January 1, 2015

How To Buy One-Time Boosts

What is a One-Time boost?
A One-Time Boost is a single play credit purchase in addition to your monthly package. You need to be subscribed to a monthly play credit package to buy One-Time boosts. The One-Times boosts are great if you run out of play credits before your next automatic renewal or just want to allocate more play credits to a newly uploaded song.

How do I purchase a One-Time boost?
To purchase a One-Time boost click the PLAY CREDITS menu and then the ONE-TIME BOOST page. 

From that page you'll see the One-Time Boosts purchase option. 
Use the drop-down menu to select the amount of play credits you want to purchase. Then click the Buy button, this will prompt a popup window confirming that you are about to make a purchase. Then click Yes to complete the payment. Money will be taken out from the credit/debit card on file or the Paypal account connected with your Airplay account. You will then get a confirmation message letting you know your payment completed successfully with a reminder to apply your newly purchased credits from your PlayCredits>Use Credits page. (see below)