Friday, October 16

Friday Afternoon Club - Staff Favorites

This week we have picks from Josh our Music Supervisor & Sean who does Artist & Label Relations...check 'em out !

Josh says - 'I checked out Fans of Jimmy Century this week; they're an alt-dance group who've been catching heat since a release in August. It's West Coasty and fun, and they really seem to know what they're doing on a professional level, which I appreciate. Bonus points: one the members is a direct descendant of Jesse James.'

Check their Jango profile HERE


Sean says - 'Krakatoa remind me a bit of The Cure, pre 1980, when they were more punk than brooding. Toss in a bit reggae skank, not of the cod variety mind you, and you've got a fresh combo ready make the club erupt.'

Check their Jango profile HERE

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Miranda said...

Very impressed with Fans of Jimmy Century after hearing songs on Jango. Particular favorite is Lola Like This, funky, fun and more than likely by now, a dancehall craze. Thanks. Off to hear Krakatoa.