Friday, October 23

Jango Airplay CMJ Happy Hour - Party Pics

A big thanks goes out to all the artists, managers and label people that came through last night to the Jango Airplay CMJ Happy Hour. We'll definitely be doing this again next year. Here's some pics below.

 Lisa Bianco and Josh
Lisa Bianco (Artist) & Josh 2.0 (Jango)

Dan (Jango), Benny Williams (Artist) & Mary-I-Am (PR)

Joseph Jeffries-EL (CEO) and Lawanda Michelle
Joseph Jeffries (TSOB Records), Lawanda Michelle (Artist) & Mattias (Jango)

Josh and Bob Lugowe (left)
Bob Lugowe (Relapse Records) & Josh 2.0

Daniel A Freedman (right) and Daniel
Daniel (Jango) & Daniel A Freedman (Artist)

Elias (Artist, middle) and Kinley-Angela (Manager)
Kinley-Angela (Manager), Elias (Artist), & Sean (Jango)

Mattias and Bobby from The Teemates-Bobby (left)
Bobby (The Teemates) & Mattias

Photos By Carina


Lisa Bianco - Singer-Songwriter said...

Good times. Had a blast at the CMJ Happy Hour. You all are a great crew!

Jango Airplay said...

Thanks Lisa, really nice to meet up with you as well. Hope CMJ was a success - Jango Crew