOVE) and my PopScore has DROPPED.

Is PopScore like a casino in Vegas where they kick you out if you are winning?

Just askin',

Marilyn Carino

Anonymous said...

This is such a cool site! I have been with Jango for two weeks and won 100 free airplays, made new it!

If you're a fan of massive attack, Bjork..check out my might like it :)

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

It's possible that my pop score in a two days goes from 58 to 55 ?it's going back ? : )

jay starz 691 said...

THIS SITE-WHAT YOU GUYS@JANGO ARE DOING OVERALL-IS THE BEST BY FAR THAT I'VE USED! It's really simple and easy to use. Graphs and certain factors that you've created that helps us figure out HOW to approach our "preferred" audience is really helpful. And to top it all off, the pop-up prompt that asks the listener to "make or break" the artist is GENIUS!! I know it's not the first one around but It's really helpful to the point where the listner's opinion IS AVAILABLE not to certain, limited group of artists whose bank rolls are UP THERE...but to EVERYONE!! This priviledge is GREATLY APPRECIATED and I do speak for the rest of us here on Jango who loves your site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 691 Underground Productions is in TOTAL AWE for such a great DASHBOARD/PLATFORM for presenting it's music to the world at a VERY SMALL COST!!!


DJ Fat Joe said...

Thank you Jango. My family at The Good Guys of H-Town also thank you. Nobody does it quite like it is done here, and I like it this way.

Thanks again,

DJ Fat Joe

Anonymous said...

As the comment a couple of lines up: Is PopScore like a casino in Vegas where they kick you out if you are winning?

I too saw my PopScore go up to a high of 86, then finally down to 80 late Sunday, so I did qualify for my first 'bonus' points. But why not just make it go below 80, where I wouldn't get any benefit, as it seems relatively random the way it behaves (and possibly totally artificial. If you think about it, shouldn't it be that it goes up with paid listens and thumbs up, and not down? Strange and random indeed.

Sue Merchant said...

As just yet another struggling indie artist - just wanting to be heard and get a little recognition, I can honestly say of all the platforms I've come across since putting my work out there - Jango for me represents by far the best platform for both listeners and indie artists. The big bonus is a second to none Client Care Service! A big thumbs up in my book for Jango and all power to you!

Ms. Kayeramel said...

This website really allows people with talent to share their love/passion for music worldwide. Such a blessing... Glad I found!!!

Chinese Goblin Factory said...

It's nice that we can comment, but it'd be a lot nicer if somebody at Jango would answer. I for one think that if there are statistics being collected for popscore, that the artist should see them. But we don't see "don't likes", even that is named as something that popscore uses.

I also have seen my score sit static while have have most-ever in a single day "likes" - and the title of the article here includes "how it works".... except the article really doesn't include that information at all.

I'm sure part of the reason for not giving the exact formula is that it is being worked on and changed, but again, HELLO JANGO? We do like the service provided for the price, but you also need to answer these comments and questions.

B F Smith said...

Yeah, my 3 best days (fan/thumbs-up wise), my Pop Score went down a smudge... Very odd indeed - It's like figuring out a credit score... And if anyone of you are into comedy songs, Please check me out - And even subscribe to our YouTube page as well; i'll return the favor!



Joelle Maddyson said...

I win plays every week with my pop score!! It is always above 85, and most weeks in he 90s!! I love Jango!!!

Joelle Maddyson

Chinese Goblin Factory said...

Hello Jango? How about giving us access to all the stats? I almost tripled my fans in ONE WEEK and saw my pop score go DOWN the last couple days.

Makes no sense. If can't get the info needed to understand and work this, no point in playing.

Eche B said...

Much Love to the Jango family. Pop score helps talented artistes with a low budget. We need more people helping the industry than hurting. So to the Jugglers, Big Ups!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you should tell us our dont should tell us our dont likes. you should tell us our dont likes....... did you get it that time! i agree with the others we need to know how many dont like us and why rather than just telling us some people like us so that we will keep buyin plays. the idea behind this is great, just needs refinment.

Anonymous said...

You send me here and then you still have NO explanation for why bands who average 1-12 fans and likes per week make it to at least receive some free plays and bands like ours average 100-150 fans and likes per week and we can't get 1 popscore free plays!!!! This needs refinement to work! Mid-week we have 84 score then by the end of the week we have 71???? Get real!

