Friday, October 9

And Now...The News

How Can A New Act Stand Out From The Crowd - The Guardian

With so many bands battling for online exposure, it's difficult to be heard above all the white noise. Which is why filtering from trusted sources is more important than ever...Read More

Pitchfork Lists The Top 200 Albums of the 2000s - Pitchfork

A few things happened at the beginning of the decade that made people wonder if albums would still matter in 2009. There was Napster, which, as New Year's Day 2000 hit, was already a few months old and only getting bigger. And then, a little over a year and a half later, the iPod emerged, vastly improving the experience of listening to mp3s. For some, these new technologies signaled the end of the long-playing record as we knew it. The single was back! People-- especially kids-- wanted to shuffle and experience one track at a time. The only question for the album, then, was when it would finally breathe its last breath...Read More

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