Wednesday, September 11

Artist Spotlight - Audubon Savant

Meet Audubon Savant - After picking up his guitar after years of storage this self employed mechanic started playing covers in an effort to calm his children down. After sometime original material surfaced and he pursued his passion by recording these songs. "Bird Herd" is his debut CD which is written, produced, arranged, and performed by Audobon Savant himself.

The title track contains field observations of the propagated whooping crane population of Wisconsin's Horicon Marsh program.

Describe your sound in one ramble on sentence
My sound is quirky, folk, punk pop with Celtic whistle, clean custom guitars, over the top vocals, brake-the-rules writing using out-bridges, out-choruses, and what I call appetizers, and semi-intellectual, fun lyrics.

What inspires you to make music?
Personally, it’s a sense of accomplishment. I did it, next one. Socially, it’s a way of sharing my thoughts and may create a sliver of change without becoming a politician or an activist with an arrest record. Knowing I can self release, it gives me satisfaction that someone somewhere may actually enjoy it.

What aspect of making music excites you the most right now?
I know artists who worked hard, landed label deals, quit their jobs and toured, only to have those labels inflate their costs under those contracts. Some had gold records and only made $40,000. Today, a DIY musician can make just as much selling 7,000 CD’s or mp3 albums, from the comfort of their man-cave studio.

What aspect of making music gets you the most discouraged?
I’m not discouraged at all. Yeah, I could use money, but being out there is crucial, and something I never thought possible. Now I am out there.

Is there a particular song or musical passage that never fails to move you emotionally?
My song, The 99% Live Single is an Occupy movement anthem that addresses the attack on the middle class and is a call for action. It’s Sex Pistols on steroids and it’s a message that I believe in.

What's one of your all-time favorite recordings?
The first time I played guitar and sang was my Bowie impersonation of “Panic in Detroit”. It was a breakthrough, at 17, and my older sister ran upstairs and thought it was a live acoustic recording of the icon. “Panic in Detroit”, déjà vu?

Name three people who have influenced your music, and tell us why- Living or dead.
The three people are David Byrne, David Bowie, and Tom Margarites. I spent years doing voice imitation covers of The Talking Heads, Bowie, The Cure, Wiretrain, and anyone in the genre. However, the most influential person was my friend Tom Margarites. I got my first guitar at 17 and Tom at 16. He showed me the basics which allowed me to make my own early “songs”. Tom is one of the most accomplished guitarists in the world. He resides in Northbrook, IL and teaches guitar for a living. You can reach him on Reverbnation and Facebook at TM guitar teacher.

Do you have any recent or upcoming projects you'd like to share with us? Tell us about it.
The “Poochman” is my 2nd album, soon to be released. The untitled 3rd album is forthcoming. Both will be released through Oasis.
I am working on an autobiographical book, age 7-14, tentatively called the “Snowing Tree”. To protect the innocent and guilty, my 2nd book will be fictionalized. It will be about me and my sister’s young adult exploits and adventures.

What do you like the most about Radio Airplay?
Radio Airplay has given me tools to have access to a local and world audience, my choice. I get fans from Latin America and Slavic countries. It’s fascinating when someone from Mauritius, Seychelles, or Peru sends me their email and a message in a foreign language. It’s fun to translate, just to find that it’s slang for “awesome” or “cool”. It’s nice that I can contact and start a conversation with them. Also, I can use your statistics to monitor my tracks, view demographics and adjust my strategy. This is a fantastic experience. I never dreamed this could happen. Radio airplay has opened the door for craft driven hard work and quality to rise to the top, without middlemen, hyperbole, hucksters, filters, and corporate busybodies. I commend them for allowing me to convey the messages of planet stewardship and social equality.

Anything extra you would like to add?
My title track “Bird Herd” is featured on the movie trailer for the upcoming documentary, “The Man Who Saves Cranes”, a collaboration of the International Crane Foundation, Audubon Magazine and AMI Radio from Bradenton Beach, FL. It all started when the photo editor from Audubon, Lila Garnet, got off the phone with Casey Hoffman at AMI about a contest to select a whooping crane song to be in their documentary. As soon as she popped in “Bird Herd”, which is largely about whooping crane migration, I instantly won the contest and rotation on AM, FM, and Internet radio.