Mr. Mash-it Up said...

I guess everybody who is complaining about the scores missed the part where Jango says " this is an art not a science" I agree we need to see the data on the people that don't like us but more importantly the "pop score" is still a new feature. Hell Jango is still figuring this out and I am sure they are refining this whole process. But in any fact finding mission data can always be read wrong or formulas can be tweaked. Give it time people let's help Jango become the go to spot for good music and soon new artist will be using your names as "Fan overlaps!" 

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Mash-it Up you are right just had to vent and I really can't complain too loudly. We have 678 fans thanks to Jango. It's just a little frustrating...

Anonymous said...

If anyone is reading down this far, I can tell you what I have noticed about the PopScore. While your dashboard shows all of your plays and fans "as it happens", it seems to me that the PopScore is only tabulated once a day, and at random, and various times. So while you may show an "85" Tuesday morning, this may be reflecting only 50 plays, the next time that your PopScore is tabulated, it could be Wednesday night, at which time you have accumulated many more plays. Though you may have a lot more fans, your score could drop if it does not keep up with the same ratio of fans/plays. Also, while you may have a greater fans/plays ratio, you may have accumulated more negative ratings that day too, depending on how much the listener is paying attention to their screen. This could also make your score drop. Follow me? I give Jango the benefit of the doubt, since it would not be a smart business move to screw artists who are bringing listeners to their site. And Jango does live up to their promise to play your music, which leads to growing a fan base (hopefully). Also, they have been very responsive to me when I have emailed them, and they have given me the answers I needed. No, I do not work for Jango, I am just saying give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

"It's nice that we can comment, but it'd be a lot nicer if somebody at Jango would answer."

Email them...they will respond.

Randy - Wilderness Pangs said...

I trust Jango to be using some sort of logical algorithm here, but I really wish it would be explained better. For instance, if I have a pop score of, say, 88 at 50 plays, should I remove all my credits for the rest of the week? Would that keep my high score, or would it drop?
Also, it would be nice to see how many people dislike each track, that way we can see just how effectively our targeting is working for us.
Anyway, no real complaints. Jango's been great so far, and they do seem to listen to what the artists and listeners have to say, so hopefully these changes will come about at some point soon.

Space City Spaceman said...

Pop score is a personal tool to gauge how your targeting is working as well as a way to assess how a wide range of people are responding to your music.
Randy- My opinion is to keep playing your songs for the whole week rather than stopping to try to lock in a good pop score. I know how you feel though as I've had scores as high as 94 early in the week and it's hard to see it average down a bit over time.

In my mind, the reason for using Jango is to expose my music to a number of new people in a friendly environment where they are listening to music they already like. Ultimately I'm more interested in how many people add my music to their stations, share their email address to stay in touch, make nice comments on my profile, and ultimately care enough to spend money on Space City Spaceman stuff.

Latest changes in how fans are tabulated may also be affecting Pop Score results, but too early to tell...keeping an eye on it. In any case, overall goal of reaching more people is still intact.

Anonymous said...

In reading prior comments, I think we get too caught up in the pop score, it just doesn't matter. Some people will like your music and some don't. Just appreciate the outlet to get your music played and make a few bucks in royalties.

Rome X said...

I thought pop score was something to be "opted in". I refuse to do the detailed targeting so didnt think wed even have a pop score lol. Tonight, BINGO I see that we do. Its so low I wont even mention it but we get 160 fans a week so its all good, whatever man. My thing is this, why is it that whenever I go to the page (not the airplay one), it shows the same damn person listening to the same damn song all the time? I was like "whoa, this person LOVES 'I Wanna Tell Ya' because every day I sign in, they are listening to it! Then I looked at the listeners page and he hadnt listened at ALL. Was very bummed about that..

Wing Girl Kim said...

So, does a pop score of 80 mean that 4 out of 5 people gave a thumbs up, while 1 out of 5 gave a thumbs down?

Anonymous said...

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Christopher Holmes said...


Derek Jordan said...


Anonymous said...

I almost wrote on this wall, and then I thought, "no, life is too short" but then I did anyway. doh!

"BONNIE" said...

