Wednesday, November 18

And The Winner Is...

The comments are in, the votes have been tallied, and we have a winner! Congratulations to Glyn MacLean of Alms Electronica on his winning submission and 1,000 free spins!

Glyn commented that...

"My experience has been that success with integrating media content in social networks for a commercial outcome occurs when we deliver ‘content into context’. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a square hole. We need to be focus our music (product) and brand towards a specific target audience.

Quality not Quantity.
Put your best work forward and not your doodles!

Make sure that all your sites are inter-connected!

Simple not Complex.
Principles such as AIDA (attention interest desire action) apply to marketing music. Audiences need a simple, relatable attention grabbing proposition that attracts them.

Devotion to Emotion.
Consumers buy on 80% emotion. Make the messages you’re putting out appeal to emotion.

Rush into Relationship.
The most valuable commodity we can have is an audience. Social network and online marketing sites are fabulous for finding, keeping and growing an audience.We can create an instant relationship with an audience by being relatable to current affairs and having a situational awareness. IE: a twitter about worldwide news will be relatable. Funny things also work like “OMG I’m at the music awards and Usher just farted!” You’d be surprised what works! Experiment!

Make it all about ‘now is the moment’ and ‘we’re in this together’. Take your audience on a journey with you. Give them a positive experience. Reward them for being on Twitter with fan only downloads and live event offers. Let them be part of your album focus group giving you feedback on new songs."

...stay tuned for Glyn's upcoming guest post...


Pierre Massé said...

Awesome advice! Will definitely used these tips... thanks!

Tony Copeland said...

Hey Glyn, Your advice will definitely help propel those who heed it to the next Plateau.

Anonymous said...

I agree for the winner is right on the subject.

CMAJOR said...

Thanks Glyn! Good advice.

BARDO said...

i wrote it all down...Thanks. Great advice!


Awesome advice, thanks a million. OPENSPACE