Friday, November 20

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we highlight a young country singer from China Spring, Texas who is really resonating with our listeners on

Check her Jango profile HERE

Her boots have spurs, her accent is real and her belt buckles are not purchases - they are prizes. Sixteen year old Kaley Caperton is a true Country artist singing about everything she grew up with on a ranch in China Spring, TX. Her latest album, Bittersweet, is pure Kaley - pure Country with songs ranging from love, heartbreak and staying true to her Texas roots. Kaley wrote three songs on this album (You Loved it Away, Where There's a Wall, and Fly) and hasn't stopped writing since.


Arnell Carmichael said...

Hey Kaley Congrats! keep up the good work!

Paperboys said...

Congrats, i hope my group can get similar expsosure. keep up the good work! Paperboys on Dek!

Anonymous said...

good look.young duggie