Not sure how the pop score really t did not come here for it anyway.

We came hear as an experiment to see how our music would be accepted by those that listen to Jango.

We have been on Jango just under 3 weeks and one week we barely bought any plays so it did not really count and have generated over 900+ people that became fans or gave us a thumbs up.

We are so overwelmed by this support.

Can't wait to by some more airtime next week.
Looking forward to that magiacal 1000 fan count.



Shameless plugging always helps!! ;)

esza kaye said...

hello jango jugglers,
you are just joyously justified in your joie de vivre--
thanks for this incredible online project.
i have been looking for you for 8 years, and now because of your genius, i can share my music/soul with those who choose to listen. 279 fans in my first week of experimenting....
could i be any more humbled or grateful?
it has been a long wait :)
jovially yours,
esza kaye

Carrot & Sypha said...

We are here just days now (since last Fri, Apr 09, 2010 5:59 pm)we have been getting used to the platform, and like it so far and hope that we will earn some bonus plays as we barely missed getting some for last week, however, since we were on just about 48 hours before the alloted bonus plays we are optimistic about getting some this week, so if you guys listen to our song "Life After Work" and like it please show us some love and vote for us with a thumbs us, would really appreciate it. See you at the top!!!

Carrot & Sypha

rustyjazzer said...

As a 'dedicated' life long cyclist I have written a 'cheeky' song entitled 'ON THE MOBILE' about a 'few' SELFISH drivers who think it is absolutely fantastic to hammer down the road whilst yacking on their mobiles! Oblivious, of course to the mayhem and pandemonium they have caused behind them.... mowing down pedestrians, cyclists... the drivers on the mobiles blithely yacking away are probably not even aware they have hit anyone let alone care! The song is 'tongue in cheek' so please check out 'ON THE MOBILE' It got to the SEMI - FINALS' IN THE 2008 USA SONG WRITING CONTEST.
P.S. I don't hate drivers, some of my best friends drive! It's just that one mistake with 1 ton of metal hurts quite a lot!
thanks David Austin

rustyjazzer said...

As a 'dedicated' life long cyclist I have written a 'cheeky' song entitled 'ON THE MOBILE' about a 'few' SELFISH drivers who think it is absolutely fantastic to hammer down the road whilst yacking on their mobiles! Oblivious, of course to the mayhem and pandemonium they have caused behind them.... mowing down pedestrians, cyclists... the drivers on the mobiles blithely yacking away are probably not even aware they have hit anyone let alone care! The song is 'tongue in cheek' so please check out 'ON THE MOBILE' It got to the SEMI - FINALS' IN THE 2008 USA SONG WRITING CONTEST.
P.S. I don't hate drivers, some of my best friends drive! It's just that one mistake with 1 ton of metal hurts quite a lot!
thanks David Austin

Dolo Pacino said...

Words will never be able to say how blessed I am to be on! They are constantly thinking of ways to reinvent themselves providing an awesome service! I'm excited that they've created the Pop Score which gives the independent artist an even greater opportunity to show the world the results of hard work! I believe when that time comes...Whether it's a record deal, movie role or commercial I will be able to tell the person who's interviewing me that Jango Radio was the first station to play my record and place it in rotation!!


Anonymous said...

Jango's providing good services, but I agree that we should be able to get a bit more insight into data. It makes easier to select target groups if we also know which groups are most likely not to like our music.

Anonymous said...

I just started on Jango. I'm a new upcoming solo artist. I'm not a computer guru. So far my experience has been good. I'd be happy with 1 fan, but I do look forward to having many more. I really like the fact that it's so easy to use. If I can use it, I think anybody can. Thanks Jango for the opportunity to get airplay without spending millions.

Ellen Hayes

ehayes9963 said...

I have a pop score of 87for this week. Unless I have misunderstood something, I guess that makes me eligible for some free play credits. How will I get these credits? When are the credits distributed?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

big fan fan of Jango..but are you saying Pay for plays to get a Pop score??
What about organic plays?? Why not score a band of that? This Doesnt make sense

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

Jango is a good services but I wish they would just take the popscore off my site it is somewhat confusing. I had a popscore of 96 one week with just 7 fans for that week then the following week I got 20 fans and my pop score was 67 that I don't understand. The disappointing thing is my music has never changed. I commend them for helping artist like myself I guess everything has a disadvantage.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I had a popscore of 96 one week with just 7 fans for that week then the following week I got 20 fans and my pop score was 67"

The larger the sample, the more accurate your popscore (or rather, a larger sample increases the accuracy of the data on which your popscore is based). Remember: popscore is a ranking, not a rating or index of performance.

