Wednesday, October 22

Create your own artist mobile app

Build your own Mobile App for free and engage with your fans in a completely new way:

When your fans download your App to their phone, you establish a new kind of relationship with them. Your Custom Branded Mobile App allows you to present exclusive content to your fans and ability to purchase your music on-the-go. You can send them invitations to exclusive events and have them RSVP through the App. It's a more intimate and instant way of engaging with your fans.

Mobile App offers custom experience to your Fans that become part of your Brand identity. Just like a website allows them to find out everything about you and your music, mobile app can do all that plus the following:

  • You can post exclusive content for you fans while app is in the store

  • Push Notifications is a direct message to your Fans they will never miss and can instantly respond to

  • Your fans can post on your mobile wall and share their experiences and excitement with others

  • Your fans buy music through your app

  • App could be your primary gateway to engaging with your most loyal fanbase.  
    Get your Custom Mobile App by clicking here and signing up at APPREDY today!

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