Cover Song Contest 2017

Since the beginning of time songs have been passed down from generation to generation, and from tribe to tribe. You could consider these the original "covers". 

Since then, cover songs have become widely popular and are now considered as one artist paying homage to another in a show of admiration. There's an entire art that goes into a making a great cover, including a fresh and original approach, a reason or intention for choosing the song, and an understanding and respect for the original recording. 

With all this in mind, here's the chance to show off YOUR take on your favorite songs, by submitting to the first ever Cover Song Contest! 

Submit your song today for a chance at winning some awesome prizes! 

You MUST have a RADIOAIRPLAY.COM artist profile to enter this contest.

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One Grand Prize Winner will receive the following: 
  • 10,000 Play Credits ($200+ Value).
  • Exclusive Grand Prize feature in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets.
  • Top song placement in the top Jango Radio App and stations.
  • Top song placement in the Jango Radio App and Independent Cover Songs. 

9 Runners Up will receive the following: 
  • 4,000 Play Credits Each.
  • Top song placement in the very popular Jango Radio App and stations. 
  • Exclusive promotion in our weekly newsletter and social media outlets.
Top 100 Cover Songs will receive the following: 
  • 100 Play Credits
  • Placement in the Jango Radio App and Independent Cover Songs.

Please follow directions carefully as any submissions that are incomplete or not submitted through the form at the bottom of the page will unfortunately not be accepted.


•    You must be a member of with a live profile.
•    Only ONE song submission per airplay artist/band.

•    Only cover songs allowed.
•    Deadline is Sunday March 26th, 2017 11:59pm EST
•    The song must be uploaded and LIVE on your Radio Airplay profile before submission
•    We will NOT accept any link submission other than your Radio Airplay Song URL 
•    Winners will be announced by Friday April 7th, 2017. 

Good luck and bring on the cover songs!