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How Do I Convert My CD to .MP3 files?

How Do I Convert My CD to .MP3 files?

In order for a song to upload to your Radio Airplay account and play on Jango Radio, it must exist as a valid, digital music file on your computer, and fit these requirements:
  • .MP3 format
  • Less than 10 Mb in file size
(if your song already complies with these standards you can login and start uploading your songs here)

How do I find out what my song properties are?
- If you're on a PC you can right click the file, then choose properties, that will show file size and file format.
- If you're on a Mac you can right click the file then choose get info.

I have the file on my computer but the format is invalid or it’s too large
If your song file is in a different format, or larger than the 10 MB size limit, you will have to convert/re-size it in order to upload the song file to your account page.
These links below will help you create a new version of your existing song file, but in MP3 format and/or at a smaller file size.  Both sites are free and require no sign-up. Simply browse the song file on your computer then click convert. After a short loading time (depending on the speed of your internet and size of your file) the software will show you a download link. Click the link and download your new .mp3 file, and you’ll then be able to select that file as your Radio Airplay song upload.

If you have iTunes installed Apple has an online guide on how to convert songs in iTunes, here:

If you’ve tried everything above and you still can’t seem to upload your content to your account, just get in touch with us at and email us your song/photo as an attachment. We will take a look at the file and help you get them onto your account for you. Make sure you include your artist name, the email address associated with your account as well as the song title in the body of your email.

Only Have My Music on a CD?
If your computer has Windows Media Player or iTunes installed we recommend using these. When you put the CD into your computer it will prompt you to open the CD with a certain program. On most PCs it will be Windows Media Player and on Macs it will be iTunes.

  • In Windows Media Player on a PC
Insert the CD to your computer and open Windows Media Player, in the later versions of media player you will have a toolbar on the left side. Click the tab Copy from CD, your CD and the tracks should now show in your Windows Media Player window. Check the small boxes next to the tracks you want to copy from the CD, then click Copy Music. Your music will now be imported from the CD to your computer. You can see where on your computer (the directory) the files are located at the bottom of the Window Media Player window. It will look something similar to X track(s) checked to copy to C:\documents and settings\

  • In iTunes on a Mac or PC
Insert the CD to your computer and open iTunes, your CD will show up in the left hand column. Select your CD and check the boxes of the tracks you want to import then click import CD at the bottom right corner of your iTunes window, your files will now be imported to your computer. To find out where on your computer they are located click the iTunes menu at the top (on a PC click the Edit tab), and select Preferences. In the window click Advanced tab and note your iTunes Media folder location - this is the directory where your files are located (in a folder for each artist, or Unknown Artist if none was entered).

  • I Do Not Have Windows Media Player or iTunes installed
In this case please use any of the following links to download a software that helps you import music from your CD:

If none of these options work, remember you can always try contacting the studio, producer, etc. where your music was originally recorded -- they may have your original digital .MP3 music files stored there, which they'll be able to send you via e-mail so you can use them for your account page and Jango Radio promotion.