Friday, November 6

And Now...The News

There seem to be many differing opinions about the new Google One Box music search powered by LaLa, iLike and MySpace. It's probably too early to tell what positive results come of it, at least until you get your next quarterly statement from your digital distributor, but we'd love to hear what the Jango Airplay massive is thinking about now.

So here's a couple articles to chew on as well for some points of view.

So What's The Deal With Google One Box? - Future of Music
If you’ve been paying any attention to music biz news this week, you’ve no doubt stumbled across an item (or ten) about Google OneBox — the web search company’s bold foray into the world of on-demand music. While many of the reports focus on what this new service means for fans hungry to hear tunes with one-click, they don’t often drill down into what this might mean for artists and songwriters...Read More

Google Music and the New Payola - Some Things Never Change - Music Power Network

I don't know, I could be wrong about this, but something is not right. Google has finally entered the music space with it's One Box music search feature in brilliant fashion, well position to become the new radio - complete with behind the scenes deals and major label cronyism...Read More

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