Thursday, September 24

Jango Airplay - Broadcasting to the Blogosphere

Jango, New York City
Hello Jango Airplayers and welcome to the inaugural post of the new Jango Airplay blog.

Since we want to turn this blog into a place for real conversation about everything 'Airplay' we figured it would be best to put some faces to the names. So here goes, your Jango team, clockwise: Sean (The Red Head) - Artist & Label Relations, Erin - Artist Relations, George - Programmer, Daniel - Programmer, Mattias - Founder, Chris - Founder, Dan - Founder, Josh 2.0 - Creative, Kevin - Programmer & Tucker - Programmer. Team members not pictured: Johan - Founder, Eric - Programmer, Carina - Marketing, Gideon - Ad Sales. Photo by Carina

So feel free to drop us a line in the comments and say hello.

Jango Airplay
We'll use this platform to bring you updates on everything from new Airplay features, success stories from our bands & news items about the increasingly dynamic new music business model.

Also we'll post features about our Airplay staff's favorite Airplay bands including photos, videos and mp3s. We want this to be the place where we can all have a casual conversation with one another, share ideas and most importantly music. There will be room for comments and we hope to hear from everyone. In a way it will be like an online version of talk radio.

So stay tuned & don't change that dial, we'll be right back with some more Airplay.

Jango Airplay Live Radio


Brian Hazard said...

Nice to put faces to the names! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Jango Airplay said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for being the first to check us out are on your toes as usual !!!

jibbsmcgee said...

Wow! you guys are a small team of people but you get the job done. Didn't know that...I imagine that team will be growing bigger very quickly, all the best.

Anonymous said...

It is nice to put a face to all the help. Thanks to all of you and it will be interesting to see what you all listen to!


Jackie said...

Hey nice to see the live faces behind the Jango action. Much more real than a mobile telephone team and equally as useful. See you around the village!
-Jackie Henrion

Young Heartbreaks said...

Hey check out our blog !! and music !! or

TheDirector said...

Thanks for the innovation. I see that we haven't lost our commpassion for mankind and the human touch. By the way I'm recieving E-mails from all over the world due to a major part from See you around!

Michael said...

We've used a lot of methods over the years to get Lucky Mud's music out....never a blog until now. I'll be back to learn how to use this. (for instance, I don't know a live journal from an open ID....gotta start somewhere. I'll try google account - what could it hurt?)

Jaloes said...

A good idea to start the blog. Glad to see your faces, very few people indeed for what you have created. I'll be looking forward to your next posts. Cheers.

PowerSlyde said...

Hey Jango

Nice working with forward thinking good looking people. All the best.

Ray Anthony & PowerSlyde

Phildutra said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the opportunity for more exposure for my music! And thanks for the great job you do!

Phil Dutra
Austin, TX

the_hollowbody said...

Hi guys, great to see faces to the names and positions! :) Thanks for doing such a great job! Rock on~

Nathaniel Tan

Misz Angie B said...

Misz Angie B
New Female Hip Hop Aritist.
This is Great News!

Anonymous said...

Great news, has already been good for a band from the bottom of the earth trying to get its message to the world. This will make it even better.

We're from Tasmania, Australia, home of the Tassie Devil, Errol Flynn, and the world's freshest air and the world's freshest music.

Dancing With Socrates is our name. is where you will out more about us ... and we're selling on itunes and amazon.

Keep the innovations coming and we'll keep coming back for more spins.

urim13 said...

I have questions regarding airplay and i never get a person when i call,is there an appropriate ext. that can get me to the person that handles these questions. Thank you & God bless you

Jango Airplay said...

hey everyone, thanks for the positive comments, really nice to hear.

and to urim13, drop a line to first with your questions and if we can't help you there we'll give you a ring direct.

speak soon, keep checking back here

Asylumcro said...

Hello ***Jango Airplay*** team!!

We all of "ASYLUM BEDLAM" would like to thank you for who you are and what you are doing!

Excellent work!

Keep up the pressure,you know....newer enough-newer to much spins!
Simply we love to be ON AIR


this chick bakes said...

Thanks so much guys for making this possible!! Just when unsigned artists think we're never gonna be able to get any kind of air play at all, here you've done the coolest thing....really. I'm so grateful!!

Jen Houston
Jen Houston Project

Alberto said...

JANGO: just a word ... wonferful ... just not for me, i think ;-) Alberto D. (Rome)

Jaca'Velli said...

I am the manager/label for a artist(Speedy OG)He has went into rotation just like you said,good to see that some businesses do what they say,will bring more business to you in the near future..YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!