Friday, October 2

And Now...The News

Hello again Airplay readers. Because we want our bands to be informed and on top of all the mile a minute changes going on out there in this business of music we will bring you interesting, pertinent news items from around the internet. Hopefully this can help filter valuable information your way and make you even more prepared in your non stop pursuit of a career in music. So here goes.

How Much Is A Fan Worth? - Music Think Tank
Most aspiring artists intuitively understand that there’s value in building an audience for the long-term rather that focusing solely on short-term revenue. Bands offer free downloads, play free shows, and spend countless hours on- and offline interacting with listeners in hopes of developing a fan base that will support them over their careers. But how much is a fan actually worth?...Read More

Would This Advert Stop You From Filesharing? - The Guardian
The decision by UK Music to reprint a blogpost from an indie band on the adverse effects of leaking albums to the internet marks an interesting turn in the filesharing debate...Read More

The Orchard Downsizes - The Daily Swarm
The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD) announced that President & Chief Executive Greg Scholl has resigned from the company. Scholl’s resignation comes as the company announced a restructuring resulting in the reduction of 20% of its global headcount...Read More

Record Stores: Out of Sight, Not Obsolete - NY Times
It was Wednesday at Downtown 161, and that meant it was Vinylmania day...Read More

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