Want to know how you're doing? Check your play stats.

Anonymous said...

Hi @Jango,

I don't get the new popscore system.
There is a new tab, credits go from 1000 to 250 considering your ranking.

I got a popscore of 91 last week, and got 100 free plays, as if it was computed the old way... How does it work now, exactly ?


Anonymous said...

@Anon "...popscore of 91 last week, and got 100 free plays...".
Same here, only got 100 credits even though the minimum is now 250. What are we missing?

Anonymous said...

From the Pop-up Window:
Top # Bands: Free Credits:
1 - 10 =1,000
11 - 100 = 500
101 - 1000 = 250

Anonymous said...

we don't have a popscore data updated.

ben krahne said...

I've only started pop score 86 each week, not bad I guess, But I realize my songs are going against major artists, plus I dont think all these listeners just sit on computer and rate songs day and nite, they may like song, but are busy working playing whatever,and not glued to screen

Ty Statz said...

this is a great feature and jango just gets better and better.. Definitely worth the investment to get your songs played and get them to millions of people without having to travel around the world.

Anonymous said...

I wish the relationship between popscore and the ranking (and the free credits) would be more clear.
A couple of weeks ago we had a popscore of 96 and we were among the top 10 bands. Great!
Last week our popscore was 97 and we got 250 free credits, so I understand we were among the 101 - 1000 top bands.
Umm... I am sure there is a reason behind it, I just don't understand it.

Dinko, Mahatma Froth said...

I think the new restriction about needing 1 song with at least 100 paid plays to even register a Pop score is very limiting. My band Mahatma Froth has 24 songs on our Jango account and have bought many paid plays. I have spread them out among those tunes, but that in the end probably hurt our Pop score because the amount of play we will get will be spread among those songs.
This restriction forces artists to limit there repertoire to a tune or 2.. That is a shame particularly for a band like mine who have a variety of styles, sounds and textures to their music.. B'Jeemo

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the Pop Score of each winning band? It would be nice to see what score the #1 band received. I'm sure with so many bands on Jango that having a Pop Score different from every other band would be pretty much impossible. Please post the scores of the winning bands. If #10 and #11 are tied, how do you determine which artists makes the top 10 and who does not?

Anonymous said...

You say the higher the Pop Score the more credits, ie - the highest score is 100 right? But your chart says the opposite;
Top # Bands: Free Credits:
1 - 10 = 1,000
11 - 100 = 500
101 - 1000 = 250

So which is it.........................?

Anonymous said...

it should show your ranking next to your popscore.


what is a pop score of 94 is that good or are there better scores.. and what score would a Mainstream artist receive.
in other words what Scores do people normally get 60-69=d 70-79=c 80-89=b 90-100= A?????



Anonymous said...

as i thought jango is a very good way to get exposed i love the fact that they rate your overall pop score and you can win plays for having 100 paid plays as a stuggling artist i can finally relax and know that my music is being heard around the world by 7million listeners -tyson-wilmington-ca-

Anonymous said...


haze101 said...

haze 101 is blowing up on jango he wants more plays and fanz

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is still a mystery is how does your pop score rank with everyone else? you really dont know, so how do you know if you are getting the credits you deserve? what is a good score? this is the piece that is missing.

Anonymous said...

re: My pop score has actually stopped generating free plays altogether now - I got 86 last week and 94 this week not even so much as a 100 free ones. I usually get 100 for around 82 and 250 if it gets up as high as 94 - I've contacted jango in the past a few times but they never get back. Anybody else have any similar problems.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm confused. We have a PopScore of 82 for last week, but get no credits? Is this earn free credits just a ploy to get you to play more songs? Two weeks in a row we have a solid PopScore, but have no free credits to show.

I send in two emails and nobody responds. Pretty much par for the course for today's customer service policies - "Blow them off until they go away and quit emailing"