Friday, February 6

Share your Profile and Songs on Facebook!

Our brand new Facebook share feature allows you to directly link to your profile and/or individual songs on the most popular social destination on the web. 

It's important to keep your Facebook friends engaged with your music. Directly from these share buttons, users on Facebook will be able to hear a specific song and/or visit your public profile. Encourage your fans to share the post as well to maximize your exposure!

These share links can be found in two places on your Radio Airplay dashboard.

1) If you would like to create a Facebook post and share your artist's public profile on you can access the Facebook Share button any time in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. The link is to the left of the text, Public Profile.

2) If you would like to create a Facebook post and share a link to an individual song that you have uploaded to your Radio Airplay account you can access the Share buttons by going to the Artist Content menu and choose the Songs page.

Songs that have a Live status will have a Facebook Share button directly to the right of the song title.  Note that Hidden songs cannot be shared.

Once the Share button is clicked you will be prompted to login into your Facebook account or if already logged in the popup will be what your post will look like.

In order to use these share buttons you must be logged into Facebook. If you are not logged in when clicking the Share button you will first be prompted to login and then your shared post will be able to be edited and posted.