Tuesday, April 28

Bigger and better PopScore rewards coming in May!

Be sure to qualify for PopScore this week! Make sure you have at least 100 plays on one song this week (WEEK 18) to qualify for a PopScore on Monday May 4th!

Brand new rewards are coming for top PopScore artists. Not only will we continue to give away over $6500 in free plays each week, but trusted partners such as Musician's Atlas and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes will be rewarding you too!

Want to Improve Your PopScore? Learn what PopScore is, how to get a PopScore if you don't have one, and how you can improve your current score. 

Click Here to read more: www.radioairplayblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/what-is-popscore-how-can-i-improve-my.html

Stay tuned to your email notifications this week for more information.